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  1. The angels that will be used for the most part.

    I am currently playing with an idea involving (Heaven?) as the starting (main?) setting. All I have so far is that this will involve the capturing of criminal supernatural creatures who participants will be playing. Participants will also have a choice of doubling as the guards (most likely angels) and whatever else they could think of to contribute to the plot! So far, the main idea of this is that something isn't right about how the Afterlife is being ran and there are those who are growing suspicious of the suspicious activity (mainly prisoners and maybe civilians if there are any) but there are those who remain loyal to the system (mainly angels and other people who are in high positions). Though this is the main plot, there is always room for twists and drama.

    If this idea is ever brought to these forums I might very well make it a jump in (mostly because I want to expand the cast of characters all through out the role-play and it'd be much easier to that without the character sheet hassle). It will also start off in jail.

    Interested? Thoughts? Ideas?
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  2. Interesting! But how involved do you want the story to be? Jump-Ins tend to be a little more... lax, if you've ever noticed. If you get a banner and drum up a lot of interest, you can get a cast of ten or twenty or more willing to go through 'character sheet hassle' ;)

    At first I found it odd that the setting was heaven, but it's starting to grow on me!
    But why keep the unholy beats in prison? Why not just chuck them out and leave it for earth or hell to deal with? And who says the system's flawed; I bet the devil's just screwing with them again.
  3. I actually have answers to those questions :D As for the banner, I guess I could draw one up o.o

    Supernatural creatures or not dead people but they do have the ability to pass through Gates into other worlds and dimensions and even time periods; however, they must abide by a set of rules enforced by those of the Celestial Hierarchy. As for God and Satan, I'm not sure whether or not to include them. I don't want this to be religious or anything as I don't want to offend anyone or something. A Saraph would control and maintain 'Heaven' or the Afterlife or whatever you choose to call it, and the Angel of Death/Grim Reaper maintains the dead human souls.

    As for the system being flawed, maybe the Saraph in command is starting to become corrupt and those who are not blinded by loyalty and trust and what not are starting to notice the of out-of-character actions? And maybe the Angel of Death/Grim Reaper being is also starting to realize this and tries to take action by sending in spies and what-not to try and get a better idea of what's going on and what course of action must be taken, but the Celestial Hierarchy notes its actions first and a war threatens to break out?
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