Supernatural Slave Trade (Kalona's Angel & Jessika Claire)

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  1. Inside the bustling city of Chicago, the Supernatural are not at rest. They are just as active as the humans they enslave. No one is safe.
  2. Gabranth Zulu was bored. Bored, bored, bored. All his toys were old and broken, or dull and ugly. There was nothing to amuse him. Gabranth began to look through some paperwork, just for the sake of something to do. A few minutes later, a man came into Gabranth's office. The man was tall and his skin was a pale blue. "Mr. Zulu, sir. We've just caught wind of an illegal slave trade." The strage man said in a gravelly voice. Gabranth piqued an eyebrow. That sounded interesting. The warlock grabbed his hat and stood.
    "Well then. Lets go see what lowlife is trying to get past me." Gabranth said, placing his hat atop his head gently. Gabranth walked out of his office and grabbed his coat, the blue man following close behind. Once they reached the spot of the illegal deal, the first thing Gabranth noticed was a pretty young woman tied to a dumpster. Secondly, he noticed that two kitsune men were speaking not too far from the girl. "Gentleman," Gabranth said, causing the two to look at him. "Did you honestly think that an illegal deal would get past me? You both know the consequences now. I get the merchandise, and you two lose your lives." Gabranth uttered a spell that killed both men cleanly. "Terro, dispose of the bodies. I'll see to the human." The blue man ran off towards the bodies as Gabranth sauntered over to the girl. "Hello there." Gabranth purred, unbinding her feet. His black manicured nails glinted in the street light. "You look healthy, and relatively undamaged... Hmm, well, looks like you're mine now." Gabranth unbound her hands from the dumpster, but left on the gag. He didn't want her screaming after all.
  3. Lilith could barely see straight. The drugs that they'd given her were really screwing with her head. She tried to focus, but it was hard to do when the world was spinning. Her mouth was open, a gag forced into her mouth, so she couldn't scream for help. She was tied to something...How did it come to this? She had just been working at the bar. She had taken a sip of water and everything had gone dark. Odd...she hadn't noticed anyone touch her water, but she supposed it could have happened. She laughed despite the situation she was in. She had asked for excitement, and that's what she got. She looked up, green eyes glazed over and somewhat unfocused. She was being untied and there was someone in front of her. He was saying something, but she couldn't understand what he was saying. His? Is he...Is he kidnapping me? No...I was already kidnapped. Is he saving me? Her mind was a jumble of thoughts.

    Her head fell and her eyes fixed onto the ground, brown hair falling and shielding her eyes from him. Her mind was slowly beginning to clear and she now understood what was going on. He killed the...things that had kidnapped her, but he was now kidnapping her from them. Who was he? She looked up at him. She had so many questions she wanted to ask, but with the gag in her mouth, she couldn't say a word. She slowly raised her hands to the gag, not making any sudden movements. She kept her eyes locked on his, so he knew she wasn't trying anything sneaky. Lilith took the gag out with a sigh of relief. "Wh-What do you want with me...?"
  4. Gabranth thought it was funny to watch her squirm. She really was a pretty little human, much prettier than any of his servants at home. Gabranth just smiled. "What do I want with you? Such an odd question. Well, as long as you're not screaming, I suppose I'll answer." Gabranth bent his knees to crouch at the female human's level. "I am Gabranth Zulu, high Warlock of Chicago. Well, the US really, but I'm based in Chicago. Anyways, you are now my slave/servant." Gabranth said. He looked the female human over once more. "Those nasty kitsune were trying to sell you under my nose, but I swooped in and stopped them. Now, as are the rules, you will be working for me. And trust me, it is such a better deal. At least I'll be nice. Mostly." Gabranth stood once more, his bluish companion coming over to his side. Gabranth adjusted his hat and pulled his jacket tighter around his shoulders. "Who, pray tell, are you?" Gabranth asked the human, smiling at his own reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  5. Warlock? Kitsune? Lilith couldn't believe that those things actually existed. She found herself staring at him for a while, trying to process all of this new information in her head. Slave? Did he say slave? Was that even legal anymore? She nearly laughed at herself for thinking that. This man was claiming to be a warlock. If that was true, then the law didn't really apply to him. But he couldn't just take her away from home. What about her job? What about her life? Although she supposed if he hadn't saved her, she wouldn't have had a life to go back to. It wasn't until a few moments later that she realized he'd asked her a question. "I-I'm-er, my name is Lilith. What do you mean I'm going to be your..." she couldn't bring herself to say the word. When it finally left her lips, it sounded choked. "S-Slave?"
  6. Gabranth chuckled. "Lilith huh? Sounds like the name of a demon. Anyways, exactly that. My slave. You're going to come home with me and do what I tell you to do." Gabranth extended a hand to help her up. "And don't worry, you aren't the only one. You'll find friends in my house. And I'm no creepy pervert either. I wont have you do anything nasty. I'm a good guy, typically nice." Gabranth said. Well, he was mostly nice. Of course, he had his bad days, and he may have horribly scarred a few slaves once or twice, but he wasn't always that bad. Plus, Lilith was the prettiest slave he had. It was going to be hard to be in a bad mood with such a lovely human around. Gabranth smiled, looking at the girl with the demon name. Gabranth pondered that. Lilith. Lilith, in the mythologies, was the first wife of Adam, and she was thrown out for the want of a little dominance. Now, unlike Adam, Gabranth didn't mind when a girl was a little dominant. But, of course, he was always in control.
  7. Typically a nice guy? What did that even mean? Lilith stared at him in shock for a few seconds before the full impact of what he was saying hit her. "A demon? I'm not a-" Lilith stopped herself. That wasn't the issue at hand. She could care less if they had turned her into a demon, if such a thing was possible. But a slave, she was not. The effect the drugs had seemed to have lessened, because she was feeling plenty angry right now. "Who said I even want to be your slave? You can't just kidnap me and take me home!" she said, moving away from him. "I'm not some pet you can just keep, you know!"
  8. Gabranth chuckled. "Oh, you are such a human." He said, rolling his eyes. "Honestly Lilith, you don't have a choice. And according to the rules, you are my pet. I'll explain the rules to you another time. You're not being kidnapped. You're being 'hired', per se." Gabranth sighed. He snapped his fingers, and a small green flame flickered over his fingertips. The little blue man looked uncomfortable. "S-sir, shall I bind her?" He asked. Gabranth shrugged. "If she'll sit still long enough. I may just have to cast a silencing spell and carry her."
  9. Lilith wanted to lash out at him, but something in her head told her not to. The green flame that was hovering over his fingers looked dangerous. No human could do that, but he'd proved to her already that he wasn't human. And the last thing she wanted him to do was cast a spell over her. She waved her hands in front of her. "N-No. You don't need to do that. I can walk." she said quietly. It was admitting defeat. Just a second ago, she refused to be a slave. And now she was going with them without trying to beat them to a bloody pulp. But it wasn't as if she actually wanted to go. She didn't have a choice. If he was anything like the stories she'd heard, he was too impatient to wait for her answer, too powerful for her to refuse, and too cute for her to want to. She paused. That didn't sound right... "I'll walk." she repeated, eyeing the two of them.
  10. Gabranth smiled. "Good, you've chosen correctly." He said. "Follow me lovely pet, we're going to your new home. We'll be taking a car." Gabranth looked at the little blue man, who skittered away to get the car. Gabranth looked over Lilith again. "It's hard to believe you're a human." Gabranth said, extinguishing the green flame. "At least you'll be of good use to me. That blue one is getting annoying." The car pulled up to the alley and Gabranth began to walk over to it. "Come on, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner I get to eat dinner."
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