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  1. This is a basic Supernatural role play in script form. I usually play as Cas or Gabriel if anyone wants to join just go ahead! The plot is improv and we'll make things up as we go along :D
  2. DEAN: Cas! Cas, this is urgent!
  3. (Hi, is it still open? Can I be Sam?)
  4. (I think so, sure :D)
  5. (Yaaaay)
    Sam: Dean, what's wrong?
  6. Dean: Isn't obvious! (Dean points out the window to their car) some moron painted it pink!
  7. Sam: (He rolls his eyes) I thought it was something else... something really urgent. Forget it and let's find a case to work on. (He starts reading the newspaper)
  8. Dean: (narrows his eyes with an irritated sigh) That is urgent, you don't EVER mess with my baby! (Walks behind Sam) wha'cha lookin' at?
  9. Sam: Nothing, really... oh wait, look at this (he gives him the paper) An "animal attack" that drained all the blood out of three people. It seems that you'll be hunting some kids with pink painting while I go after a vampire nest.
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  10. Dean: Very funny Sammy, (folds paper) we should go to latest crime scene. (Reaches for keys but is hesitant) Do you know if Bobby still has that old truck?
  11. Sam: Yeah, I think he does, why? (sighs) Please, tell me it has nothing to do with the pink door.
  12. Dean: (smirks) Then I won't tell you (grinning and head towards the door)
  13. Sam: Good boy (He enters into the passenger seat) Let's go, then. I'm looking forward to cut off some heads. I'm sure you'll be able to wash the painting out of your "baby" after it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.