Supernatural - Partner Request [MxM]

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  1. Greetings fellow roleplayers! So recently I've been watching (and rewatching) Supernatural, and after that amazing finale last week I had a real hankering to do a Supernatural themed roleplay! I mean, who wouldn't, right? :D

    Anyway, I've listed a few pairings below that I'm happy to try, so take a browse and PM me if you seem interested!

    Please note: Expect this to get smutty. I like smut. But I like a good plot. SO long as the smut doesn't overpower the plot, we're good!

    As far as plot goes, I don't have many ideas, but we can come up with something!

    Pairings (underlined = me)

    Human x Demon (Have a little bit of a plot in mind...)
    Human x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Demon x Demon
    Human x Angel

    As far as canon characters go, you can fiddle with them as much as you'd like. I'd really like if you could use the main characters (i.e. Sam, Dean and Cas) alone, but feel free to bring back characters from the past if you wish, I have no qualms with that :D

    So if anything takes your fancy, PM me and we can sort something out!