Superpower plots, basically.

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[warning=red]I am only interested in doing the following ideas. All plots are MxF or FxF pairings.[/warning]

[fieldbox="Moment of Change, grey"]
In the early winter of 2016, a massive meteor became visible to the naked eye. It shone bright in the sky for a week, but a portion of the human population suffered nightmares and feelings of existential anxiety. Many religious figures considered it an omen, but scientists insisted that everything was normal. However, on the last night of the meteor’s visibility, the people who had suffered changed. They awoke the next day only to find that otherworldly powers had possessed them. Chaos and turmoil ensued. Martial law was declared by most countries around the world, riots and panic plagued the streets, religious fanatics considered the changed as spawns of Satan, powerful rogues began to pursue their personal agendas, and worldwide control and registration of the changed became mandatory. It is these and other societal developments that we will explore in this realistic interpretation of superpowers.[/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Escaping Fate, grey"]
The presence of mutants has turned a near future United States into a brutal police state. Armored police patrol the streets, mass surveillance is ubiquitous, and the people live in constant fear and paranoia. Mutants are hunted based on their threat assessment. Some of them are higher priority targets than others, especially when they group together. One night, a train suffers a horrible accident when breached by security forces. They are searching for two mutants in particular. The government has issued a warning that if these two mutants find each other, they will form the highest threat yet witnessed in the country. However, the two mutants are intent on escaping that cruel fate, but later discover that they have the power to bring the oppressive state crumbling to the ground. The two mutants possess time and gravity manipulation respectively.[/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Afterlife, grey"]
The destructive civil war between mutants and humans laid waste to the world. Twenty years later, what remains is a hostile nature and scarce population. Mutants are an extreme minority and widely frowned upon by survivors, but they do exist. However, as a brutal warlord sets out to enforce his vision of the future, the leaders of yet to be destroyed societies call upon mutants for aid. Only two mutants respond. They agree to help the humans defend their camps, and then go after the warlord. In this quest, however, they begin to suspect that the warlord is receiving help from a mutant or that he is one himself.[/fieldbox]

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