Supervillain School

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Name: Ivy Opal
Supervillain name: Ourobouros
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Age: 15
Powers and Skills: She controls snakes
Weaknesses: There’s only so much that snakes can do, and she has to focus hard on what she’s doing, leaving her open to attacks.
Personality: Despite her villainy, Ivy is actually surprisingly positive. She is polite and civil to everyone, even engaging in friendly conversation with heroes who come to stop her. She does’t really care about money or power, she just wants to create chaos. She’s just a nice person who wants to watch the world burn.
Bio: She had a normal childhood, aside from her special connection with snakes. Her parents were retired villains and from her interest in creating mayhem, it seemed she would be following in their footsteps. Wanting her to be the best villain she could be, her parents had her enrolled at Blackwood.
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