Supernatural Party

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  1. This is exactly what the description says, only rule is NO GOD-MODDING, but literally ANYTHING else is aloud. Have fun!

    Vann was getting ready for his highschool party. His highschool was very different compared to others. Students there had supernatural abilities, some were mutants, like him, Vann was part black spider monkey. He had the reflexes and abilities of one. Then add that to incredible strength. Vann was pretty gifted, and quite popular at his school. The party was going to be in a big hotel suite his parents rented for him. After Vann was done he sat down on the couch and waited. He looked at the drinks and made sure that there were small glassed of alcohol next to them. 'Ok...this'll be a good party,' he thought to himself.
  2. Kay, the ice spirit was not very popular at school. He usually stuck to himself and when he ate lunch he sat with the undead. yesterday, at lunch he heard a couple people discussing the party and figuered that because he had nothing better to do, he should go. now as he was walking up the stairs he desperately hoped that some of the people from his table were here. He forced a smile onto his face and knocked.
  3. Shortly after the party began, Flare kicked one of the doors open and called out for all to hear, "I have arrived, the party can start!" Most everyone at the school knew that he was a pyromaniac, with supernatural control over fire, and those that didn't know could certainly tell at a glance: his hair was brushed up in small spikes and dyed in a gradient of red to yellow, mimicking the appearance of fire. He'd thrown on one of his more intimidating outfits as well: denim jeans, artfully bleached and torn in several places, and a leather jacket over a white wife beater. Flare looked around with the biggest grin on his face, excited and ready to party hard.
  4. Void had entered just behind Flare, her dark hair over one shoulder while her white eyes observed the room. She just checked the room to see if there were enough shadows to comfort her. She was dressed in a simple black shirt and skinny jeans with black sneakers on her feet. Unlike Flare she was rather quiet and shy. "Calm down Flare, I don't think there's anyone yet. " Her voice had a slight tremble accompanied with nervousness. They called her a shadow dweller, a human with the ability to control and hide in the shadows at will sometimes turning it into useful objects like swords. The reason she had followed him to the party was because fire creates a lot of shadows when it is dancing in the air. Her skin was just as white as snow and her touch just as chilly.
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  6. "Come on, relax!" Flare laughed haughtily and gave Void a friendly slap on the back. "It's a party, let's see some energy!" Sure, he was sort of embarrassed that there wasn't anyone there but the host yet, but that didn't mean he had to show it.
  7. Kay glared at flare. Was he really that hard to notice? he shifted his human face into his best impression of flare's face. And walked up behind him and shouted "BOO!"
  8. The redhead's shoulders shot up. Flames swirled around his fingers as he spun around, one hand flying up to toss a fireball at the attacker. He very nearly burnt Kay right in the face, catching himself at just the last minute. His eyes narrowed as the flames in his hand faded. "Talk about your most annoying sounds."
  9. The smirk on kay's face was the first thing to change when he shifted back into his own human form. "hnhahaha...i mean...i was right next to you when you opened the door..."After subdueing his laughter he put on a friendly smile and extended his hand." Hi, im kay"
  10. He rolled his eyes. Yeah, yeah, whatever, so Flare hadn't noticed the guy. Big deal. He took Kay's hand and shook it firmly, intentionally using the hand he'd just filled with flames, his skin still hot to the touch. "Name's Flare. Flare Modus." He forced a smirk back onto his face. "Nice to meetcha."
  11. Vann was glad to see who all had came so far. He decided to get up and mingle. He saw Void. The shy shadowy girl he had home room with. "Hey. Haha...Void right?" he asked with a sweet smile on his face.
  12. Void yelped soft when Kay suddenly appeared and quickly slipped in one of the shadows the door made. It took her a few seconds to calm down before her white eyes appeared gain and she stepped back out of them. "Don't do that Kay, it's not funny! " The voice of Vann got her attention and she turned to him giving a small nod as an answer. "Yes and you're Vann am I correct? "
  13. Vann nodded "Hah yeah. I'm glad you could come. Do you want something to drink?" Vann asked offering showing her the table of drinks.
  14. "It was no problem to come, it sounded... fun. " Void smiled and nodded looking at the drinks. "Yes please. " She looked at Flare and hit him soft in the back of his head with her hand. "You don't have to melt the guy down you know. "
  15. "Hey, who said anything about melting anyone?" Flare asked, chuckling a bit. He started to launch right into one of his signature fire pun-based pickup lines on reflex alone, but managed to restrain himself. Void wasn't worth it; she was way too shy for his tastes.

    He released Kay's hand from what had to be a fairly painful shake and turned to the party's host. "Hey, Vann, what kinda drinks you got around here?"
  16. Kay glared at flare again after he diverted his attention away from maintaining a human hand while being melted a little. Pain made it hard for him to keep his form together.
    Kay looked at vann hopefully after flare mentioned drinks."yea, anything that isnt hot?" He asked while shooting a nasty glance at flare.
  17. "Just behave.... " She sighed deep before taking a loser look at the drinks, she just randomly picked one and looked for a place where she could watch the others without really being noticed herself. Her eye fell upon the windows and she walked over to one taking a sip from her drink as she looked outside.
  18. Flare gave a hearty laugh and crossed his arms in front of him, a cocky smirk on his face. "Hey, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen," he said to Kay.
  19. "Pfft" Kay said, walking past flare and towards the drink table. While pouring himself some root beer he made a few quick glances at the girl by the window. She's cute, he thought. He hesatated to chill his drink while he tryed to think of something to say to her.
  20. The shadows around her seemed to darken and move, it made her comfortable to have them around her like that. Void knew someone had looked at her so she looked in the direction to quickly look away again, her legs and feet getting the almost the same color as the shadows, maybe a bad habit for getting nervous.