Survey and Christmas!

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  1. /kills Layne for all the people that work retail.
  2. ... Christmas already?
    You're worse than the stores. D:
    I'm sort of excited, I guess. Probably have to send the present in October for it to get there in time though.
    But I get a winter break...
  3. totally ready for christmas
  4. Survey completified.

  6. Boo! Christmas comes too early as it is. NO DECORATIONS TIL AFTER THANKSGIVING, DAMMIT!
  7. the hot weather will be ovverrrr...

    Here's a Swedish christmas song :D
  9. fuck that i have stuff out all year...right next to my Halloween stuff and my easter stuff...

  10. HELLL YEAH that's what i'm talkin' bout.
  11. I just can't handle it. Sorry. Now Halloween, that is my holiday. *nods* Love it.
  12. i am not joking i have three animated things ((santa, pinhead and ghost face)) i put a mask over santa for Halloween and hats on ghost face for christmas ((pin head gets a Manora because i feel that he is Jewish ^_^))
  13. and that is what makes you awesom.e
  14. what the fact that i have three men in my room watching me sleep ((yes santa is in my room...and let me just say he is the creepiest of them all))
    or the fact that my pin head is jewish

    im saving up for the new one this year ((its the little girl from walking dead with the teddy...AND SHE fucked up in the head))
  15. Your friend has just gained another surveyee. (Is that even a word? I am not sure.) And Christmas is way too far away for me to look forward to.