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Which would you guys prefer to roleplay?

  1. Mirai Nikki Thread

  2. Hunger Games Thread

  3. Battle Royale Thread

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    Come to think, I've never seen a Hunger Games - or a Mirai Nikki - or a Battle Royale thread amongst the forums. I'm curious about that, since to the bottom of my heart - I love survival games. With all of my heart! I think it would be interesting, trying to pull that off in a forum.

    Each one has it's advantages and disadvantages, after all.

    The Hunger Games requires full attention of the moderator, and has to be exceptionally well planned. The moderator themselves will most likely not be able to roleplay their own character, and if too many people become inactive, it hinders those roleplaying, and slows them down. However, if done professionally and creatively enough, a beautiful kind of story can be created, and each of the roleplayers themselves could have a blast.

    The Mirai Nikki thread wouldn't require as much attention from the moderator, and leaves a shamploo of opportunities for every one. But the diaries predict the future, and you can't possibly predict the movements of your partner whilst you're roleplaying, unless the skill level was set higher. And those who describe the thoughts of their characters would be the best here. And there's a problem of Diaries being too powerful, or too weak. Or characters that aren't different enough.

    The battle royale thread would require no heavy moderation. It would need numbers. And that kind of thing is impossible to get on things like this, and even if you got them, moderating such a large group would be difficult. And catching the misdoings of them would be hard. However, Battle Royale moves at such a stunningly quick - and tense pace, It would be super fun to do, if done right!!

    Nnnn. Dunno.
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