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  1. ive just gotten into this show! I'm only halfway through season 2 so please put any spoilers info in spoilers :3

    I'm just wondering how many fans of this show there are here; come and fandom-squee with me!

  2. I'm quite the fan of this show. Me and my mom started a long time ago though forgot how far we got. A few seasons I got back into it (middle of season 9 I believe) and it's just as good, if not better than from when it started :D

    Once I get enough money I'm gonna get the box set (hopefully a season 1-10) and watch through the whole series with my friend as I'm missing what I think to be called the Crowley arc (right after I stopped watching, and right before I started again if I understand correctly.
  3. I just got into this show too, although I'm a lot farther in than you are. I'm already up to Season 10.
    ...what? When I get I really into a show I watch it nonstop, don't judge!

    In all seriousness, I really enjoy this show. The sense of humor that the writers have is great, especially in some of the later episodes when they start to get really meta (you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you get there). Some of the later story arcs I'm not too fond of; they really like to hang on to this single, underlining conflict between the two brothers and tends to get old real fast, but the overall quality of the show makes up for it in my opinion.

    My favorite character is one that shows up in the beginning of season 4. I don't want to spoil anything, but I just really like the development of his character over the next couple seasons. Season 4 is where the show really starts to just pick up, honestly, the first three seasons are more of a prologue when compared to the rest of the show if you ask me.
  4. *Brutally kicks down the door and barges in* DID SOMEONE SAY SUPERNATURAL!?

    I'm hopelessly addicted to the show to be honest. Even though the quality has dropped since it has kind of went on for too long at this point. They'll never be able to end the series as perfectly as season 5 when the series was supposed to end in the first place. I love the show so I'm happy we got lots more of Supernatural than we were supposed to but at this point, I'm just hoping the show will end soon before it turns to shit. I mean, after the latest 'villain', what more could they possibly come up with for the bros to fight?

    Still, love the show to death (and especially precious Sammy) and fanboyed over the fall finale last week like a total dork. Can't wait for more episodes. :,P
  5. Castley for the win!!!

    I love Supernatural with a passion! I'm behind by the newest season but that's because I watch it on Netflix. I don't remember which season my favorite character came in but she's a bona fide badass! I love my adorable little lesbian!
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  6. I watch it, but "fan" might be too strong a word for me. I view Supernatural as one of those series that are to shows in general what fast food is to food in general. It's not all that great if you're after high quality, but it's simple and does its job and the grease is usually tolerable. It doesn't go in for the complex plots/characters I usually prefer, but the heavy melodrama and the plot that desperately tries (and usually fails) to be surprising in its frequent twists is fun enough to watch an episode each week.
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  7. Charlie <33333

    I'm a few episodes behind in the current season due to exams, but I think this will be the final season unless they decide to take god on in the next which I don't think would suit well for the general publics.
  8. I started watching it with my mom a few weeks ago, and we're also about midway through Season 2.

    We may ramp speed up soon since most of our shows currently aren't on, so we have nothing to watch except the X-Files. Not that that's a bad thing.
  9. I had a lot of fun with it back when I used to watch it, however I ended up giving it up at the end of Season 7. Echoing what Finhawk said, the first five seasons were just fantastic and Season 5's ending was the perfect conclusion, but they just kept it going and going. Great for the fans who enjoy it, but for me it's just a bit too much.

    The series has gone on for too long, BUT it's avoided that "ugh, I dun even want to watch this any ore" thing I get when a show lasts too long and starts getting cruddy. It's still hilarious and a lot of fun. O_O
  11. I loved this show to pieces, but I feel like it's been years since I've actually watched it. They lost me as a fan around season five. I keep meaning to go back and rewatch it, and pray I can get through season five to watch the rest of it.
  12. The fangirls turned it off for me. I really, really want to watch it, because I absolutely adore the setting of modern fantasy/supernatural horror. But, uh...


    The Fangirls.
  13. I have a few things I like that I'm guarded about admitting because of the fanbase.

    It kinda sucks to party alone but if you can nail down one or two other people who enjoy it with you in a chill way it's the best
  14. I like it. I'd agree with Jorick's comparison of it to fast food -- it's enjoyable, but it's not anything fantastic that I'd rave about. I'm among the few who feel like maybe it's gone on for a few seasons too long, but I still watch it as a filler show between other series that I stay current on.

    All I really want to know is where the hell God has been during the series. He's around up to the point where he orders Castiel to save Dean from Perdition, then he just sort of... disappears. Everything runs amok and God is completely missing in action from thereon out. I mostly keep watching just to see if they ever explain his absence during all the shenanigans.
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