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  1. I was talking with a friend the other day about the post-apocalypse genre, and realized: say what you will about Anime but they always portray the post apocalypse as an interesting, strange place as opposed to the typical blasted wasteland of american media. I want to do a post-apocalyptic RP in that kind of warped landscape, a strange catastrophe having torn the land asunder, creating a bizarre world people now try to survive in.
  2. What did you have in mind if you don't mind me asking? I was going to do something a bit different myself but a bit later.
  3. Hey~hey.

    Just wanna know the reg rundown:

    Post freq, post level req, can we play multi~charries, free~roam vs plot, and Max number RPers?

    >>But please please please tell Boo this is not a surreal post apoc.... Now with new and improved surreal ZOMBIES!!<< ~THUMBS UP! Both of them!~
  4. Quick responses:
    I'm still working out the exact details, but it certainly won't be a zombie apocalypse. Those are bland and played out. Expect warped landscapes, bizarre creatures, and a fight to survive.
    I certainly won't expect a super frequent post rate, I wouldn't be able to keep that up myself between my job, college, and real life. And post length is varriable, but more or less "enough detail there's something there to respond to". I see no problem with having 2 or 3 characters as long as you don't make a ton of them. Sandbox vs Plot more depends on what the other players want, and the max number of players is kind of up in the air right now. I'm definitely still in the planning stages.
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  5. Kay sounds good. Will just wait to see ideas when youre done then~^^
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