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  1. Right now I am in the mood for some Supernatural rps, so I need someone to play as Sam, Dean, or Castiel to one of my original characters.

    My angel character could be with any of the guys, and then my human character would be with Cas.

    My human character has a bio, but I'm still working on one of my angel character.

    Angel: untitled_by_kargapolovr-d4n97uy.jpg
    with either these wings
    or these wings

    Sister: Molly_45.jpg
  2. Human
    Name: Robin Lin Winchester
    Nickname: Bird, Kiddo, or Kitten
    Looks: pic being used
    Likes: Her family, Castiel, animals, being free, her 'job', traveling, and sweets.
    Dislikes: Demons, most witches, most angels, being sick, getting cold, being left behind, and losing her loved ones.
    Additude: Robin can be very sweet and caring when she wants to be, even a bit mothering at times, but like all Winchester's she is headstrong and willing to fight tooth and nail to get her way.
    Prized Possession: A silver whistle on a black cord that her father had given her as a child in case she was even in trouble or lost.
    Speaks/Reads: English, Russian, Latin, Greek, French, Gaelic, Ancient Egyptian, and is learning Enochian.
  3. Still looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.