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  1. I have this plot going on with a couple people and I enjoy it.
    I am Blake Hades, Private Investigator, descending from a long lineage of demon hunters and stuff (kinda like Sam and Dean if they used sorcery). So my office looks like a normal PI office, but I have kinda of a spell/curse on the office and all the cases I got end up being related to the supernatural somehow.

    In this scenario my partner - you - could play the damsel in distress requiring my services to investigate something.
    this can be about demons, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, fairies, deities, myth, something original, you name it.
    If you're interested please either start a thread or a private convo with me with a title starting in Blake Hades PI (send me link in private message if you start a thread)

    and you can start with all the information you want to give in advance and with you entering my office to ask for my help.

    Office description:
    Blake Hades PI office was located on the ground base of a short building, at the right corner.
    The 2 floors above were his house, front door had one window of each side and a tablet saying "Blake Hades P.I." and the eye of Horus as a logo.
    There was yet one more window at the other wall that at the exterior side of the building and the outside walls were made of red brick.
    The inside walls are covered with black and red wallpaper with victorian patterns, the floor is made of dark wood and the ceiling is painted in black.
    There's ceiling fan at the top and exotic weapons and artifacts decorating the walls.
    then there's his chair, a tall office chair behind his desk, facing back as you enter, there are also two simple chairs for the clients in front of the desk and a small couch on the side leaning to the exterior wall.
    Behind the desk there's the small door what leads to the rest of the building and it's locked at the moment.
  2. Yay! I like the plot. PM so we can discuss the the full extent of the plot as well as the characters! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.