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  1. Hello, fellow role players!

    While I don't really have so much as an idea as to what I want to do, I'd like to reach out to all of you and ask if anyone would be interested in cooperating to come up with some good ideas for a survival game style roleplay.

    Once I have enough people, I'll make a group chat and we can start brainstorming.~
  2. I probably read this wrong, sorry :cow:
    Survival game... This being something similar to the Hunger Games and whatnot? Or do participants have more of a choice to join? Or is it more like a group of people... struggling to survive after a plain or boat crash or anything like that?
  3. Ooo, so, kind of like Lord of The Flies meets The Hunger Games meets Divergent meets other well known and not well known survival books
  4. Actually, I came up with a different idea... It's about a world parallel to ours where monsters and such appear. Damage done to this parallel world is reflected on the real world, and the inhabitants of the parallel world (which possess special abilities), fight these monsters to protect the balance between the two. I'm still typing up the OOC, but I'll tag you two if you're interested in that type of idea. I'll be looking for people who can play multiple characters and aren't afraid of possible character death.
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  5. Ooh! That sounds much more interesting! I am glad this role play is rather more unique, then another role play of surviving in the wild, or something like the Hunger Games (not to say that these kind of role plays aren't interesting).
  6. Trust me. And the person in charge of monster creation has created some extremely challenging specimens.~
  7. Not too sure bout that multiple characters thing, but still interested.
  8. Multiple characters isn't required, merely recommended.
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