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    When is it? Now, it's the end of your senior year and you and your best friend(s) are heading out, heading out to be hunters. You've prepared your entire life, you have a base of operations, you have a kick ass van, you have money saved up, you have training, and you are ready. Right?

    Hello everyone! My name is HelloBeautifulChild and this particular role play is one that my friend and I have played out into three chapters and a 3 chapter spin off series. So, when I say I have this planned out, I mean it. It exists in the Supernatural TV series world, but because it is a completely seperate plot line it is 100% okay if you haven't seen or read the series. I am super excited about this role play and promise that it is an energetic and fun plot. There is action, mystery, supernatural (obviously), and romance. This roleplay will also take into consideration the impact that a Hunter's life has on a person.

    Please check out the full into at: LINK
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  2. Anyone interested?
  3. Please go to the OOC, thanks! :)
  4. Love the show!! Can't wait for Season 11!! I'd totally join!!
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