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    Someone should make one with Iwaku members.

    All so.. What category does everyone fall under?
    Isabellas are chaotic Neutral because they are really nice! But sometimes they do bad things..
  2. I'm going to say FAIL!!! because you DIDN'T POST THE INDIVIDUAL POSTERS, YOU FUCKING TRAP!!!



  3. Nothing you speak makes any sense..
  4. Look closer....

  5. No hijacking allowed outside of Insanity. :D kthanx. BACK TO TOPIC!

    ....I am Chaotic Good, for sure. c___c Everything I do is for the good of the colony, but my methods aren't always the most... understandable. Or organized. Or make any sense to someone besides myself.
  6. ......but then what will the hijackers do for food if they cannae 'jack?

    Neutral good/Chaotic good.
    'working to make things better, even if i have to kill maim and burn everyone to do it'
  7. Chaotic Neutral.

    Dystopia remains friendly unless you do something to incur the wrath of the State.

    At that point your best bet is to eat a bullet. It's better than being turned into a radioactive slag pile.
  8. I wouldn't mind joining a darker than black RP...
  9. True Neutral. For better or for worse, for the universe or against it, for life or death, etc., etc.
  10. List has been updated

    Both of you seem to have shows in common with verite, so my suggestion would be to check out her rp resume and message her to see if she would would be up for a one x one ;)
  11. I'm a true neutral, as I would imagine a lot of the other people would be if they thought about it. The alignment I ASPIRE to be is neutral/good, actually, though my internet persona often tends to drift to chaotic/neutral for some reason ^_^;
  12. Lawful Good: ASMO
    You never think his structural framework is good for you, BUT IT FUCKING IS!

    Neutral Good: WOODRAT
    He does the right thing, but forgets to boast about it.

    Chaotic Good: PALONIS
    Eradicating suspension of disbelief since 1997.

    Lawful Neutral: RORY
    Finds a way to justify his moodswings under the guise of pure logic

    True Neutral: PIROGETH
    Hides in the cupboard and watches the others

    Chaotic Neutral: COFFEECAKESADIST

    Lawful Evil: CHAOS
    He will destroy you in any way that he can legally justify

    Neutral Evil: DIANA
    Will fuck up your shit if you don't slap her

    Chaotic Evil: PAOROU-SAMA
    Will fuck up everyone's shit regardless of what you do.
  13. And I don't get an allignment?
  14. Neutral Good

    Darkness? You'd be chaotic Neutral because you're no goodie two-shoes, but you're not quite badass enough to be evil. That's right, I see you over there actually agreeing with people.
  15. I like what Asmo did there! more like that!
  16. Wouldn't say Chaotic Evil. I live and let live if it doesn't warrant my attention. -_- There is a method to Paorou's madness, and his goals aren't exactly joker-like. (who is a good example of Chaotic Evil.)

    More like either Lawful Evil. (Evil is necessary for the whole. What's a few thousand deaths if you're all reborn afterwards?)

    I'd go as far to say Chaotic Good, even. (Paorou being a villain was taking the world's story in his own hands and pushing it forward to force heroes to appear and fix everything ASAP. While his methods aren't exactly 'good', his goal arguably was.)

    To make things simple, Let's just say he's lawful mad.

    IRL I'm most likely true neutral or chaotic neutral. Good and evil according to those websites tend to have various different biases anyway, and i don't agree with DnD world mechanics.
  17. Nor do I. They said my car was fixed, but they were bluffing.
  18. Serves you right for dumping all your starting points into charisma.
  19. But he doesn't have points in anything else.
  20. You should know all about not having a point.
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