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    Those that are gifted with the supernatural powers are often stronger, faster, and have better reflexes than the average human. Sometimes, they even receive other powers that are special to them. None of them knew what to do with their strange power, until someone stepped up to the plate and decided to create something. Something has been going on around the world, something that is scaring geologists, scientists, and researchers. They have been finding tomb stones, all throughout the planet, and the writings were different than any other language. Judging by the writing, it is no old hand writing, this is recent, the writing has been carved in recently. It scares people, believing that there is another race on the planet, somewhere deep within the tombs. That is when Richard Henry, from England, decided to make the Supernatural Tomb Raiders organization located in Tokyo, Japan. That is where all the supernatural gifted humans would go to train their powers, and then fly to tombs in which they'd use their powers. Although, the military is involved, yet Richard does not help the military, he uses his own strategies and his own troops; even though he has a small amount of people, they are very useful.

    They all live inside of the mansion in Tokyo in which is the base and their home. It has several rooms, and a large base with a training center. They all can decide on what they want to learn, but all of them must practice the use of the gun and the technology of the items that they are going to be sent with. They all have communicators in which are practically indestructible and water-proof, they each have one hand-gun and other weapons of their choice, a knife, first-aid kits, recorder and camera, and other supplies that they think they'll need depending on the mission. There is a simulation room in whi
    ch they practice acrobatics and live combat.


    Elli stood there, watching Richard close his eyes. Telepathy -- he called it. He said something about tracking the ones that he had been watching for weeks now. Inviting them for dinner so that Elli could meet new people. Sure she had her independent side of her, being able to talk to people, but becoming friends with them made her feel uneasy. Like they were going to abandon her eventually. The only person she seemed to really trust was Richard. Elli decided to sit on the dark oak, red love seat against the wall in the room. The love seat was the only thing that decorated this empty room. There was only his machine that enhances his telepathic powers, the love seat, and the dust on the floor. There were no windows, closets, or anything. The only reason the sofa was placed here is so Elli could wait for him to be done. This one was taking far longer than usual, thus, Elli lied down, and dosed off.


    Richard's eyes could be seen scrolling among his closed eyelids. The outline of the blue eyes could be seen going left to right. He was sending messages to those that he had been watching. The first one, Tonari Brookes. A wicked one she is, astral projection. She was amazing, although, she could easily be mistaken as a guy. He awaited until the silence of the moment he was in before voicing in his head, calm and cool,"Go to the Henry Mansion, 6 o'clock. Sharp." The voice would end there, and Richard would open his eyes. Then close them after a moment.

    Next. Miss
    Cherryin Sanchez. She was a fine lady, indeed. Warm-spirited, and elegant young lady. The power of telekinesis is always a fine ability to have. She would be a fine teammate to have on the team. Richard awaited the right moment to notify of his presence in her mind. A telekinetic person like her would already know he was in her thoughts. "Meet me at the Henry Mansion, 6 o'clock." He opened his eyes once again, and closed them to proceed.

    Mike Dally. Cool man he is. With a great power too! He was a fine man, strong, fast, as if a human tank! The ability to morph his arms into weapons was indeed a strange power, but a useful one at that. Without doubt, he will be a fine teammate for them all. He awaited the right moment as usual,
    "Henry's Mansion, 6 o'clock, don't be late." Upon opening his eyes, Elli was asleep, he chuckled before closing them and continuing on what he was doing.

    Naia. Cute little thing she is. Seeing her on the team of elites would be rather misleading, but after seeing her power. It's cute, yet deadly. The ability to talk to animals, command them, or even morph her body to have enhanced abilities like them would be no joke. Richard would certainly be amused to whoever wanted to mess with her. He waited before speaking, in an airy and cool tone,
    "Meet me at Henry's Mansion, 6 o'clock." Then he would do the usual thirty second rest, then proceed.

    Zack Kori -- an interesting fella. The power of ice was indeed useful, any element would be useful for this team. And to top off the team, he would be the perfect ally. With good support and great offense, he could provide a lot for the team. He was handsome as well, with toned muscles and wavy hair. Richard didn't wait too long before notifying him,
    "Meet me at Henry's Mansion. 6 o'clock."

    With that, he ended what he was doing. That was all that he could find in the proximity of his telepathic range. Not to mention the distance to the mansion, although, any supernatural being could get there swiftly. He had high hopes of this team, despite the odd colors that they had, they had a great elite team. The good part about all of this is that they have no part in the military.


    Elli could feel herself shaking, upon opening her arms up fast, she swiftly grabbed the hands that were touching her. She had a tight grip, which made Richard jump. Elli apologized, then got up fast. "Did you notify them all?" She questioned, her voice being calm, soft, and appealing. One of a great singer that is. Richard nodded and Elli smiled,"We better start cooking then!"

    After hours, it came to 5:30, they had all the food set and they had the long table placed in the mansion near the fireplace. Upon opening the doors, they would notice a small hall and then they'd appear in the main hall. That is where Richard and Elli would be waiting, in front of the long staircase that leaded to all the bedrooms and the library. To the left would be the dining room and living room, and to their right would be the large kitchen.

    Inside of the kitchen would be several cabinets, stoves, ovens and counters. There wasn't much to it. But inside of the living room and dining room, there would be the long table, the bar full of many different wines, and the large T.V. with the long couch and the fancy reclining chairs. The walls would be painted a dark red color with portraits of geisha girls and flowers. On the table is set many different kind of plates, covered foods, pitchers of water, and wine glasses that were tipped upside down. Elli and Richard are now waiting in front of the staircase for their visitors.
  2. Mike was eating lunch when he felt a strange sensation in his head, then he heard a voice :Henry's Mansion, 6 o'clock, don't be late.: He looked around to see if anyone was there and then thought of what the message meant. He then realized that it must have been someone from Supernatural Raiders contacting him! It was finally time to become a part of something he might be good at. He finished his lunch, cleaned the kitchen up and headed to his room to get ready. For now he was just going to put on some jeans and a blue collared shirt, there wasn't any indication on whether the meeting was formal but at least he wouldn't look too underdressed. Once done he went to the front door, got his keys and headed for the mansion. If he walked it should take him quite a while, hopefully at 5 he would arrive. But then what would he do? Arriving too early might make it awkward.....oh well it didn't really matter.

    As he walked through the streets he thought of what they would be sent out to do. As well as what might possibly happen on the errands. His head filled with hundreds of different ideas and imagination ran wild.
  3. Naia was napping after a log day's work, her mouth slightly parted as her chest raised and lowered with every light breath she took. She looked almost angelic in sleeping form, the picture of innocence. She stirred in her sleep slightly, clinging tightly to the large wolf she was using as a pillow (because out of all the animals napping with her, this wolf's fur was the softest).

    Suddenly, she was awoken by a voice speaking calmly in her head: "Meet me at Henry's Mansion. 6 o'clock."

    Her head darted up, black cat ears sprouting from her head as she looked around. Nothing but sleepy and confused animals stirred by her awakening. "Telepathy..." she said softly, twitching her ear. It must have been the leader of the Supernatural Raiders...of course she had wanted to help them with their cause, but she thought they would laugh at her for her...well her overall appearance. Naia knew she wasn't the most intimidating person in the world; standing around 5'1" she looked like a child, an adorable one at that. Even enhancing her abilities to those of the fiercest of animals, she would still look fairly adorable with fluffy bangle tiger ears and a tail. Fortunately for her, this organization was considerate enough to look past appearances and straight to abilities.

    "6 o'clock, huh?" she murmured to herself "it's nearly 3...I better get ready, I have a long trip ahead of me."

    She looked down at her outfit. It was a white layered dress that nearly reached her knees, a navy over jacket to keep her warm and black causal boots...seemed formal enough for dinner. Standing up, she whistled as loud as she could, waking up and gaining the attention of all her friends that were napping alongside her. Having her ears return to normal, she began to speak.

    "Listen up, guys. We're going to travel. I got invited to dinner at the Henry Mansion, that's in's about a 3 hour trip so we kinda need to move now."

    replacing her human ears for those of a brown bear and growing a stub of a tail, Naia grabbed her backpack from a hollow tree and walked over to a large bear who had just begun to stand.

    "Kovu..." she said in a lulling tone "I'm going to need to ride you there, since I don't have any horses with me currently. Is that alright?"

    "Of course..." he replied in a rhaspy tone "But are you sure you want to go through with this? You could get hurt."

    "I know, but I'm sure. You know I'm stronger than I I'll have all of you to protect me."

    "If that is what you wish, Naia..."

    He got down on all fours and let her climb on as other smaller, slower animals lept onto the back of larger, quicker ones. Then they set off. They took the scenic rout of course, wide panic would spread if she took all theses animals into the city...

    They arrived at the mansion at about 5:50. Naia swiftly crawled off Kovu, grabbed a lint-roller from her backpack and proceeded to remove all the shed-ed fur from her outfit...after all, she needed to look presentable at the least. Once she got the fur off, she turned back to her friends and let out a sigh. "All the non-domesticated animals will have to stay out here...I'm not sure that you'll be allowed in." A little over half of her friends rolled their eyes and made themselves at home in the yard or wandered back into the more heavily wooded areas as the smaller, cuter animal followed their master up to the doorstep. Holding her breath, the small teen proceeded to knock on the door.

  4. Cherryin walked through the busy streets of Tokyo, the noises reminding her of the circus and how active it could be there. It was the only place where her powers were really accepted instead of shunned... well, the only other place, since there was also the 'Supernatural Tomb Raiders' organization. That place was the reason why she came here in the first place. At first finances were an issue, but then the head of the organization paid for the plane ticket with no cost to them. All they had to do was arrange the flight. But still, it was hard, to go from her real home to a new place, out in the open again... Except this time it was different. She was more prepared this time.

    Meet me at the Henry Mansion, 6 o'clock.

    Huh? She was confused about the sudden voice in her head. Other than the occasional headaches, her telekinesis had no other side effects... Unless there was a telepathic in the area. Deciding to go with the more optimistic conclusion, she decided that it must have been the head of the organization. Telepathy, the other side of the coin that she never got to experience, and quite frankly she found that she wouldn't have any use for it. The insults back at her other 'home' would have been much worse if she knew what they were really thinking.

    Being used to navigating big cities like this, she managed to find the mansion after awhile. Even if her family could only dream of having property such as this, she still couldn't help but be reminded. Surely they must be more accepting than them, though. She went past the gates, going to the door step and knocking.

    She noticed who appeared to be a young teenager, being unaware of her true age. Cherry might be considered young by some standards, but she didn't know that they accepted people this young..., but not wanting to be rude, she smiled, waving a bit at her. She noticed the small animals at her feet and wondered if perhaps they were all hers, maybe she had some sort of power having to do with animals...?
  5. Mike finally got to the mansion around 5:52 and as he walked up he saw two ladies standing at the front door. One had a group of small animals with her and the other seemed like just another girl, Mike couldn't tell what was special about her. :I guess you can't tell if I'm different either till the power comes shining through and scaring people off: he thought to himself. As he approached the two he waved a hand and somewhat yelled, "Hello there!" He hoped it would get there attention and when he was up close to them he asked, "So what brings you two ladies to this mansion at almost six o clock?" He was hinting about the message he was sent mentally and wondered if they had gotten the same message.
  6. "Oh...hello" Naia shyly replied, turning on her heel to face the two that approached her. One of the cats at her feet hissed at them, so Naia quickly scooped the black ball of fur into her arms. "Midnight, hush. We'll be working with these people very soon. No need to be so protective."

    She then took the liberty to get a better look at her new teammates...both made her feel tiny in comparison.

    The first was a kind looking woman, smiling at her warmly...Naia decided that she would be easy to work with. Next to her was rather professional looking man acting quite social...she decided that he was okay too.

    "My name's Naia...I was told to come here at six o'clock."
  7. Zack had just unfinished unpacking his relatively minimalistic amount of possessions in the hotel room when the voice sounded in his head. Instinctively, he swiveled his head around, surveying the room much as he had when he'd first entered: he scanned every detail, paying close attention to any hiding places he was able to spot. Once he was sure he was alone, the source of the voice seemed obvious. Telepathy wasn't something he had ever experienced, but it was easy enough to deduce what was going on from what he'd heard. That could only mean one thing, really: he was being contacted by the leader of the Supernatural Raiders. Excellent. His timing couldn't have been better.

    The lavender-haired man threw on his black vest, knowing that walking around shirtless probably wouldn't be the best idea, grabbed his metal lance, and headed out into the hallway of the hotel. He'd timed it all perfectly: the flight, his unpacking, everything. And having already located the mansion from an internet search before he left and asking directions in the broken Japanese he'd managed to learn shortly after arriving, he knew that his arrival would be well-timed as well.

    He navigated Tokyo's streets, trying not to let himself get too distracted by the vibrant culture swirling around him that he would've stopped to observe on any other day, and arrived at the mansion at about 5:57. It looked like many of the recruits had already arrived themselves, but he didn't waste any time introducing himself. Rather, he cast a lingering glance at each of them in turn, memorizing their appearances, and stood off to the side, waiting for the hour to strike. Idly, he spun his lance around between his hands, gripping it like a wooden staff.
  8. Mike looked at the cat in Naia's arms with curiosity, most small animals liked him. It didn't really matter since they would get to know each other anyway. "Its nice to meet you Naia I'm Mike and apparently your cat doesn't like strangers. I was told as well to come here, glad I'm early instead of late." He looked Naia over once more to make sure he remembered what she looked like. He then looked to the other girl and the newcomer. It was quite surprising that even these few people would have shown up.
  9. "Oh, hello!" she greeted back to the friendly man that approached them. With what he said next, she wondered if he had gotten the message as well and wanted to see if they knew, "Surely for the same reason you're here." she answered.

    She stepped back from the hissing cat, not wanting her legs to be a target, "I'm Cherryin Sanchez, though feel free to call me Cherry, as my friends often call me." she introduced herself. The girl's powers were somewhat obvious, but what about the man who approached them? What could he possibly do? On the surface, he looked normal enough, but the same could be said for her.

    She noticed the lavender haired man that approached them, but he was silent, looking over them and then spinning around his lance. Oh dear. She hoped that he knew what he was doing with that thing, no, he had to know what he was doing, or why else would he be here? Why would any of them be here if they didn't have control of their abilities?
  10. Zack listened to the group talk, paying special attention to their names. Mike, Naia, and Cherry, huh? Simple enough to remember. They all seemed nice enough. He hoped they were smart as well, or he would likely have a hard time bringing himself to work with them. Naia's animals intrigued him, though. Zack was always more comfortable around beasts than other people; animals didn't expect anything of him, and the smarter ones could be trained and bent to his will. They were like lumps of clay ready for molding. But people? People were stubborn, hard to figure out, and much more diverse in their personalities. As a result, he often treated them more like tools. Each one had its strengths, weaknesses, and optimal conditions.

    Noticing Cherry looking over at him, he held his lance still at his side and nodded in her direction. It was only a matter of time before someone walked over and asked him to introduce himself and whatnot.
  11. Naia sighed and scratched her loyal companion's head. "I apologize, Midnight's just....protective. She's wary of humans since the majority of them...don't exactly take kind to me and my abilities."

    She then noticed a tall male enter the area as well with a cold vibe that sent shivers down her spine. She almost let her instincts take over and let ears sprout from her skull, but she calmed herself down before that could happen. She then took the liberty to observe him without saying a word. Finally someone with a hair color to rival her own. It took a lot of willpower not to flee back into the forest with her animal kin since the amount of humans kept growing...but she would have to get used to it. These people would be her teammates.

    Her eyes then darted over to the large bear that began to approach the small group of people. She merely released a loud sigh.

    "Kovu, I told you that you have to stay outside."
  12. "It's nice to meet you Cherry. I wonder if anyone else will show up?" It got a little awkward as everyone seemed to look at the other man off to the side without talking. He looked him over again but before Mike could say anything a bear started approaching and then Naia spoke to it. He looked at her, "Kovu is obviously your friend but is your friend wary of people like Midnight?" He looked in curiosity again since a bear shouldn't be anywhere near a place like this. Mike wanted to approach the bear but decided it best not to. Instead he called to the other guy, "Hey man why not come introduce yourself? We gotta get to know each other anyway
    " he smiled slightly to try to look friendly but he knew it wouldn't have much of an effect. He always wore a serious face that never looked happy. It was funny because he was usually happy he just never showed it.
  13. Zack froze and started to hold his lance up in a combat stance at the sight of the bear, but he quickly relaxed when Naia called it by name. The beast was with her. She must've been some kind of...natural animal tamer or something. Maybe she would prove a helpful ally.

    He looked up, snapped out of his thoughts, when Mike called him, and walked over to join the group. "It's Zack," he said flatly, looking around at each of them. "Zack Kori." Despite his seemingly frustrated or perhaps cautious attitude, such behavior was normal for him. He wanted to learn about his teammates without revealing too much information about himself. Of course, he didn't plan on refusing too many questions; that would just be counter-intuitive.
  14. Cherry simply nodded and smiled at the lavender haired man, at the very least he seemed to acknowledge her worries by keeping the staff still. She wondered if he didn't want to socialize, or if he was just internally shy, not sure about how to approach them.

    "Ah, I can relate." Cherry said to Naia, sighing. The day when she thought they, her family, would accept her only to cast her on the streets was sill fresh in her mind. She didn't notice the bear until Naia referred to him by name. For a moment, her mouth was agape, a bit shocked by his presence, but she quickly calmed herself. Clearly Naia had control over him, much like trainers with their circus animals, though it might have been a more intimate connection with her. She thought about bringing up her own experience with animals, but kept herself from saying it, Naia might be offended by the thought of circus animals, even though she was sure that the ones at her circus were treated properly.

    "And I do wonder how big our group will get." she said, wondering what the organization preferred. Mike took the initiative to ask the lavender haired man to introduce himself, and with few words he did, "'Tis a pleasure to meet you, Zack." she said to him, wanting to make him feel welcome to their group
  15. The door opened slowly, the sound of the knob turning would be loud, due to how slow it was moving. As the door slowly swung open, a young woman with long, wavy, silver hair in a white, thin, flowery dress that covered her pale, curvy body stood still at the open door. She released the doorknob, the wind blowing her hair as she lifted her right arm to cover her face of hair. She put a nice smile along her face, her hazel eyes scanning the four that stood among her. She began to speak, her voice being soft, silent, and nice,"Hello. You must be the ones that Richard had called out to."

    She hesitated a moment before introducing herself, the wind had began to become a light breeze as she bowed,
    "My name is Elli Brownstene. It's a pleasure to see that you all came. Now if you'll come with me, we'll proceed to the dinner table. As you enter, I would ask you to remove your shoes and then walk towards the left door in the main hall. That is where we shall be dining, you may seat yourself."

    Elli wavered before walking inside of the mansion.
  16. "Likewise," Zack said reflexively to Cherry with a nod in her direction. And then, the door finally creaked open, erasing the need for further socialization outside the mansion. Zack turned towards the woman, his expression still flat as ever. Was she the leader of the Supernatural Raiders? And if that was the case, what about the man whose voice he'd heard earlier? Perhaps they just led the group together. That was fine, he was used to that sort of thing. After all, two of his closest friends (they never really thought of each other as adopted siblings for some reason) had taken it upon themselves to act as authority figures in Alex's place.

    Idly wondering what sort of leaders Elli and her partner were, Zack followed the white-dressed woman inside without a word. He kicked off his sneakers on the way in, set them next to the entrance, and made his way to the dining room, looking around at his surroundings all the while. It was habit whenever he entered a new place: look for and memorize the locations of windows, doors, possible hiding places, what have you. He always had a stellar memory, and he liked to put it to practical use. Once he was satisfied, he took a seat at the dinner table, at one of the far corners.
  17. So... this seemed to be the place. Tonari checked her phone again, she was a little late. It probably would've been wiser to take the train rather than a bus, less traffic. She could still remember the voice in her head clearly. Go to the Henry Mansion, 6 o'clock. Sharp. Well, it was a little passed sharp now and she was a little worried about the possibility of a very strict response.

    She stepped up to the mansion, finding the door unlocked, so she hesitantly let herself in. A small group of people were still making their way into a room, and she figured all of them were other talented people who were called to the mansion. It seemed she wasn't incredibly late, which was a relief. Pulling her black boots off at the door, she set them down along with the other shoes, neatly lining her own up.

    Tonari supposed she'd probably missed some introductions, but didn't worry so much as it seemed they were just getting started. Now in socks, she wandered into the dinning room along with the others, looking around briefly before choosing to take a seat closer to the center of the table. Another moment passed before she realized she was still wearing her paperboy hat, and quickly reached up to pull it off and set it in her lap.
  18. Zack eyed the newest arrival with one eyebrow slightly raised. One more raider, eh? It was a shame she was late, he didn't get the chance to learn her name. Zack had a bit of a compulsive need to know the names of everyone he got to know. Perhaps hers would come up while they were discussing the group's first order of business. And if not, well, he could always ask her later if he really had to. Or else just wait for someone else to; that was bound to happen sooner rather than later. He always was more of a reactive person than a proactive one. Life was easier that way: people expected less of you.
  19. Before taking her seat, Naia removed her backpack and handed it to a German Shepard before it scampered off in a corner and curled up in a ball. She then removed her jacket and tossed it over to a couple of birds who flew it to a coat-rack....over all the whole thing looked like a thing out of a Disney movie. After placing midnight on the ground, she took her seat with the rest of the raiders and her animals dispersed around the room.

    Naia had noticed someone come in after them, but she hadn't gotten the chance to get a good look at 'em before she sat. Glancing over with a stoic face, she turned to see someone sitting down, though she couldn't tell the person'd gender until they had taken their hat off. It was a girl. A tall and lean girl with a boyish manner of dressing, but she still gave of a girlish impression none the less...Naia was getting rusty, normally she could tell gender by scent alone, but there were so many interesting and new smells in this house her nose was overwhelmed.

    None the less she gave the newcomer a slight smile to make a good impression. She had sucked up her pride to become sociable, might as well go all the way.
  20. Mike was surprised to see a lady open the door and greet them since he was expecting whoever had contacted him. He listened to her introduction and went inside after Zack went in. Mike was used to taking his shoes off when he want inside since he had a few friends here and they followed that rule. Mike went to the dinner table and found a seat on the side. Before he knew it someone new had come inside to the diner table. She was again another lady that didn't seem like she had a special power, but she must if she was here like the rest of them. For now he waited patiently for everyone to be seated.