Survival Game

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  1. A game where survival is everything. A few campers would do anything to survive.
    The campers will be put in certain test to see how far they will go to survive!
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  2. "Dark! You have a call from the Survival Game crew!" Dark's mother yelled from down the stairs.
    Dark ran down the stairs and picked up the phone, "Hello?... I have been chosen?" A smile spread across his face. He knew he would have fun with this game, "Alright. I will be there tomorrow morning." he hangs up and starts packing.
    Dark was awoken by his alarm clock. He grunts turns it off and turns to his side, and little bit later he finally gets up. He yawns and rubs his eyes. He gets dressed and puts his suit case in his red truck. He hoped into the driver's side and drive off... In a few hours he will arrive in the camp. He was excited!
  3. Aden has just arrived at the camp. She's brought only herself and waltzes in smoothly, her head held up high. her scarlet hair is straight and pulled into a high ponytail. her green eyes are piercing and manipulative. she has a knife tucked into the waistband of her jeans. she was called the night before and she's dreading the things that are awaiting her.
  4. Dark finally arrived at the camp. He parked his truck and got out. He breathes in deeply and takes a good look around. He didnt spot any other campers... but then he noticed Aden and smiled. He grabbed his stuff and walked up to her. He examined her but said nothing.
  5. Aden looks up, automatically suspicious. still, she puts on a fake smile, showing white and straight teeth.

    "hi," she says, curious at Dark's silence. she rolls on her feet awkwardly, biting down on her lip. she eyes his truck and comments, "nice ride you got." she falls quiet again, bringing her eyes to the ground uneasily.
  6. He simply chuckles, "Thanks. I am Dark by the way." he takes his hand out offering a hand shake. He notices her awkwardness and cant help but smile, "You sure are an awkward little one arnt ya?"
  7. Aden coils her fingers around his, meeting his eyes and nodding. "Aden," she says simply before unfurling her fingers from Dark's skin. she smiles tightly, the gesture not reaching her eyes. they remain cold.

    "so, do you have any idea what we're going to be put through at this place?" she asks it only for her benefit; not for conversational purposes. Aden wants to be prepared for the future and is only interested in herself.
  8. Dark pulls his hand away and looks around. "I honestly have no clue. I was wondering the same thing." he pauses then rolls his eyes, "I guess the Survival Game crew were just too lazy to show up."
  9. Aden nods tightly, narrowing her eyes and looking around. she takes a step deeper into the camp, the forest flanking her. she unsheathes her knife, twirling the blade expertly between her fingers. she doesn't nick herself.

    "why would they send us here to be alone?" she muses aloud, sighing. she's wearing all black, a stark comparison to the morning trees around them.
  10. Dark could feel a sarcastic remark in the back of his throat, but he managed to hold it back.
    "Again.. my guess is that they are lazy."
    "I heard that." a voice from behind them says.
    Out of instinct Dark turns around and punches the guy in the face. His fist made contact with the guys eye and the guy stumbled back. A few seconds later the guy sat up and rubbed his eye.
    "Hey is that anyway to treat the speaker and manager of this damn show?"
    "Shit." Dark says and helps him up, "My bad man. That was just a reflex."
    The guys eye was obviously starting to bruise up. He laughed, "Hey its no problem. You need those reflexes for this game."
  11. Aden exhales stiffly once she realizes the man's identity. she puts her knife away and crosses her arms over her chest. her jaw clenches and her eyes jump from the man to Dark.

    "what are we going to have to do?" she asks, wanting to get it over with. she looks at the man impatiently, her eyebrows threatening to turn down into a frown. she taps her foot, her fingertips itching to feel the knife in between them again. Aden feels better with it since she's in unknown territory. she doesn't trust either of the two men standing in front of her.
  12. The man turns to look at her, "Nice to meet you by the way my name is Chis. I am guessing you are Aden and he is Dark."
    Dark rolles his eyes, "Congradulations. What do you want a medal?" he says sarcastically.
    Chris chuckles, "You are exactly the way I imagined you would be." he pauses then looks back at Aden, "I will let you know once ALL of the campers get here."
  13. Aden doesn't wait to snakily reply, "and where the hell are the other campers?"

    she already doesn't like Chris. there's something in his eyes that she can easily see; a darkness that tries to hide. her every nerve is on edge. she wants to run so badly. she thinks about it, wondering what would happen if she did.
  14. Chris looks at her, "Dont worry about it right now. They are on their way here. Meanwhile, get your stuff and put them in your cabins. Boys cabins are on the left. Girls on the right."
    Dark muttered something under his breath, grabbed his stuff and went to the cabin.
  15. Aden takes the knife out of her pocket and makes a point to wave it at Chris. a smirk plays at her lips. she wants him to know that she's armed. she turns away and strides to the girls' cabins, opening the door without glancing back at him.

    the room is tiny with a twin bed in the middle of it. a rotting bedside table sits next to the bare mattress that's filled with holes.

    "nice," Aden mutters, shrugging out of her jacket. she tosses it on the bed before sitting on it. there are two windows on the walls next to the bed. they're across from each other; with no blinds or curtains.
  16. Dark picked a top bunk and grumbled to himself. He set his suitcase on his bunk and opened it. He had a couple weapons hidden in it. A pocket knife, sword, and a bow and arrow. He took out hiw bow and arrows and examined the arrows carefully.
    Truthfully Dark wasnt a bad guy... he was actually pretty nice once you got to know him... but he is the type of person who has a hard shell... he doesnt trust very easily.
  17. Aden sighs and spreads out on the mattress, throwing her arm over her eyes to try to block everything out. she sets her knife on the bedside table next to her.

    she tries to sleep, but her whirring mind keeps her awake. her red hair is fanned out against the mattress, beautiful against the dull colors of the dingy room. she licks her top lip and her stomach growls loudly. she presses her spare hand to her abdomen, trying to quiet the rumbling.
  18. As Dark puts his stuff away all of a sudden a camera man barges into the cabin. Dark whirls around, "The hell?!"
    Chris shows up behindthe camera man and smiles, "Be sure to capture that pretty face of his."
    Dark crosses his arms and rolls his eyes. Dark honestly was a handsome young man... he definatly had some mysterious features.
  19. Aden still tries to sleep, unaware of the events going on at Dark's cabin.

    she tries to roll onto her side, but with a sudden lurch the one of the bed frame's legs gives out, the mattress sliding off its frame and onto the floor. a corner of the mattress hits the bedside table, which goes toppling over. Aden leaps up, cursing quiet.

    "Jesus Christ," she mutters, bending over to pick up the fallen table. she snatches her knife up from the ground, kicking the misshapen bed frame away.
  20. Chris smiles, "So Dark? Are you happy that you are now going to be famous?"
    Dark scowls, "Are you happy that you look like an elf?"
    The camera man lets out a snicker but stays.
    Dark sighs and knows he is going to have to say something just to get them to go away, "Look I dont give a damn about the fam alright? I am in it for the thrill. Now can you leave."
    Chris looks satified and the camera man and him leave to go bother Aden.
    ((Damn XD.))