Supernatural! (MxM maybe MxF)

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  1. hello! i have been craving a supernatural role-play, like really badly craving it. However i am leaving for a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic for 10 days, but I wanted to at least get some people who are interested so when i get back we can get right down to business!

    Writing Style:
    2+ paragraphs
    third person
    1 post a week to several posts a day, depends on my schedule
    i play both dom and subs but my subs are usually power bottoms (Especially when i get to play Sub Dean)

    Gabriel x OC (preferably an OC who is Sams twin sister)
    Wincest Omegaverse (i want to play an Omega Dean, i want it to be angsty and heart breaking. lots of ideas for this.)
    Demon Dean x Castiel
    Demon Dean x Crowleys son or daughter
    Sam x OC
    Wincest (Lots of plot ideas)
  2. I'm back from the Dominican Republic so i can start roleplaying now if anyone is interested!