Suppose you were a congressman, and suppose you were a vampire . . .

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Would you vote for a vampire?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Depends on their platform . . .

  4. Only if they don't sparkle

  5. Death to the blood suckers!

  6. . . . fairy dust?

  7. I have a better idea which I will tell you about.

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  1. Or . . . Why not both!?
    @Ryex was telling me about the "Dresden Files" and explaining how the vampire courts work, specifically the white court, and then it hit us . . .

    If one of these guys ran for congress,
    we would vote for them.
    • Because they're inherently greedy, they would ensure the country would do the absolute best in the future! (for their own comfort).
    • Immortal - not concerned with short term gains, if there's long term consequences. (and they can probably balance a budget).
    • They don't want you to know they're a vampire so they wouldn't be blatantly criminal and would pass publicly beneficial laws (to mask their intentions).
    • If we wanted to vote them out of office, all we have to do is open the blinds.
    • They always look good, so at least if we get board of the speech we've got some eye candy.

    So Iwaku, do agree? or perhaps you can think of a better candidate?
    A Spinx perhaps? or maybe Loki?
    (< from Norse mythology)​
  2. Let's get one thing straight. I fucking hate vampires. Elect whoever you want as long as they aren't a bunch of suck monkeys.
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  3. My opinion breaks even so it'd depend on their platform.

    - If they're old, they've really been there and done that. Less likely to make dumb decisions based on public trends instead of facts.
    - Falcon's point about them looking good is pretty important.
    - Since they'd be a minority compared to humans, they'd work pretty hard to make sure they build up a good image.

    - They were born to suck the life out of you. A lot of politicians do it, but vampires would probably be a lot more efficient at it.
    - Something tells me a lot of the budget would end up geared towards the blood donation banks.
    - Their poor secretaries and other underlings would only be able to get approval and work done during the night.
  4. I think that it depends on how they are running. I'm no racist, what is this vampires aspirations? What does s/he see for the future of our country? What are his/her credentials?
    Also do we all know s/he is a vampire, because a couple time you mentioned it being secret. So if it was secret, then well maybe we've already elected vampires and we don't know it.
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