Survival Group: Role is a Go!

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  1. The game is simple.

    Tell us what role the poster above you would be in a zombie survival group judged by a trait seen on the forums or their profile. Tell us why they get that role.
  2. Your role would be the one who would disagree with me constantly.

    Also, you would be the one who most likely brings a bunch of cheese with the group. That's all I got.

    Oh, Why? Because of "banned because ___" thread.
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  3. I give you the role of the Group's One and Only Argumentative Pain in the Arse but also the role of the Unknower of proper cheese.
  4. I think I would at least be good with knots.
  5. And that. The knot tier.
  6. The both of you are the comic relief who bicker between each other while the rest of us get things done ;P
  7. You are the one who leads, but no one listens to.
  8. You're the Leeroy Jenkins. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!
  9. youre the guy scavenges food and supplies but sucks at fighting
  10. You're that creepy guy that we have to keep away from the women. However, you would provide some comic relief when trying to pursue them.
  11. You're the one that likes to argue with the other members of the group for the sake of arguing and being a pain in the arse, but is actually capable and competent when the time comes and you are needed
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  12. You're the cute one that dies
  13. You're the one who we have to quarantine every few weeks because you did something stupid.
  14. you're the one we send to scout ahead. try not to die.
  15. You're the one who brings random stuff into the camp like dogs, or other survivors.
  16. You are the slightly awkward, impulsive but still nice guy that somehow manages to land himself in trouble with little effort at all, but develops into a capable and reliable member.
  17. You are our go get shit hopefully you won't be bitten person that comes back with a pet and becomes a badass. You also bring me cheese.
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  18. You're the one that constantly doesn't understand references.

    You also protect wildlife.
  19. Yes, I would protect them.

    By eating them.

    You are the person who would probably get angry at someone and end up handcuffed to a roof.
  20. Your the one who'd ration the food but sneak some for yourself.
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