Survival Horror, anyone?

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    Hello! Sansa Stark here. I find myself deep in the trap of craving survival horror. No, I'm not talking zombie apocalypse or asylum takeovers. I'm talking something much, much darker.~

    Let's go over my requirements, shall we?
    • Advanced or above levels ONLY. Prestige is preferred.
    • 4-10+ paragraphs per reply.
    • Be progressive with the plot, not passive.
    • Please, please see the story out to the end. Don't be one of those people that gives up halfway through unless you have genuinely lost interest. Not much to be done about that.
    • Do not randomly disappear. Message me if you're going to be away for extended periods of time.
    • No anime, please.
    • One reply every 3-4 days at the very minimum.
    • Be confident in your writing skill.
    • Proper grammar is a must. This falls into the advanced and above rating.
    • 18+ only. Sorry, the subject matters are just too dark.
    • Do not make a character under the age of 18. This is required. Sorry, the subjects are just too dark for me to feel comfortable any other way.
    Set in England in the year 2012, the story follows a college student named Jane. She grew up a normal girl in Yorkshire, made friends, graduated in the top of her class and went on to study at Oxford. But, like most children pulled from the system of adoption, there is a darker past that behind a pretty face. At night she dreams of a castle on a hill, a dark blot against the moon's rays of light with all manner of demented things calling ever so softly to her. As time passes, the urge to discover her destiny becomes harder and harder to resist and the nightmares bleed into daily hallucinations. After months of seclusion and worry from friends and family, she comes to terms with the fact that her living hell will not end until she discovers what awaits at the Castle Demento and what exactly ties her to it.
    (This has the option to add a romantic element if you wish. PLEASE note that this roleplay will be about as fucked up as it could possibly get, so you must have a stomach for the scary things before messaging me in regards to this one. This is a plot baby of mine and I'm most excited to do it. The story is loosely based on Capcom's "Haunting Ground". I have no preference of role for this story.)

    The Evil Within
    Loosely based off Bethesda's "The Evil Within", our story begins in a mental hospital in Atlanta in the current year. Seven patients are chosen at random and taken from their beds in the middle of the night on the whims of scientists in new endeavors. A great machine sits in the center of the room with seven points of "hookup" (i.e, a great plug that attaches to the brain stem) that plunges the seven victims deep into each other's mind. Each patient has deep attachments to each of the seven sins and every world must be traversed and triumphed in order to wake from the coma the patients has been put in. Some will survive, some will not, and when one dies in the subconscious world their psyche is shattered in reality. Welcome to the world of demonic science.
    (We can choose to focus on only two patients as they get through the minds of the other five and eventually their own, or we can focus on a single person, or we can do the group as a whole. This will also be an entirely fucked up roleplay. Ahem. Maybe I'm just really fucked up? >.>)

    Germany, 1945. The world is plunged into war and there seems to be no end. Adolf Hitler, a man obsessed with obliterating the Jewish people and any others that defy him from the face of the earth, he makes a pact with the devil in a plea for assistance as a madman seeking every option within his grasp. Much to his surprise, the devil responds. A deal is made and Operation Satanica is born. In exchange for providing hell with every soul reaped at concentration camps, each night from sunset until sunrise every person in Germany who defies Hitler is plunged into a collective city that resembles hell itself. When the sun rises, they awaken in their normal atmospheres and the cycle continues with the goal being more soldiers coerced by hallucinations to join the Nazi party. Our story will revolve around a Jewish woman and a German man who meet in this pit of hell, but awaken apart from each other. They must spend their time together in the City of Hell plotting a way to reach Hitler and destroy him in the real world, along with the pact he has made, before the plagues of evil spread throughout the continent and beyond.
    (There will be other characters besides our two mains, mind you. I have no preference of role here. I only ask that you treat the Jewish religion with great respect and do some research if you wish to play the female lead.)

    Reply here if you're interested and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Happy holidays!
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  2. I am very interested in Castle Demnto if you have no takers for that one yet. I can take just about anything, I have a strong stomach, so blood and gore I can handle. I have a very twisted side to me as the few people I rp with will tell me, so I'm pretty sure I'll be a big help in helping you out on carrying the plot along, I'm usually very big on ideas. The least I've ever written for a post would be three paragraphs, but most of the time I write way more than that and can handle four paragraphs minimum. My rping skill is advanced and above, I'll go over my post before posting it to make sure I've made no mistakes, that only being the case if I write too fast and accidentally miss a letter or something. I can be very descriptive and very in tune with my character so that readers/viewers can feel like they're living the story themselves.

    Let me know what you think! X3
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  3. I think I have myself a partner! Send me a PM (I would, but I'm away from my computer at the moment) and I'll give you the whole plot in detail.
  4. I'm curious if have any other plots in mind? If not i would like to her more details on "The Evil Within" please via pm
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