Surprise Landing *Closed*

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  1. Jack grabbed his blue and black emergency backpack. It was always ready in case something really bad happened and he needed to evacuate.
    And this was bad.
    He grabbed his pistol from the side of the door and stepped outside. It was chaos. People were running everywhere to find something, anything, to assure their safety. He pulled his scarf up over his nose to hopefully avoided getting the infectious disease. It was everywhere. Even the slightest infection would draw the disease in, and once you had it, you only had 5 hours to live...if you were lucky. Everything was shut down here, but on the radio there's reports of other places...uninfected. You have to go through a bio scanner to get on board the Evac Plane. He dashed to the airport just down the street. He only stood in line for about 3 minutes, the Bio scanner was fast! He stood at the entrance of the plane, searching...where was Finn? He was NOT leaving without his best friend. He'd rather die beside him than leave without him.
  2. Fuck fuck fuck. Finn had NO idea how to get away from this mess. He took his most important things with him, shoving them in his pockets and held his hand before his mouth as he started running towards the airplane. He had a cut on his cheek and he hoped, he prayed that nothing had gotten into it.

    He quickly arrived and stood in line, security guards already looking at him. He was never gonna make it, not with his wound... It was his turn to go trough the scanner and he closed his eyes. His arm was already grabbed to drag him away and shoot him, it would've been the most humane thing to do, but the machine didn't make an alarming sound, the light turning green. Everybody seemed a bit suprised, how could that cut be clean? But it was and Finn hurried away.

    "Jack?!" He called out and then saw him, jogging over. Finn was grinning like a fool. "I am not gonna die! Yet"
  3. Jack almost collapsed in relieve. "Finn! Damn, what happened to your cheek?" He glanced back as the door beeped. "Nevermind that, let's go." He grabbed Finn's hand and pulled him inside. He grabbed two seats in the back and sat down next to the window, setting his backpack at his feet. Leaning back, he let out a long sigh of relief, the door closing. "We're safe..." he chuckled. "Safe..." he laughed, covering his face. Relief flooded over them. They were going to get out of this! Him and his best friend were going to be okay, they were going to find a safe place and be perfectly fine. He sighed, letting his hands fall, smiling.
  4. "Why can you have the window seat" he groaned as he sat down. He looked outside as Jack had his moment of happiness, quite the oppesite happening to him. Everybody that wasn't on this plane was going to die in the next five hours. He didn't have any family in this town, but they had friends, friends who weren't on this airplane. "Everybody is dying Jack" he whispered
  5. Jack's smile faltered. "Yeah..." He looked out the window as the plane took off. "C'mon, we should probably sleep while we can... Who knows what will happen when we land." He said in a quiet tone. After a pause, he pat Finn's shoulder and then, laying on his side facing Finn, closed his eyes. "As long as we're together, we'll be fine." He mumbled quietly, something they had always told each other when they were younger.
  6. "That's true" he said back and took out his head phones. He couldn't sleep, Jack had always been an easy sleeper but that wasn't his case. He closed his eyes as music poured into his head and sighed. He would be fine, his best buddy was alive, so it would all be okay
  7. Jack slept about halfway through the trip.
    That's when things started getting a little creepy.
    Jack awoke to shaking. The plane was shaking. He quickly sat up as the pilot came over the speakers. "Good morning everybody. We're experiencing some minor turbulance, please, buckle your seatbelts. We'll be fine in a few minutes."
    Jack buckled, then looked to Finn, eyes wide. "What did I miss?" He asked in a low voice. Outside, the water below seemed like a vast death-trap. Their shadow clearly visible against the blue water. The clouds were wispy and did not hide the fact that the water was approaching slowly, closer...closer. Jack didn't look out the window, but was staring at Finn, hoping his best friend could provide him with the answers he needed to hear.
  8. Jack seemed to be some sort of magical sleeper because things started to shake badly. Finn looked outside with his eyes wide, he saw the same as Jack. He looked at his now awake friend and his pupils didn't get smaller. "We're crashing." He whispered and then looked outside again. This was wrong, this was so not okay! People around them started to panic, realizing they hadn't escaped their misareble deaths. "Put your head between your legs!" Finn said and pushed Jack in the position he just exlaimed and did so himself too, trying to protect his head with his arms. there was a enormous sound of inpact, and everything went dark from there on...

    Finn awoke from the smell of fire and gas, not able to move up. He opened his eyes slowly, seeing that tey had crashed on.. on land? Why wasn't he drowing? Weren't they flying above the sea? He looked around him and saw the remains of the plane, flames licking everything flamable. He wasn't abel to move because of something above him, but he couldn't see what.
  9. Jack squeaked, his chest tightening as Finn told him they were crashing. He felt panic start to surge and did as Finn told him too. He had closed his eyes, but as there was a strange sound of screeching, he opened his eyes. He was met with the sight of the plane splitting in different places. He found no voice, no sound to emit that would show his terrifying fear as he watched Jack seemed to move away. His chair was breaking apart. "FI-" He started to yell, but was cut off as the chair hit the ground. He jolted, a sudden pain in his back, then blacked out.

    He groaned, opening his eyes to find a dull ache in his back and fire. He whimpered, pushing away, only to find himself still buckled in the seat. He quickly hit the button on the hot metal, freeing himself from from the seat just as the edge caught fire. He crawled away with nothing more than some minor burns on his leg, a pretty bruised back, and a cut on his cheek. He stood, walking slowly towards the rest of the plane. "F-FINN!" He yelled, almost screamed. He felt panicky, his hands shaking. No, no no no...he would be okay.. THEY would be okay. They would both be perfectly fine. "FIIINNN!!"
  10. Finn heard but... But he couldn't speak up. He groaned and tried to push up, but of was impossible at this rate. Something was on top of him, what was it! He tried to turn his neck but that hurt. It was something cold, a piece of metal. "Jack?" He managed to whisoer
  11. Jack felt tears start to burn the cut on his cheek. He was beginning to fear the worse. "FIINN!" He said, a hint of desperation sinking in his voice.
    Then he tripped.
    He rolled a little.
    He tore the back of his shirt.
    And he came to a stop beside a large sheet of metal, part of the wing. He covered his face, trying to get his hyperventilated breathing under control. It was absolutely no use to him or Finn if he passed out now, and he knew that. He smelled gas. Sitting up, he felt another wave of panic hit him. The engine. If the fire...what was he thinking..WHEN the fire reached it, it would explode. "FINN!" He said loudly again.
  12. Fuck. He wanted to shout back so badly, and Jack was rather close, but he just couldn't get it out of his throat. "Jack, Jack please" He said and could hear that the other was panicking. Who would blame him? On the looks of it they were the only ones still alive.. how tipycal of them. "I.. I am here" He couldn't take breaths deep enough to scream, his chest was being crushed under the immense weight, breathing was already a struggle and he doubted if he had enough energy left to keep it up. He didn't want to die! not now, not now that he knew Jack was out there, alone. Jack was like his little brother, he would protect him at all cost.
  13. Jack's head twisted towards the metal. There was a sound...movement? "F-finn?" He asked weakly, moving towards the metal. He tried to lift it, but it only hissed at him with a strange squeak. It was too heavy. Jack bit down on his lip, looking around for something, anything, to move the metal. He grabbed a large stick and a rock. He placed the large stick, well, more like a log, in the dirt and wedged it under the metal. He then slid the rock under the middle and grabbed a rock he almost couldn't lift. He walked over and dropped it. Jumping back, he yelped as the metal lifted with a groan. Kneeling down, Jack noticed he could now barely crawl under the metal. He slid under and looked around. "F-Finn?" He said in a scared, shaky voice. "F-finn, please be you...please be okay.." he sniffled, wiping at his eyes.
  14. Finn reached out and grabbed Jack's wrist. "Pull me out... Please please pull me out I can't... " he gasped "breath" he tried to pull himself forward. He needed to get out. Fucking out
  15. Jack jumped, but in his state of panic, he grabbed Finn, pulling him out and still pulling him. His bruised back slammed against the metal as he slid out, but it didn't phase him in the littlest bit. He was more careful pulling Finn out. He picked Finn up, then took off. The smell of gas was strong now and Jack knew they had very little time. He sprinted towards a large rock and then collapsed, gritting his teeth tightly in pain as he had fallen backwards against the rock, but held Finn tightly, close. He closed his eyes and there was a moment of calm before a sizzling, then a loud explosion, half the airplane returning to the air before raining down. The rock shielded them from most of the falling debree, but some of the glass and metal hit them like little daggers. Jack broke into a mess of panicked tears and short breaths.
  16. Jack succeeded at pulling him out, with much trouble obviously, and they hid behind the rock. Finn held his bestfriend close and so did the other. Finn didn't understand why they would hide, but Jack seemed to be eager to so they did, in a tight embrace. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, glass hitting them. He instinctively protected Jack's head as the other continued to cry. Then it was over, silence returning to the crash sight. "Breath, Jack you need to breath. Calmly, okay take your time. We aren't in a rush." He had never seen the other cry like this before. He had seen Jack cry, yes but it had never been in this sense of pure panic and horror.
  17. It took several minutes, but Jack managed to compose himself. "S-sorry.." he muttered weakly, taking deep breaths to calm himself more. "S-sorry.." he said again. He looked up, wiping the tears from his eyes. "I..I guess..n-no...using the..the uhh..p-plane radio...f-for..t-to fall...f-for help." He said weakly, sniffling. He'd seen them do something like that in a survivor show, but heh, guess they didn't think of the plane blowing up did they! Jack started to rub the back of his neck, but instead ended up pulling a little shard of glass. That sent him into an entirely different mood. "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Bleeding? Does anything feel broken?" He asked, his eyes full of worry and concern. He knew that he was pretty bruised, but Finn had half of the plane resting on his chest!! He'd be lucky to get away with nothing but a bruise or a cut.
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  18. Jack was happily calming down, sort of. "Don't apologize" Finn muttered as he looked around him. They needed to start looking for stuff that was usable, but he didn't see much that was. He put his hand into his pocket, pulling out his phone which was.. completly crushed. Great, he couldn't even listen to music now. "We are stuck here untill someone finds us" He said softly in response to the radio thing, no change it was still working. Finn's cut on his cheek was now accomponied with slightly more. Knuckles were bleeding and legs felt like jelly, but he didn't thing it was anything serious. "Just some bruises" He said and stood up, helping Jack. "Jack, Jack that isn't what matters right now. We're alive okay! We aren't dead, like everybody else."
  19. Jack stood shakily. He grimaced, his back hurt because of the bruise. He sighed. "Y-yeah..." He hugged Finn tightly. "Where are we even? We...weren't we over water?" He asked, severely confused. "Why...where'd the island come from?" He didn't let go of Finn, hiding his face against Finn's shoulder. He felt safer. It was like Finn was his brother. He didn't think he'd ever survive without Finn.
  20. Finn wasn't really one for gentle touches or well, hugs like this, but this was fine. Jack was scared, Finn knew the other was scared. He was pretty weary about this whole thing too but he couldn't show, he was going to protect Jack. He wasn't supposed to be scared so he wouldn't be. He hugged Jack back. "I don't know, but thank god that it was here. I hate water" Finn really hated water, he only drank it. He couldn't swim either because of this intense disgust for the liquid. He only liked showers, but quick ones and fuck baths.