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  1. This is an interest check for HiPer the superpower rp that is very popular and running strong with over 15,000 total views in OOC and IC. For all interested, I have a system to randomly assign superpowers to whoever would be interested in the rp. Each person will be generated a power and will have to learn to adapt and develop their characters as well as their powers in a setting with crime, danger, and real world events just as probable and imminent as It would be in everyday life. The initial setting of the rp will take place in the fictional city of Omni City, which is placed in the middle of the USA (on the edge of Missouri). Note that this was created to house a central setting for the rp, and all other locations on Earth are based off real locations. Of course people will have to decide if they'll do justice or chaos, and know that every action taken will have consequences.

    Overall this will be a epic and fun rp, but with undertones of a more grounded universe. Won't be any aliens or magical overlord wanting to control the realms so to speak. Only you would help shape the world to what it'd become.

    This is a call for anyone wanting to play a character already established, as the owner had to drop due to schedule. This is a male character with some pretty cool abilities, and this is first come first serve, but also will be considered how much time you can put into the rp, because this IS a long term rp and we're looking for rp warriors who will ride it out. Char info is below:

    Day (open)

    Damien Samuel 'Day' Jackson
    177 Pounds
    Cook at Jackson Diner; Sophomore at UMet College
    Damien has a great and kind heart, he is very nice and peaceful, he is one of the small percentage of kind hearten people. He is also really unfunny, all of his jokes have been really, really bad. He is also very responsible but gets unfocused when their is a lot happening. Even though Damien doesn't have any friends his age, he is very loyal to close family, and if he gets any, loyal to friends. Damoie is an A+ Student, even when he was in high school and elementary school, he was picked on a lot. Damien will sacrifice himself for the greater good and so that shows he has a lot of bravery inside him. Damien is very quiet amongst people he doesn't know, so when he works he likes to be in the back where he doesn't talk to anyone and no talks to him.

    Cooking, Listening to music, reading, watching videos online, walking along the town and writing his novel.

    Cooking, math, science, psychology, knows how to shoot a gun, great at reading and writing his novel.
    Criminals, sports, abusive men/women, fighting, squirrels and Mushrooms.

    Even though he doesn't like sports, he goes to the gym a lot and so he is quite built, he is tall and a good weight for his age.
    He mostly wears a regular T shirt, plaid shirt over it, jeans or cargo pants and Nike pair of shoes.

    Will be told to whoever accepts and commits to this character.

    Damien was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada for his child years, he lived with his mother Stephanie Donovan and Gerald Donovan his father, with also his brother Jamie Jackson who was six years older then him. Damien was bullied a lot in his elementary years, the boy was picked everyday he went to school, the boy never told his parents or his brother because he didn't think he had too. As time progressed the boy had a tormented life, but always kept a smile on his face because he didn't care for himself, he cared for other people, putting almost one hundred percent of his life to help others.

    His father, Gerald, was a co owner at their Diner, called Jackson Diner with his father, Lawrence, which they spent most of the day at working. His son at age 16 was a server at the restaurant, while his mother was a waitress. Unfortunately his father passed away a year later, from generally old age, so Gerald ended up working as the only owner of Jackson Diner. when Damien got in grade seven (Canadian years) his brother got in a fight with his parents and ended up leaving the house, the boy had a connection with his brother and was hard to be the only son in the house. Later in his life he had discovered that he had loved books, so he now knew what he wanted to be older, a novel artist.

    His father had gotten a job offer in Omni City to open their Diner there, when he was in high school, even though he was devastated that he would have to say goodbye to his brother. For that time he went to a new high school, still constantly getting picked on, but met a group of friends, one primarily being his friends Diane (De-anna), Connor, Scott and Katrina(Harmony). He also liking cooking, so he ended up going for writing and Cooking. The boy became a cook at the Diner and is his current occupation.

    A couple of notes:
    +He's a peter parker type, VERY smart, but a bit anti-social except for his circle.
    +He's best friends with two characters in the rp: Harmony & Erza.
    +He has had a crush on Harmony since high school.
    +He hasn't discovered his powers yet, so that adaptation is completely at your disposal.
    +College Student at United Metro University; Literature major.

    Anyone interested PM me!
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  5. The character's been filled, sorry but you could make a CS for the wait list if you'd like.
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  7. This character is now open! Reply if interested!
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