Survival of the Fittest

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  1. Cole stood at the outskirts of the slums, weighing his options. He needed supplies, that much was certain. This place wasn't ideal but there would be at least one or two people willing to trade for supplies. Well, that is....

    Cole sneezed.

    ...if they didn't try to kill him first. Cole wasn't entirely sure what he was sick with, except he did know it wasn't the Fungus. Normally, this would be a good thing, but paranoia was high and Cole doubted that the people in the slum could tell the difference between the Fungus and the flu. At best, he would be ignored by the dwellers. At worst, he would be driven out or attacked.

    Cole peered into the brown leather pouch that hung from his side. It was discouragingly empty. Well, without supplies he would die anyway, so might as well take the risk. With a sigh, he pulled a gas mask over his face. The slums probably weren't so bad that he needed it, but the mask would at least cover up his tired eyes and running nose.

    Here goes nothing.

    Cole mustered up his energy and headed into the slums.
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    Living in the slums was something Briar was not prepared for. Well not at first. She has lived in the slums for a long time now. It seemed like the logical move after being infected by a clicker. The blonde hated to get close to anyone. The thought of infecting innocent people scared her.

    Moving along through an abandoned hotel. Briar was on the look out for any supplies. Ammo was not an issue she had arrows for her bow and six bullets for her pistol. And worst case she had a spiked baseball bat which she made. Realistically she should be looking for more things to protect behalf.

    But her biggest issue was food and water... And lighting plus first aid. It was hard to come by. Sneaking around each room cautiously always listening to every noise. The hotel was seven levels she was on the second working her way up slowly.
  3. The dilapidated buildings of the slums sent a wave of nostalgia through Cole. Raised for the most part in a quarantine zone, Cole was far more accustomed to old buildings than fields and forests. Forcing himself to push old memories aside, he continued through the slums, doing his best to avoid the pockets of people that passed by. As the slums progressed, the already lackluster population became even sparser until only a few stragglers roamed the streets.

    More at ease now that he didn't feel so watched, Cole stopped and scanned the buildings around him. A post office. A laundromat. An office building. All of which were fallen apart and no longer functional. Worse, they also wouldn't have any food or water. His blue eyes continued to search the area through the glass of the gas mask before they locked onto one building. A hotel.


    Cole had no doubt the hotel had probably already been looted more than a few times, but at the very least he could probably find some sheets that could serve as rope or bandages. He glanced around briefly to make sure nobody was around him before he began to circle the building. An already broken window in the back seemed like the best way in and Cole crawled through, careful not to crunch the broken glass on the floor.

    He held his breath, ears straining for any shuffling or worse - clicking - that would indicate danger. After waiting several seconds, Cole relaxed a little, satisfied that there was not an immediate threat. He began to search through the rooms and unsurprisingly, most on the bottom floor was picked clean. If there was any chance of finding anything of value, he would have to go higher.

    It didn't take long for Cole to find the staircase and he ascended a flight with practiced silence. He stopped outside the door that led to the second floor and hesitated. The second floor was probably picked over too....should he skip it? Cole deliberated on this for a second before shrugging to himself. Well, it couldn't hurt just to peek. He opened the door and a loud clanging resonated throughout the floor.


    Cole's mind raced. Did he just trigger a trap? He peered behind the door. A fire extinguisher that had apparently been resting near the door was now against a wall, pushed by the force of the door opening. Cole scowled. Not even a trap. Just a stupid mistake. He didn't dare move though, as he listened intently for signs that someone or something had heard him.
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