Superpowered Military Roleplay

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Would you be interested in this ?

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  1. Okay, I have a very loose concept here.
    People are taken under the military and given tests. They end up scarred / disfigured and with abnormal powers. The goal of the roleplay is to kill anyone you see in a secret government operation of overthrowing a dictator in a third-world country.

    ( Of course,that may not be final. This and many other things could very well change when planning plot if people are interested. )

    What i'm looking for is people with unorthodox powers. We want to stay away from the glittering generalites, like you can't have a superman character with flying,and laser eyes,etc. Of course,you can still have those powers,but they have to be different in the way of ' he gets to fly ' . It doesn't have to be a super fleshed out , but its gotta have something.
    Here's an example : Someone who has the power to bend electricity to his will. That doesn't mean he shoots lightning - it means he draws electricity from power sources around him to do whatever he wants to with.

    The goal of the roleplay itself,not the plot, is to have intense fights with other bio-engineered soldiers , flesh out your character, and have a lot of fun along the way.

    Also, if you pick the last option on the poll , please tell me what you want to change , or your question !
  2. I'd be interested if I could haveee - Sound Manipulation, sorta amplify and direct sound waves, from the sound waves around so if it's really quiet I'm useless but once someone talks or screams it's hurtful? Maybe too overpowered since the only way to counter him would be someone who can make someone be quiet.​
  3. Sound Manipulation sounds awesome ! Of course, it can't be too OP since your going up against other super soldiers with equally crazy abilities.
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