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  1. ((Hello, everyone. :D This is a super-powered human roleplay set in a non-descript city (so far). In this world, almost everyone has a superpower of some sort (though it isn't necessarily useful). This makes the world a very different place. What effect would this have on the economy and other aspects of life?

    This is a jump-in roleplay, and everyone is welcome. There are a couple of rules. There is a maximum of 2 characters allowed (at least for now). Mind-control is not a power that is allowed. Try not to be too overpowered - any really powerful things should have weaknesses associated with them. Other than that, have at it!))

    Camilla casually leaned against the wall, brushing a runaway strand of black hair away. She was supposed to look professional, but glorified guard duty was hard to stay interested in. Her uniform was wrinkle-free, and her shoes were polished. She was stationed today in the town square - a nice little area of park space in the middle of downtown. It was surrounded by commercial buildings like banks, restaurants, and night clubs. The local bookstore was nearby, and the green area was a popular place to hang out. It was also a popular place for trouble, hence the police presence. However, despite the glorious sunny weather, nothing shady seemed to be going on. Nothing at all seemed to be going on, in fact. It was almost too quiet.

    Cole stepped out of the bookstore with a new book. He was forced to jump out of the way when a group of kids with flying powers zoomed past him on the sidewalk.

    "Hey, watch where you are flying!" Camilla shouted at them. Of course they didn't listen. Delinquents. She sighed. A thin wisp of brown gas escaped as she did so. If they came around again, she could catch them, give them a warning. Her skin was slightly discolored towards her hands, especially at her fingertips, and her whole body seemed to have a slightly green tint which looked only more exaggerated next to the blue of the police uniform.

    Cole sat in the grass, book spread out on his lap. He looked about 20. He should be in college, but he wasn't. Living in a city full of superheroes was always an interesting experience. If only he had them, too. It was rare, but some people were just not born with them, or they never manifested for some reason. Cole was one of those people. He did have one abnormality: snow-white hair. But surely that couldn't be due to a superpower. He had already experimented with ice and all of the other things white hair might be associated with, but no. It just seemed to be a mutation. He began reading.
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  2. The street beside the park was deadly still. There was a large bank, yet no traffic going in or out. The windows were closed by curtains. The large doors seemed to have nothing wrong with them, you could see people inside making a transaction, but if you could see past that you would see a rather old man casting an illusion on the door.

    A few seconds later the large windows of the bank shattered, glass went everywhere as a large red Chinese dragon flew through the streets. It roared loudly, bags of gold in it's hands.
  3. Ty was sitting at his safehouse where he hid from the world. Danger was eminent, and he was waiting for it. The only thing Ty had to look forward to in a day was when he could go vigilante. On his radio an alert about what seemed to be a dragon stealing money from the bank. "I thought those things weren't real? Hopefully stank breath doesn't catch me this time." Ty suited up, grabbing a bo staff and skull mouth bandanna before hopping in the air and disappearing when he reappeared he was on top of the bank. Looking at the beast he was a bit discouraged. "God it's big. Alright just hit it in the underbelly." He ran off the building and disappearing just before he hit the ground. He appeared on the dragon's tail. "This is gonna hurt."
  4. Zoey sat on a branch in the tree at the park, paging through a book while her best friend Victoria, or Vic, talked on and on while siting at the base of the tree. Zoey was an elemental while Vic was a shifter. Zoey had long bright red hair that fell to her waist and was always dressed in rather dark clothes, which was completely opposite to her friend. Vic always wore something bright with birds or flowers and had short wavy blonde hair that rested at her shoulders. Both girls were 19 and just starting college, Zoey as a photographer and Vic as an artist.

    Zoey began frowning, she just couldn't concentrate with Vic gabbing away. "Vic! I love you and all but can you just shut up for ten freaking minutes. Your the one who told me to read this after all." Zoey spoke in a irritated voice, her eyes changing from there usual brown to a reddish color. Whenever she felt some sort of overwhelming emotion her eyes changed color to the element that best corresponded. And they changed when she was using an element.

    Vic smiles and giggles. "Oops! Sorry, I forgot you were reading. But I was just dying to tell you. Oh! Did I tell you about Lucas? You remember him, right? From high school? Yeah, turns out he and that nasty girl Beyonca eloped! Can you believe it?! Me neither but that's not the wo--"

    Both of them were interrupted by the sound of the dragon bursting out of the bank. Victoria instantly stiffened and watched it, her eyes having a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look while Zoey simply closed her book and watched, her eyes fading back to there natural brown. She wasn't afraid, she was a lot braver then Vic. Zoey was simply curious.
  5. ((ShiroKiyoshi, try not to control the actions of other characters from now on. Give them a chance to respond to what you have written. ^_^))

    No sign of the flying dorks yet, Camilla thought. She leaned back against the wall. If some rough-housing was all she had to deal with today it wouldn't be...

    Suddenly, the glass of the building behind her shattered from the inside. She looked through the windows and saw the scene of a robbery. The same building she was resting on was being broken into. Oh man, they were going to have her head for this.

    Not the time to worry about her job security, though! There was a dragon to contend with. Her powers do not work well from a distance, so she was left with calling backup and protecting the civilians in the area - though some of them might be more effective than her.

    By the time she reached for her radio, though, someone from the roof latched onto the dragon. She could only watch as the two struggled with each other.

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    Meanwhile, in the park, Cole looked on in awe, jumping up from the ground. The book was left forgotton on a patch of damp grass. Without thinking about it, he chased the swirling Chinese-dragon and its adversary, nearly running into a police officer trying to prevent panic. His feet stopped near a tree occupied by two other people as the dragon got too far away to see, but he continued to stare.
  6. Zoey tilted her head, her gaze moving down to Vic and the new person there. Vic was still frozen and Zoey could tell Vic was trying to determine weather to fight or flight. Suddenly, Vic shrank down taking the form of a small mouse. The mouse crawled out of the pile of Vic's discarded clothes and up the tree into the sleeve of Zoey's sweater.

    "Man up a little Vic. You can fight that dragon better then us. You can change in to one, remember?" She teased Vic when the little mouse head popped out the head of the sweater and onto Zoey's shoulder.

    "I-I know..! I-I, uh, figured I'd let someone else handle this, ya know? Like that guy, on the dragon. Or white-haired dude down there..!" Vic said nervously and Zoey rolled her eyes, jumping down from the tree as began gathering Vic's clothes.

    Zoey's eyes began switching to green, her hand pressing against the ground. Her gaze moved to the dragon as the ground shifted, a tree bursting out the concrete just below the dragon. It grew very large very quickly, the branches trapping and entangling the dragon. Zoey smiles at her handiwork and stood up.
  7. "Let me just pull myself up here and--" Ty came to a sudden stop ramming into the dragon's back. He got up rubbing his head. "Was I hit by a semi? Ugh. My head!" Ty sat holding his head for a while, then he let out a sudden roar. His body began to flicker like a broken TV. After it had stopped multiples of him were teleporting everywhere. When they finally stopped he knelt on the dragon's back. He was breathing heavy. "I should move while I have the chance." Ty threw a smoke grenade and disappeared.