Supernatural Role Play of Sorts.

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Hello! Hopefully, my title was enough to bring in a person or two to role play with. I recently went on vacation and had this idea come to me and, I would really love to do it with someone. That being said, I do have a couple rules. Exceptions can be made to the rules, all you have to do is ask.

1) I would really prefer to play the female in this role play. I am willing to double but, I will not play just the male ( this rule only applies to this role play. )
2) Please have decent spelling and grammar. I don't expect you to be perfect but, I would like to be able to understand what you are saying.
3) Please let me know when you will be unable to respond. I will do the same.
4) I'd like it if you are able to post at least 2 paragraphs. Writers block is understandable.
5) Please talk to me, especially if you have an idea for the role play. It is incredibly hard to keep a role play going without conversation.
6) Please do NOT have your character time travel if the role play does not call for it. I have been in several role plays where someone will have their characters whip out a cell phone in the middle of ancient Rome or somewhere. I will drop the role play without notice if you do this.
7) For the exception of rule number 6, I will let you know if I am dropping or unable to reply for long periods of time. I ask that you do the same please.

Now that all of that is out of the way, Here is my idea.
( Side note: I have used names in the description of the plot but, these aren't the permanent names.)

Luna was your average high school senior, except for the fact that no one really wanted to spend time with her outside of school. In fact, most people completely ignored her or treated her like dirt in school. The reason for this treatment is due to her intelligence and the fact that she is uninterested in parties and other things that other students are interested in. One day, a young man transfers to her school. He takes an immediate liking to her which causes more trouble for Luna.

After the arrival of the young man strange things begin happening, for example, men in white suits come to their school claiming to be from the CDC. These men begin injecting students with a serum that will 'help protect them from a disease that has broken out in the area. Just as Luna is ready to get her shot, Logan, the young man, stops her and reveals that there is something much more sinister going on.

As it turns out, Logan had been the first to ever receive the serum. He had been traveling from school to school attempting to find the men who had experimented on him. The serum was in fact, a government experiment. It was supposed to give the recipient inhuman strength, speed, and agility. Unfortunately, the serum had some major side effects, the person who receives the serum begins to transform into a wolf during every full mood and if the person bites someone while they are in their wolf form, the person they bite is then infected.

Can Logan and Luna save their fellow students and prevent the government from creating an army of super soldiers?

As you can see, this essentially a role play about how the government decided they wanted super soldiers but, it doesn't go quite as they planned.

I am sure that it all sounds very confusing but, hopefully someone will be sort of interested and willing to work on it with...because I really want to do this.

Message me if you are interested!
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