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Is this or is this not a fantastic idea?

  1. Yes, it's fantastic!

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  2. Yes, it's fantastic!

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  3. Maybe if they also had magical powers...

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  4. No, but I'm pretty sure my opinion is wrong.

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  1. This RP inspired by Sabagebu, which is pretty awesome so you should check it out.

    You're familiar with them, right? Every decent school has one - a survival game club. For those of you who don't know what these are, they're basically paintball clubs. You enter your arena against another school's survival game club. You get hit by a paint ball and you pretend to die. Your mission is to eliminate the enemy team before they eliminate you. This time though, there's a few changes!

    This is the Survival Game School. On the outside, it's a perfectly normal co-ed boarding school. On the inside, it is a warzone. In this school, everything is decided by your school ranking. Your dorm, your lunch, your allowance. The better you are on the rankings, the better your life. The rankings take two things into account: The ranking of you personally and the ranking of your club. This way, a terrible player who joins a high ranking club still gets a moderate standard of living. There are a few rules in the school, here is an excerpt of their rule book:

    1. Running in the corridors is allowed.
    2. Arriving late and skipping class is allowed.
    3. Not participating in the games is grounds for expulsion.
    4. If you are hit, you are dead for the rest of the day. Lie on the ground for 15 minutes to allow for looting, then go back to your dorm room.
    5. Shooting inside the dorm rooms is not allowed, but shooting in the dorm corridors is A-OK.
    6. Returning to your dorm room assumes you are dead. If you go to your room, you cannot participate in the games for the rest of the day.
    7. A "day" is between 6 AM and 10 PM. Hits scored before 6 AM and after 10 PM do not count and will not increase your score.
    8. If you get hit, your score will decrease. If you hit someone else, your score will increase. Rank gap will give different score changes. Hitting someone many ranks higher than you will increase your score more than hitting someone with the same rank as you. Being hit by someone with a much lower rank will lower your score more than being hit by someone with a similar rank.
    9. Any tools may be used and any modifications to weapons may be made, as long as they do not result in real injury.
    10. Actually injuring someone is grounds for expulsion.
    11. Being a bad sport upon death will lower your score more than playing along. The most dramatic and realistic deaths may even increase your score.

    On the 3rd Sunday of every month, a free for all competition will be held. Normally, your club score will increase as well as your personal score, and you will lose score for hitting a member of your own club. On the third sunday however, clubs don't count. Everyone is targeting you and everyone is a target. This sunday is a final chance to increase your personal score without needing to worry about club score. After the event, club score and personal score is reset to zero for everyone, and the more permanent rewards (such as dorm room) are distributed. Your dorm room only changes after this third sunday, while your allowance is set on a weekly basis (also sundays) and your food is set on a daily basis. Clubs also get rewards such as budget and club room (monthly). Rooms are changed on the Monday following the third Sunday - you will return to the dorm to find all your belongings have been moved to a new room. Club rooms are changed overnight - when you go to your club room the next day, your belongings may have been moved to a new room. You are not told which dorm / club room you have been moved to - you must fight your way to it!

    Anyway, that's about it for this Interest Check. It's an anime style school life RP in a wacky situation. It's all casual fun, although there'll be a "villainous" (but mainly comedic) plot at some point. Imagine a world where everyone is out to kill you except you don't actually die and it's all just a bit of fun.

    Now, a little something I'd like to ask you all: Should there be imaginary magical abilities or not? This entire system is mainly just in the minds of the students, but should they also imagine magical abilities? Personally, I could go either way so what are your inputs?
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  2. Oooh, I love this idea! Reminds me of when I played Humans vs. Zombies at college and that was by far the best week of my life. Imagining going to school where everyone was involved and it lasted forever? That'd be a blast!

    I had a couple of thoughts! Dunno if they'd be helpful but it's just some stuff that occurred to me.

    Instead of your lifestyle being based on a rank, why not make it based on some sort of fictional currency. Say, a token that's handed out whenever a student attends class, perhaps for completing homework assignments or doing well on tests, or just for attendance, I dunno. Tokens can also be earned by completing objectives given out by faculty or on bounty bulletin boards. Tokens can then be used for things like better living quarters/food and gadgets/electronics but also for things like ammo and better weapons and armor and devices- plus club things as well. Then, tokens could be 'deposited' in a bank- perhaps during the last hour of the day, every day, meaning that players who survive all day get to add their tokens to their account, acting like a score of sorts. And of course, 'dead' players can be looted for tokens, tokens can be robbed (without killing, if for some reason that was desired), tokens can be used during hostage situations or can be given from one student to the other as a form of payment for tasks, perhaps.

    Also! Instead of trying to include imaginary magical abilities (which would be very prone to cheating), expand the idea of paintball guns into a wide variety of paint-based weapons and devices! Paint-throwers, paint grenades, paint mortars, paint mines, paint bombs, paint grenade launchers, etc. These exotic weapons would be purchasable for tokens from special traveling merchants and the ammo for them would be much rarer than the normal paintball pellets, but they'd make excellent force multipliers. Ooh, and paint-blades (dull knives that smear paint from their edges when pressed into something). But yeah, there are ways to mix things up without using magic. I could also imagine armor plate inserts that could be purchased that allow a student to ignore a few hits to that area, but must be discarded after taking 3 or 5 or however many shots, maybe even have different quality ones for different prices with different levels of durability.

    And if you really wanted to mix it up, you could have combat roles/classes for the students. Medic (who carries a first aid kit that can revive someone within that 15 minute 'play dead' period, sniper, heavy weapons/squad support, fast assault, etc.
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  3. I had thought about a currency system, but I don't want this to be particularly game-like and have a bunch of systems so in the end I decided to keep it purely with skill. 'Course, that doesn't stop you bartering with real money or desirable objects. I'm sure if you paid someone, they'd be willing to let you have a bit of their high ranking lunch... That's actually a theme one of the NPCs was going to have.

    The rule about being allowed to make any modification to weapons incorporates the ability to have other types of devices. The only rule on what weapons you're allowed to use is that they've got to involve paint and they can't cause real injury. Having such a token system would probably start creating whales who stockpile other people's tokens and become invincible from money rather than skill, which would be boring for everyone involved. There're plenty of parts in the engineering departments, so anyone can technically make any weapon as long as they know how to make it, and it won't cost them a penny. So people will be able to make weapons and it won't require tokens. They could also get some from other people if they can't figure out how to make them, and naturally a dead person isn't going to be able to stop you taking their things. As for armour, people still have to wear the school uniform, plus you die if you get paint anywhere on you, so they could wear plate armour if they liked but it'd still count as their clothing so they'd die if they got hit.

    Like I said earlier, I don't want it to be too game-like, so I'm going to leave out classes. People will obviously be able to make a class for themselves. Someone who's really good with a sniper would probably act as a sniper class even without a class system, but having a class system would make it pretty unfair for the free for all. I mean, a medic can only revive other people which would be a very useless ability when everyone you revive is just going to shoot you.
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