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  1. Random idea I thought might be interesting.
    I'd like to play a young kid who had, for some reason, left his guardian at a school function to sneak back home.
    It wasn't that the man was mean, but my guy hates being babysat.
    The reason he has someone follow him about is because he was mute.
    Which really isn't that bad! But his parents seemed to think it was.
    After being fussed over for so long he just wants to run around by himself for once and get some fresh air!...unfortunately he winds up running into a ______. Insert bad things happening lol.

    Normally I'm a switch player, but this doesn't really seem like a possible point for this, so looking for a dominant.
    (My chari will not roll over by any means, but he won't be topping lol)

    Would proffer no one I've played with before.
    At least one paragraph minimum and good spelling/grammar please.
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  2. Hmm, this seems interesting, have you gotten a partner for it yet? and how supernatural did you wish to go? Fantasy supernatural?
  3. Haven't gotten anyone yet so it's open if you want it :3 As for how much supernatural, I figured I'd let my partner decide. I'm not a huge fan of high fantasy but the supernatural portion was mainly towards what they want they want to play as. Always open to suggestions and ideas though.
  4. I think I can handle supernatural, I'm thinking of a character now, alright, I'm in.
  5. Mk, sounds good. Just reply here what you want to use (no half animals though)
    werewolf is fine, but I don't really do permanent wolf faces and stuff lol.
  6. I don't like having full animals as characters. If I were a werewolf my character would only be in full form during certain times. I'm still deciding though, I will.
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