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  1. Which power will you get?

    The rules are simple:

    1: Generate a random power by clicking this link: Superpower Wiki

    2: Do this twice, and choose from your favorite.

    3: If you get either two ridiculously powerful ones, two silly and weak ones, or a combination of the two (these things happen), then just go until you get one that isn't stupid.

    Have Fun!
  2. Temporal Cognition vs Hydra Physiology.
    Hydra Physiology. That's awesome :D
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  3. Ice Manipulation or Particle Construction?

    Like this is even a choice, I can literally make Gundam Build Fighters happen now. Boy I just realized how when given the ability to potentially make an unlimited source of energy and things like that, the first thing that comes to mind is making something from my Chinese cartoons real.
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  4. Light manipulation or Slenderman physiology...

    You know, light manipulation is probably the better 'superhero power', but I'm gonna go with the Slenderman physiology 'cause daaaaamn I'd scare the shit out of some people!
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  5. I can:

    1. Suffocate people.
    2. Explode stuff.
    3. Implode stuff.
    4. Create vacuums.
    5. Create blades from vacuums and air pressure.

    Arcadia can:

    Be a hydra

    Disgruntled Goat can:

    Turn the tide of battle by fucking with the enemies senses.

    Crab Claws:

    Is a petite god.

    Lady Berncastel can:

    Be our mascot!

    Quite the superhero team we got going there :)
  6. Hydra physiology and a slenderman mascot? We sound more like a super villain team than anything. Maybe a group of anti heroes at best.

    Also I'm curious, is Arcadia a literal hydra now, or is he just a human with a bunch of heads, because the latter would actually be more terrifying I feel.
  7. I can become an actual hydra :D
  8. Ha! Yeah, you're right.

    Anti heroes at best :)
  9. Yeah, I don't see how my "disgusting aura" can really be a good-guy ability...
  10. And I'd be the best goddamn mascot ever!

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  11. A go home you're drunk...

    My first bad rating... :(

    My record is forever blemished.
  12. Oh, they're neutral, nice.
  13. I wouldn't give you a bad rating for something so minor! That's the beauty of the daft ratings here... although you did compare me to Pigpen...
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  14. Wish Granting vs Life Force Generation...




    welp.. I feel like wish granting would be a lot more fun as far as screwing with people ;P
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