Supernatural Whaa? Harrowing Encounters

Have you seen something odd? And do you accept it?

  • Never seen anything and believe that everything has a rational explanation

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  • Haven't seen anything, but I believe in the supernatural/paranormal

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  • I've seen some things...but I don't believe they were the beasties and creepy crawlies people make t

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  • I have seen...and I believe!

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Jack Shade

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So...another topic that came up during my midnight rendezvous with the night life of my college campus, What have you experienced...if anything...and do you refute the validity of others who claim similar experiences? See...the mind is powerful, powerful enough to fool someone into thinking they have seen something that isn't there...or experienced something that may have never happened. On the other hand, some odd things have occurred in the world that logic is hard pressed to counter.

So...I submit...what do you think?

Tell us your oddest encounter here. Be it supernatural haunting, aliens hanging suspended over cows, odd brushes with the unknown...what have you...and if you believe you saw something...different then normal...or if you honestly believe there is a rational (Somewhat disappointing) explanation for it all

I may have seen this topic posted before...but I'm curious.

The only thing I've ever seen are vague shadow people.

During the day time.

It's like my vision shifts and I see a peripheral world; the shadow people are moving about like we would, just doing our everyday thing. They never notice me, and I never interact with them.


I have an over-active sixth-sense. I always get random goose bumps, hair standing on end, etc.. And I know it's not me being paranoid, or getting to close to a high/dense EM-field. I feel something there. I've never felt anything menacing, just... a presence that I can't see.

Also, psychic vampires. They've been picking on me for YEARS. Maybe not psychic vampires, per se, but some energy-stealing entity has been gnawing at me for god-knows how long.
My problem is that I am a Skeptic AND a Believer and a Deny-er. >>; I am not going to believe most things easily, because almost everything can be explained. And I tend to roll my eyes at most people's "spooky stories" cause they can get silly.

BUT there have been a lot things that've happened and I've done that just don't have those explanations. Now, I don't go thinking they're always supernatural, probably just science that's not been discovered yet. Seen the Shadow People before, lived with a Psychic Vampire, have had premonition style dreams, weird ghosty-like encounters, etc.

And then there's denial. .___.; You see... once you start believing that people can do things with their brains, or that ghosties or real... you have to acknowledge that OTHER things can be real too. Like all of the scary things that can hurt. And you damned well anyone that acknowledge and see those things are the ones that are most likely going to be the ones that get it. x____x
I wanna believe.

I just haven't seen/experienced paranormal activity.
i haven't seen any seen/experienced paranormal activity. but there is so many storys in my family of the stuff that i want to belive. like when i was 2 my grandma called our house and told us she had seen me and my cosins as indian. well we where to far to be seenby grandma so that is only one story.

I know they're watching me, waiting for the right moment to strike.

I've been preparing for years...

Do not believe what you've seen in Happy Feet. They are MURDERERS!!!


Only I know the truth, which is why they are after me...

Oh, paranormal. I thought you said paranoid.

I think there's something up with a buddies trailer. I can't quite figure it out but it has to be something involving death.

And I don't think it was his time in Iraqhistan.
I've had a load of weird 'encounters', yet there has always been an explanation for them. It's not that I don't believe in the possibility of the supernatural (in fact, I'd love it if it does exist) but I've just never found something inexplicable.

The best encounter was this:
I was very young, about 5 or 6 and my sister and I shared a room then. My sister had gone to get a drink or something, as, when I awoke she wasn't there.
Instead, I saw a huge shadow on my wall, looking exactly like my mum's outline with her hair tied up.
Needless to say, I screamed and started crying 'cause I was so scared. My mum ran in to see what was wrong and the shadow was gone.

Pretty weird. My dad said it was probably my mum's 'astral body' or something, while my mum said it was probably just that I was half asleep still, you know when you get hallucinations from the dream you were having just before you woke up.

So, I'm not sure if I believe or not ^^"