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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm pretty new to the site, but I'm really having a great time here, so much so that, on top of the already pretty time consuming RP i'm doing on here, I was thinking about setting up another.

    The idea is pretty simple and action oriented, with only one setting: the arena.

    I'm thinking once we compile our list of players and their respective CSs we'll randomly pair everyone together.

    Then we'll hold all the round one fights, pair up the winners, and continue that way until we have a winner.

    The Idea, of course, isn't to simply win, but to create intriguing and exciting superpowers and use them in interesting ways, creating a unique universe with it's own unique superpower system.

    I also want you guys to try to be "realistic". By this, I mean put thought into the powers; they can even be magical or not realistic at all, but the idea is to have powers that have weight due to their being (somewhat) grounded.

    The Idea is to be creative, think of strange and awesome ways to uses strange and awesome powers that most people have never thought of before. Don't just go with fight, super speed, laser eyes, super strength or anything like those. Be creative; think like the anime One Piece (only less silly), where everyone's relatively minor yet imaginatively utilized powers vie with each other's in a giant game of rock paper scissors, instead of having everyone flying around and nigh indestructible (Like DC comics).

    Well, I can't wait to see what you guys think and what awesome powers you guys can come up with!

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  2. I'm interested xD
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  3. Sweet man.

    Wanna try and think up an interesting power for your character?

    That way we can have something to build off of for the other characters, including myself.
  4. I have two ideas: everything the character draws comes to life or when the character has sustained great damage, he/she turns into a beserker-like character. Pretty lame, but I'm still thinking of some more xD Anyway, do you have to kill your opponent to win or you can just wait for him/her to surrender?
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  5. We'll need to have criteria for victory/defeat.

    I'm thinking maybe we could do it like Dragon Ball; No killing the opponent, but when he falls out of the ring, taps out or otherwise gives up, you win.

    And those powers are exactly the kinds of things i'm looking for, maybe not those exact ones, but you're on the right track. Though actually, if you worked on either of them a little more, I bet you could make them interesting.
  6. How about telekinesis over a certain color, like green for example. People could do all kinds of stuff with that.

    We'll have to allow characters to bring things in to facilitate their abilities too, like that guy might want some knives that have been painted green, or a green sheet.
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  7. Oh, that's interesting!

    Speaking of Telekinesis, how about the ability to manipulate light? The character can bend the light beams around him, turning him invisible until he starts moving again. He can't use it for offensive attacks, but it gives tactical advantage xD

    I hope many would stumble upon this thread xD
  8. Yeah, I'm interested to see what everyone can think up :)

    And the light things cool man, everyone always uses it as lasers and whatnot.
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