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  1. Blackwood Academy of Evil was open for a new school year, and the students had crammed into the auditorium for the annual orientation. Jackie Martin, aka Jacqueline Hyde, sat in the back with a bored expression on her face. Why do we have to put up with this crap? We don't need to listen to authority; that's why we're villains!

    A woman strode up to the podium. "Welcome to Blackwood! My name is Miss Jones, but you may know me better as Deep Freeze. I'll be your headmistress this year. Remember, classes begin tomorrow, and we'll have a field excursion on Friday. Oh, and don't worry about those rumors that the heroes have infiltrated us. I assure you, they will be caught and punished shortly. You are dismissed."
  2. Stella Monteclair sat near the front of the crowded auditorium; her legs bouncing and feet tapping the floor. She hated being forced to stay still. She wanted to move around, jump, climb. She'd been stuck inside all summer and was looking forward to a little physical activity and not having to worry about her ears and tail popping out at inopportune moments. She honestly couldn't care less about some stupid heroes unless it meant she got to fight them.

    When the headmistress dismissed Stella practically leaped out of her seat. As she did, her ears and tail decided to make and appearance as well. Her long tamarin tail whacked the student standing behind her.

    "Oh, sorry!" Stella said.
  3. Wade wasn't really listening to the headmistress. He stood up when dismissed only to be whacked by a tail. He slowly turned to smoke. "Agh. Watch where you're pointing that thing." His smokey form was swirled around making a face and humanoid figure.
  4. Jackie moved through the exiting crowd when she came upon an argument in progress. "Hey, guys. Let's not start a superpowered brawl on our first day here. It's going to be tough enough here without us fighting each other."
  5. "Hmph, you're right." He slowly turned human again. "Let's save it for the heroes." He turned to Stella. "Sorry for snapping at you. I'll admit I'm a little on edge. My names.." He couldn't decide whether to go with his real name or villian name. "Spectre." Villian name was probably better. Secret identites are secret for a reason.
  6. "Jacqueline Hyde, but you can call me Jackie." Jackie held out her hand, and it ignited with a blazing black fire. "So, now that you've seen what I can do, how about you show me what you've got?" It never hurt to know what your friends could do. It helped you plan your next move, and if things got hairy, well, knowing who had combat powers and who didn't helped immensely.
  7. Stella's ears perked up."Oh are we going by villain names? Well then you can call me Tamarin!" said Stella with a flourish as she said her alter ego's name. "My ears and tail may not be anything special on their own, but they do help me with this!" Stella bent backwards and lifted herself up into a single-handed handstand.
  8. "Impressive, but can you do this?" He went smokey and ascended into the ceiling with a dark chuckle. He seeped through the ceiling tiles. Seconds later every electronic in the room ceased to function. The lights went dark and not one person had cell service. He descended back down in strands before reforming. "Cool right?"
  9. Thomas didn't pay to much attention to what Miss jones was saying, he was just staring at her hot bod. Thomas always did have a thing for older women. Finally she stopped talking, and he snapped out of it. He stood up and plugged in his headphones. On his way out, he saw that their was an agreement. Then they seem to be showing off their powers. Thomas smirked, and started to walk towards them. "Couldn't help but see that y'all are showing off powers."
  10. Sitting down by the side along with a few other students, Emma kind of stared into nothing. With the blank look on her face it was anyone's guess what might be going on in that blonde head of hers. Whatever it was, it had her far, far away. It wasn't until the lights went out that she snapped out of it.
    "What's going on?" She shot up from the chair she had been sitting in.
    With the note about heroes being around her mind instantly went to the weapons in her desk, and a pair of guns appeared in her hands.
    Nothing really seemed to be happening, there wasn't a panic of sorts. So a few moments later she sent the guns back to their spot.
    Most of the commotion seemed to come from the students further up.
    "Could you please try and not break the place down on your first day? I know you're training to be villains, but it would be wise to show constraint here." She called out to them before leaving the room.
  11. "Yeah, we really don't need to get ourselves in trouble. I don't know about you guys, but I still got some unpacking to do. Anyone else headed to the dorms?" Jackie gave her new partners in crime a winning smile. Maybe she would end up making some friends here after all.
  12. The dorms were housed in a single hallway, boys' rooms on the left, girls on the right. They were attached to a coed common room with a couple of big-screen tvs, a full kitchen and refrigerator. The dorm rooms themselves were rather spacious, with a large dresser, a comfortable bed, and a desk with a high-end computer.

    Jackie's eyes lit up when she saw her new digs. "Looks like it's first come, first serve on the dorms. I call the one closest to the front!"
  13. The Koblenkov twins had been right by the door during the welcome speech of the headmistress, and had disappeared the instant they were allowed to go. The longer they would linger, the greater the chance that Alice would touch someone by accident.
    That in and of itself wouldn't have been much of a problem if she wore her full body suit, but of all days she had to pick this day to wear an off white short puff sleeved blouse with a vintage pink knee length skirt, both adorned and lined with lace.
    Alex had almost made Alice change her choice of clothing, but when he had seen her look at herself in the mirror with a soft smile, he had melted. As much as he wanted to make sure she didn't accidentally use her powers, he wanted to make even more sure that he protected her smile. Even if that meant giving the entire school random new abilities.

    Alice had been well aware that this wasn't a choice of clothes that was wise for her, but she loved wearing it, so she had put it on in the morning. She had completely expected Alex to come up to her and tell her to change into something more suitable, but when he didn't, she didn't quite know what to do. In the end she kept what she had, and attended the morning announcement.

    During the picking of a dorm Alice had chosen one more in the middle. Alex had thought that that would be smarter. Not everyone would pass her room then, and she wouldn't have to pass everyone's room to get to hers.
    He himself chose the one that gave him the best vantage point to her room, so he could sprint across if she ever needed anything.
    As some of the others were entering the dorm area, Alice and Alex were sitting in the common room.
  14. Stella ran towards the door third from the front. Entering the room, she flopped down on the bed. "Mine now!" she said, bouncing up and down on the mattress. Her blonde hair bobbed around on her head. She decided to climb on the dresser, like she did at home, and surveyed her dorm. She kicked of her shoes and relaxed.
  15. Wade already had a room in mind. Unfortunately, some guy was already standing in front of it, preparing to claim the room. Wade melted into smoke and popped up in front of him before he could open the door. "BOO!" The kid, a freshman, stumbled back, surprised, and ran off. "He's still got some stuff to learn." Wade didn't bother opening the door and just flew through the cracks in the frame.
  16. Jackie opened the door with her telekinesis. It was good to get some practice in with her powers. As she did so, she saw Wade transform into smoke again. "Hey, didn't anyone ever tell you smoking's bad for your health?" Even she was grimacing at the bad pun, but she couldn't resist.
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