Supernatural Orphanage, plot idea, needs help.

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  1. So ive got this little diddy, and I have absolutely NO success in actually writing roleplays, etc. and have not got much beyond a basic setting at this point, so im kinda lookin for some peeps to brainstorm with, write with, etc. who are pretty gnarly are worldbuilding and RP creation, for pitching ideas and working this into somethin special.

    so ya.
  2. Dude you beat me to the idea. I've been spending the last few days brainstorming about a fantasy orphanage so I'd be more than happy to help with some world building.

    For one, why not try having the orphanage in a gigantic tree house instead of a conventional house? It sounds pretty lame but picture the tree from the movie Avatar (if you've seen it) except with actual rooms, corridors, and hallways. Or a better example would be the kingdom of Lothlórien from LotR.
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  3. We're talking about different things. :V

    I had more of an idea of like, modern setting, kids, young adults, etc. with superpowers, possibly mental struggles relating to that, etc.

    i shoulda fleshed out muh idea moar.
  4. I should have looked at the tag first (my bad). In that case X-men mansion style setting? Maybe add a few extraordinary housekeepers that watches over the groups of children their assigned to and provide lessons in controlling their powers. Last part not mandatory unless they prove that their abilities are too uncontrollable. Does this fit more to the RP?
  5. tbh I was thinking something more like [​IMG]
  6. Sounds like this could be a good idea, but I think it depends quite a lot on how it's done. Personally, I'd want an RP that explored the feelings of both inferiority due to being orphans and superiority of having magical powers, and exclusion due to both. Additionally, the details of the orphanage would need to be quite precise - exact reasons for how they ended up in the orphanage, why powers are being made (or were they there already?) and of course, how the powers are made and developed.
  7. I agree.

    in truth, I've been involved in a roleplay similar to this before, long ago, and I remember something that really made it stand out and play better than others was that it really wasn't afraid to be somewhat sad or emotional at times.

    additionally, the origin story is a neat idea as well, and i think it'd be a neat challenge to properly tie it into the main story.
  8. Yeah, too often do seemingly sad settings become light-hearted in the actual RP because people are too afraid to introduce any real problems.
  9. The idea sounds wang to be part of it.
  10. I wish there was like, a thread on, how to make a roleplay. :V
  11. I'm pretty sure there is :D Check the Worldbuilding archives n' stuff.
  12. I'd love to join this but I'm no good when it comes to that stuff I'm great with plots but that's it XD
  13. I have done an RP like this on another site.
  14. I think I may have an idea, it may not be what you're looking for though. My ideas are always kind of weird. But it's in the spoiler, if you're interested. I know this thread is also a *tiny* (very tiny) bit old and you may not even care anymore, but eh.
    Show Spoiler
    Not all that has beauty is beautiful.
    They were just kids, without a care in the world. Life was normal, maybe not great, but not nearly as bad as it is now.
    They're parents are dead; they've been labeled an orphan. The state orphanage has top praise and is a beautiful house. A trampoline in the yard, birds singing in the trees, and a happy old woman running the place. You'd think a kid would be happy, right?
    Wrong. That woman, Ms. Sterp, may seem old and jolly, and the house may look joyous, but never judge a book by its cover.
    The house is a dump on the inside. Bare of furniture except for in Ms. Sterp's room. Spiders and other bugs parade around, and no food to be found other than expired Ramen. The old stove barely works and the pot is corroded from rust. The kids are all forced to sleep in the same room.
    Every day these kids wait hand and foot on Ms. Sterp, and every night she takes them one by one down into the basement.
    To say that getting struck by lightning would hurt less than what she does to them is an understatement. And clearly she's been working on this for years. The poking, proding, serums, shocks, and tests last for what seems like eternity but is actually an hour per kid.
    Why she does this they don't know. They try and keep calm, but strang things are beginning to happen. They lost everything, but and now Ms. Sterp claims she's giving them a life they could only wish for.
    Some kids think she's a lunatic, some try to fight, and others stay quiet. But what will they do when they find out she's forcing their brains to reconfigure and give them powers? And why did Ms. Sterp do this?

    Yeah... My head loves weird ideas. I won't be offended if you think I'm crazy. XD

  15. its a bit off my line of thought, but thanks anyway! good read
  16. I can understand that, my ideas are always kind of childish in a way and I understand how it didn't really fully fit. I do hope you find an idea you really like; I'd love to join.
  17. I just noticed this internet check recently and would love to join if there is any room?
  18. still in the writing stage. but yeah. plenty of room, technically.
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