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  1. You can save people, hunt things.. and maybe even find love within a world of darkness? What are you waiting for? Let's find out!

    You can be canon characters if you want to be. (Sam, Dean, Cas, Bobby ect..) just let me know who and wait to be accepted.

    Or you can create your own character! Just fill out the form below:

    How long have you been hunting?:
    Any siblings?:
    Back story:
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  2. (hello~! is this still open to roleplay?)

    Name: Quincy Davis


    How long have you been hunting?: She's been hunting since her late-teens, somewhere around the age of 19. So, approximately 11 years of experience.

    Age: 30 years old (recently)

    Any siblings?: A younger brother who she barely talks to and an older sister who is no longer alive. (Details in her backstory)

    Back story: Quincy always believed that paranormal and supernatural creatures existed, whether she saw them or not. Growing up in New Orleans was already a little scary to her. But that didn't stop her from being curious all the time and it almost always got the best of her.
    Sometimes she believed if she hadn't had dragged her sister that day to follow her dad, if they hadn't had found out what his real job was, if her sister hadn't jumped in front of her dad to protect him from the blade that threatened to pierce through his heart, then things would have been different.
    She remembered being frozen in place as she watched the scene unfold; her father clutching her sister's limp body covered in blood as he burst into sobs. He wrapped her up in his jacket and picked her up, gesturing Quincy to follow him as they drove back home. When they arrived to the house, her mother was hysterical and kept asking "What happened?!" but her father just kept mumbling that he was "Sorry." This brought about the misinterpretation that he had done something to her and her mother quickly called the police. Instead of telling them what really happened, Quincy's father admitted to killing her and was sentenced to life in prison.
    Her brother and herself were originally supposed to be in the custody of her mother but after her sister's death, her mother went into a deep depression and was admitted to a mental institution for several suicide attempts. The two were then put into an orphanage at the ages of 16 and 7, where her brother soon got adopted before her and they were separated. She spent two more years at the orphanage before taking it upon herself to leave.
    Quincy could never get the event of her sister's death out of her head, or the thing that killed her. The memory haunted her and she needed to know more, how it happened and why. So, she made frequent visits to the prison her father was in and they talked all about it. He revealed to her his true job; a hunter. And what his duty as a hunter was; to track down supernatural beings that posed a threat to the human race. She believed ever word his said and, ever since, she's been doing research and took it upon herself to take her father's place of being a hunter.
  3. Yeah. Its still open. (: I'm new to this website so I'm figuring out howto start this . Do you know how? (:
  4. i'm also new!! and by 'start this' you mean beginning the roleplay then yeah, kinda! but if you mean something entirely different then please let me know. (:
  5. No no. That's what I meant. (: Can you help me please?
  6. (of course! i'll gladly start. ^-^)

    Quincy shifted in her seat near the window in the café, skimming over the text written in the local newspaper. The title of the article boldly stated 'Man found dead in bed of hotel, naked" and it immediately caught her attention. She read further and it stated that investigators found evidence of lipstick and claw marks covering his body. Quincy would have bypassed this story, thinking it was just some crazy woman who decided to kill a man for fun, but the mention of claw marks seemed particularly odd to her.

    She was actually glad that this murder case came up out of the blue for her. Business for her was getting kinda slow lately, and god only knew how bored she could get. Yes, it was unfortunate for people to lose their lives over the very exact things that they didn't believe existed but her whole job as a hunter revolved around the fact that she had to find these things and find out a way to deal with them.

    As for her location right now, she had been planning on meeting up with someone to work on the case with. She almost didn't get a call back but, at the last minute, she found someone who accepted the job. So, now, she waited patiently for that someone to come as she continued reading the article.

    (alright, so, what i'm trying to go with this plot is that you could possibly be that someone who partners up with my character, if that is ok with you! and then we can go from there on where we want the story line to go. c:)
  7. Sierrah rubbed at her eyes tiredly as she walked into the café. She just knew she shouldn't have stayed up last night researching for the good for nothing uncle of hers. She scanned the area quickly and spotted the fair skinned brunette in by the window.

    The young hunter walked slowly over to her cautiously, here hands stuffed into her pockets.

    "Quincy?" Sierrah questioned in a low voice, noting how quiet the café was and not waiting to disturb anyone.

    (Did you just want this to be completely off the show or add in canon characters later? (: )
  8. Quincy looked up from the newspaper, her attention turning to the woman who now stood before her. "Yeah...?" She questioned, eyeing the lady up and down suspiciously. It then clicked in her head. She had to be her new partner. "You must be Sierrah." She stated, her whole demeanor changing as she smiled up at her. "It's nice to meet you. Take a seat. We have a few things to discuss." She added, her elbows resting on the table as she folded her arms.

    Just as she was about to start explaining the case, a waitress quietly interrupted and asked if the two wanted something to drink. Quincy waved her hand dismissively before looking over at Sierrah in acknowlegment. "Did you want anything?" She asked, "I'll pay."

    (yes!!! we'll add the canon characters later. but if you want it to be sooner, let me know and i'll arrange something!)
  9. Sierrah quickly shook her head, "No. But thank you." She grinned slightly as the waitress walked off. She leaned back in her chair and grabbed the utensils off the table in front of her to fiddle with. Since she was little, she always had to have something in her hands.

    "So the case. You said there were claw marks on the victim? Are you thinking warewolf?" The 25 year old asked.

    (Awesome! Okay. (: )
  10. Quincy shook her head, pushing the newspaper over to her. "That's what I thought, at first." She started, "But then I had to think about it. If it were a werewolf, then who ever it was had to still be in the form of a wolf. And, I don't know about you, but not that many guys are into doing it with a lipstick-wearing wolf." She explained, humorously. "I was thinking more of a Succubus. Have you ever heard of them?" She asked.

    (btw, if you preferred anyone specifically as your character's 'love interest', let me know in advance because I'd be happy to roleplay them as well. (: )
  11. Sierrah frowned, leaning forward to get a closer look at the newspaper. She sat the utensils down and grabbed the paper, humming as she skimmed through the article, "No. What are they?" She asked looking up at her new partner.
  12. "Female demons. Know for their beauty and seductive nature." Quincy said, tapping her fingers on the table. "They can easily be mistaken for humans but you can tell by their demon like features; visible horns, bat wings, deformed skin—" She tapped on the newspaper, "But in this case, she has claws." A couple sitting in a booth in front of them got up and she stopped talking, not wanting them to eavesdrop on their conversation.

    "Succubuses main targets are men." Quincy continued, lowering her voice a little, "They come while men are asleep and wake them up to..." She trailed off, clearing her throat. "Y'know...have sex and stuff. And then after they get done, they either suck the soul out of them or simply kill them off." She ended. "They basically feed off of sex."
  13. Sierrah made a face at that statement, "Great. Sounds like all perverts in the world but with claws." She pulled out her laptop and logged on quickly.

    "Okay, how do you kill these whores?" She asked as she was typing rapidly on her laptop. She was hacking into the police database.
  14. Quincy chuckled at her statement. "Two words: Demon. Trap." She stated simply. "But it ain't gonna be easy. It's said that if a Succubus has a mass number of souls, the more powerful she is." Quincy warned, biting her lip in contemplation. "As soon as we summon her, we have to pounce. Any blessed weapon will do, such as a demon blade or a 'special bullet'." She explained. "I stay in a Inn near the murder scene, so that helps, too." She added. "We'll take action tonight."
  15. Sierrah nodded, "I'll check in to that motel." She rubbed her face and took a deep breath. After a moment she looked up, "It looks like our little friend has gathered a total of 6 souls of men in this town the last two weeks." She informed Quincy.

    She shut her laptop and slipped back in the case, "Do you know where we can get this blade or bullet?" She asked curiously, "Cause if you don't, we're completely screwed." She chuckled quietly to herself without humor.
  16. "Did all of those events occur at the same hotel? Because that would make our job just a little easier on the both of us." Quincy said. Then she let out an exasperated sigh. "And that's where we hit a brick wall." She muttered. "The blade that I brought with me seems to be acting up lately. Almost had my head chopped off by a vamp a month ago, if it weren't for the axe I had." She explained. Quincy gave Sierrah a reassuring look."But, luckily for us, we have resources. Also know as other hunters dwelling around this area. We just have to get in touch with whoever it is and get what we need to take this bitch down."
  17. Sierrah nodded, "They were all men here on either vacation or just had a fight with the wife and was kicked out for tonight." She smirked, feeling bitter, "Guess our little friend knew just who to target."

    She tapped her fingers against the table in a steady rhythm, "Okay so who are these hunters who have what we need to rid the world of this skank?"
  18. (Oh and I just noticed you asked about my 'love interest' I was thinking Sam. (: who would you like? I'll roleplay them for you.)
  19. Quincy nodded her head, acknowledging Sierrah's information she was telling her. She then pulled out her cellphone, unlocking it, scrolling through a few things before showing Sierrah the screen. "Well-known hunters know as the 'Winchesters'." She said as her screen glowed a picture of both brothers. "To be completely honest, I've never heard of 'em. But it's said that their the best around. And also in this area." She told her. "We get in contact with them, let them know our little 'dilemma', and borrow a blade or two." She explained, leaning back and putting away her phone.

    (that's great because my usual love interest is Dean! (: i can play Sam fairly well, so that's no problem.)
  20. Sierrah rose an eyebrow at her partner, "And you think they are going to us with a blade that kills demons? Right, and i'm actually Miley Cyrus." The younger girl snorted before humming thoughtfully, "But its the best we got. How do we contact them?"

    (That's awesome. (: I'm a pretty good Dean I think so it works out. Yay! :D)