Supernatural transformation / hotel roleplay? [LGBTQIA+]

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  1. To loosely specify some guidelines/rules:
    - All genders & sexual/romantic orientations would be allowed, so long as they're LGBTQIA+ in some way. ((Speaking as a trans boy, please don't feel the least bit uncomfortable with making non-cis characters.))

    - Any type of supernatural creature is going to be permitted, so long as they retain one humanoid form. Shapeshifters, for example, would be acceptable, but not anthros or mythical animals that have not been adapted into a humanoid form.

    - A large part of the fun is drama. With new forms come instinctual aversions to people on the opposite side of the spectrum, even though the logical side of one's brain will probably recognize that they're people going through the same problems. Angels and demons will not get along, at least not initially, and neither will vampires and werecreatures. I'm giving you liberty to build up interspecies relations and flesh out the exact reasons your character might feel uneasy around another as they fall into the depths of darkness or rise into light without their consent.

    - I won't impose a rigid minimum on words or paragraphs, but I do advise that you post enough for the person you're currently interacting with to use in a reply. Basically, if they're posting a paragraph or so, please don't post a one-liner. That's not cool.

    - Won't be Liberteen unless popular opinion leans towards that, ayy.



    For one reason or another, a bunch of teenagers [17-18] receive an invite to a hotel - one that clearly states their rooms will be paid for during the visit. Everything seems fine during the day, but as the evening comes something begins to go horribly and perceptibly wrong. Not only can they no longer leave the hotel, but certain changes are beginning to occur; they are visible in their surroundings, in subtle but eerie changes to the atmosphere, and, finally, in the teenagers themselves. The longer they are forced to spend in this place, the more changes take place, and it soon becomes evident that they are turning into something supernatural, into denizens of the very place they are trying so hard to escape. They are free to change what they can in the confines of this contained hell, but what choice remains when you have lost control of your own self?


    There are a number of spirits and malicious creatures running amok in the hotel also.


    Spirits and supernatural creatures that become evident only to people meant to stay permanently in the hotel, including:

    The Fireplace Hound - nameless, pitch black and blue-eyed hellhound built like a wolfhound that lingers around the fireplace in the lobby. Possesses fire breathing abilities, but is generally benign if one does not exhibit provocative behavior around it. Will occasionally follow those it likes around, given that they aren't going to the pool. Has an infuriating affinity for cat people.

    Matagot - resident black cat that supplies the hotel with the money it needs to support itself, so long as the spirit is well fed.

    Leviathan - only seems to be present in the day, but lurks in a vastly deep end of the pool and monitors those in danger of drowning. It's benevolent. ...What are you doing no don't stick your hand in its mouth. Teenagers, I swear to no particular deity.

    The Crow - horrific ghostlike bird creature that never seems to leave the perch in the hallway. If persuaded using chunks of recent bloody dinners, will tell stories of those killed in the hotel - he is rumored to be the starved pet of one of those who went missing and never came back. He can't be trained to speak otherwise, but does apparently have the most beautiful singing voice that can dispel nightmares; one has to prepare a rather mundane concoction and give it to him in order to hear it.


    Though for overcrowding evasion I am planning on keeping the number of players at any given time to 4-5, each player may have as many characters as they would like. ;w;

    There is also a nice system for player intake; should someone arbitrarily leave, things are set up so that someone can arrive again without much of a problem. Though perhaps the teens have become immortal, when one of them is taken away to a place beyond the hotel by the force that lured them here, another inevitably arrives.

    The hotel aspect may not be permanent or set in stone - I have, however, found that it's important to keep characters within walking distance of one another to establish an atmosphere that doesn't feel isolated or require copious amounts of timeskips. Corralling characters into a certain, defined space and watching them slowly "adjust" or succumb to new and dark urges while trying to keep a sense of identity would be a great way to make them, uh, amicable or kind of a bit murdery, what's the difference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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