Surrender to the Darkness

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  1. I only play female characters. But I accept playing with both male and female characters. I will play straight/bi/gay without a problem.
    I think the most important general guidance I can give about me is that I can be flexible and negotiate a lot of things.
    I like building very detailed backgrounds for my characters. I expect partners who like details and like to build things together. However, I don’t like when partners make decisions on what my characters’ feelings/thoughts/worldview, unless it has been decided beforehand, together. I like to live by the same standards, so feel free to call me up on it.


    Bondage, Kidnapping, Gags, Blindfolds, Being Spanked, Breast and Nipple Play, Foreplay, Being Teased, Kissing, Mutual Masturbation, Oral, Hair Pulling, Licking Another, Threesomes (FFF, MFM and MFF), Double Penetration, Deflowering (all types), Sex Toys, Teacher/Student, Doctor/Patient.


    Incest – Depends on the pairing and on the way the relationship is written by both parts. I’m not generally into very immediate relations, like father/daughter, and I’m squeamish about any type of violence with my incest stuff.

    Non-Con – I’m not completely against it. In fact, I have been turned on by non-con in many occasions. But RPing this is really hard. I’ll often feel uncomfortable about how it is being depicted by the rapist, so I rather not play it with just about anyone. I will write around lots of things, but non-con that makes me feel bad is a sure way of ending the RP altogether.

    Also, to make it a little bit clearer, I like writing characters that have agency. Because of that, I can’t write someone who is just abused/taken advantage of/deceived/manipulated during the entirety of a scene, and that only go where your character wants me. If my reactions don’t count for the final result in a scenario, I don’t see the point of playing it. This goes for Non-Con, Kidnapping, Incest and any other power games.

    If it is inconceivable to you that my character might react in a unexpected way, build a personality that isn’t ‘mindless docile sex toy’ or even walk out on your character, then I would be a horrible partner. I get bored playing people who are trapped.


    Hardcore BDSM – I’m really not into the more extreme spectrum, like serious torture, abusive name calling, TPE, mind control, humiliation, serious body modification (pubic hair shaving is ok), breath control and impregnation are all out.


    Needle Play
    Electrical Play

    Are unnegotiable hard limits.
    I started doing this roleplay here in the forum a while ago, but my partner got busy and had to leave the forum. And I too got busy and didn’t have time to find another partner. It’s been a long time, but the idea is tickling me again, so here goes nothing.

    Taken –

    Kinks: Abduction, dubcon, incest, bondage, gags, blindfolds, threesomes

    Pairs: Captor/captives, stepmother/stepdaughter – FFF or MFF

    I will play two characters, a HBIC career woman and her 18 year-old stepdaughter, who are abducted as leverage
    against the husband/father, who is an influential Politician. The abductor is someone who used to work with the stepmother but was pushed away by her, had his/her career ruined and now is seeking revenge by accepting money from a militia group to help kidnap her and her stepdaughter.

    They are held captive for a few months, during which they are slowly manipulated against their family/friends on the outside. There will be threats and some general abuse, of course, but I want to keep any violence on the tame side. The kidnapper taking some sexual advantage of his hostages is ok; downright rape is not.

    My younger character is a lesbian struggling with her sexuality, so I would prefer a female captor who also has a complicated history with my older character. I’d love to see the female captor seducing my younger character, getting inside her head, and turning her into a love struck sexual pet willing to do any perverted thing she asks.

    If the captor is male, I would prefer if he focuses on seducing the stepmother and turning her against her husband. There can be some fondling and light sexual advances on my younger character until he is aware of her homosexuality. But after that, I would prefer if he acknowledges that and incentives an incestuous relationship between the two. He can always watch and direct, and they can even have a threesome, but I wouldn’t want him having sex with my lesbian character.
  2. Hi! I see you're new so I'll fill you in. Here on Iwaku, we only allow erotic/sexy RP between members in the same age group. That is, all players involved in the RP must be either under seventeen, or 18+. This is an important safety and security rule!

    This board (General Requests) is accessible and visible to both age groups, so we don't allow requests that ask or plan for kinky scenes here as you may get interest from the wrong age group.

    Would you like me to move this to the Liberine board, where it will only be visible/accessible to other adults, or would you prefer to edit the smutty nature out of your request? :3
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