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Survival Games

Survival Games is based on the series Aoharu x Kikanjuu.
During this role-play you will get to know the mindsets of people who are in battle with each other,
using guns and even knives if allowed.
A nice game of paintball if you understand it better that way,
meaning that you cannot kill somebody
however this does not mean that you cannot do things that are worse than that.
After all injuries (psychological / physical) are only normal for this.
Everybody has a little bit of evil inside of themselves.
But do not worry!
Also people who are not as evil can participate!
The only thing that will be asked of you is to brace yourselves for the battles to come.
Not everyone has the mindset to do the infamous Survival Games after all.


The minimum age shall be sixteen no people from a younger character age shall be allowed in this role-play.
Not by any means since this sport can be quite traumatic for people.
Eighteen is more preferable.
Also, since this sport is more liked by males than females I will allow only up to 3 females in the beginning.
This can still change as the story progresses.
The more different personalities and backgrounds, the more interesting it will get.


I would like around 6 people in total, including myself so we haven even numbers in the teams that will get formed.
I would like you to post at least 3-4 times a week so the role-play can keep flowing naturally.
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Looking for people who are interested !
If you have any ideas to improve this, I would like to hear it.