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  1. So, I'm looming for four or five people for an RP with a fair amount of combat and magic.
    You will play as a human mage in a world full of magic beasts, spells and underground cults.
    Most people do not know about mages and you will have to be discrete about your magic use to avoid the church hunting you down.

    Your character will start out fairly weak and rather than level ups or some other system you will advance by finding mystical weapons, armor and catalysts.
    Catalysts are used to learn new magical abilities while weapons and armor enhance your more physical abilities.

    All mages can use a basic energy attack, barrier, and healing spell, as well as more unique powers.

    Gameplay will be free roam, and you may even play as bad guy, I will introduce plot elements involving magical rituals, artifacts, or beasts, and perhaps even a chance to join the association.
    Other than that, what you do is up to you, rob a bank, become a superhero, if you think your character could make it happen then do it.

    Anyone interested should post their character here and if it is acceptable then I will move it to the first page of the OOC thread when it is made







    Dress Sense:



    Skills: E.g cooking.

    Appearance: (Image or detailed description)

    Social Bonus: Is your character rich? Have criminal ties? Maybe a family member in the local government?

    Magic Focus: Barrier, Energy Attack, or Healing.

    Utility Spells: Spells with little or no combat use (e.g a light spell) pick up to five.

    Rituals: Used outside of combat for some gain Pick 2.

    Minor Spells: Your basic spells that you use the most (e.g a beam attack) Pick up to four.

    Medium Spells: More powerful attacks for tougher foes (e.g chain lightning) Pick up to three.

    Major Spells: Your ultimate attack/trump card, pick one.

    Character Bio:

    Major factions: The big players in this world are three groups who know of magic.
    The church, an underground section of the catholic church who hunt down mages using other mages kidnapped at birth and raised to fight fanatically, every mage dreads the day they are discovered by the church.

    The Masquerade, a group of mages who fight the church from the shadows, often performing hit and runs on their secret bases and attempting to bridge the glaring power gap between them with mystical objects.

    Cult of Leviathan, a fanatical group that both the church and masquerade have fought before.
    It is comprised of weak mages who happily die in droves to acquire artifacts that they deem significant.

    Motleys: Motleys are small groups of mages who work together either constantly or occasionally, they usually form when multiple mages in one area discover a threat too great to ignore or treasure too heavily guarded.

    Mirror Worlds: Though beasts do break into the real world all the time, the most reliable way to find them is by finding a mirror world.
    Mirror world's are pocket dimensions similar to the real world but with random differences, such as being upside down, or having low gravity.

    Beast Types:

    Chimera: Nobody knows where the first chimera came from, though the church blames power hungry mages.
    Chimera are deadly creatures that often look like warped bestial versions of their previous selves and are created when one chimera kills and devours the soul of a human.
    When destroyed they tend to leave behind crystals useful in performing magic.

    Champions: Ancient spirits of legendary warriors, they roam the mirror worlds seeking a challenge, when beaten they quite often leave behind a remnant of their power as a piece of armor or a weapon.

    Demons: Coming in every size from imp to twelve foot tall beast, these hellish creatures seek to murder innocents and taint their souls, turning them into dark spirits that in turn attack more people.

    Legends: Creatures so powerful that they don't fit in any class, it is best to avoid them at all costs, as a single mage would be annihilated with little effort.
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  2. I like wizardry and this is highly interesting to me as a result, especially insofar as creating the abilities of each mage entirely from scratch, but I'm afraid while I would definitely like to give this a shot I may need to ask for literally anything about the setting at all and/or possibly guidelines for what we can/can't do.
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  3. I also think this idea is super cool, but all I know about the world is that there's a church that doesn't like mages very much
  4. I would like to know more about the plot aswell. The character's seem like they'll be fun but what is their goal?
  5. Sorry! I wrote that at 4am, there is more information up now.
  6. Hmmm... Mind if I ask a little bit about the magic system what power level you're expecting from characters? I'm a munchkin by nature so I don't want to go full plot-breaker. Of course, if it's easier for me to just make a character and you to check it, I will.
  7. Its probably easier just to make a character for me to check...
    But I'll try and explain it.

    Utilities are your non attack spells, some examples would be, a ball of floating light, summoning a costume, or even making your own personal rain cloud.

    Minors are your attack spells, you will use these most often and should be something simple like an energy beam or magic missile.

    Mediums are the heavy hitters, you can only uses these a few times in a battle or your character will get exhausted.
    Think something like a magic missile storm or small earthquake.

    Majors are your last resort, which you use when nothing else will work.
    It stops you using magic for a while afterwards.
    They would be something like trapping your enemy in a dome of fire or pulling a meteor from the sky.
  8. I'm fairly interested about this concept. So, I should just post my character here?
  9. Yes, once I get enough interest I'll make character thread.
  10. Okay, cool. I'll get to it.
    Name: Drake Edwards Age: 29 Gender: Male Nationality: Caucasian Sexuality: Bisexual
    Personality: Drake is mature for his age, treating everything in a serious and professional manner. Unfortunately, he has a low tolerance for "nonsense" which can (and has) lead to arguments. Additionally, he hates failure and tends to hang onto it for too long.
    Dress Sense: He tends to dress in a professional and formal manner, befitting of his personality. He enjoys wearing suits, and even when he doesn't wear them, he's almost always wearing a button-down and nice slacks. His clothes are always neat and tidy.
    Likes: Intelligent conversations, order, silence, peace, nice clothing. Has a secret love for hard rock music.
    Dislikes: Loud noises (Except his music), silliness, horseplay, failure.
    Skills: He's a skilled programmer and businessman, as well as a good public speaker.
    Appearance: Drake is a tall, lanky man. He stands at 6'5 and weighs 128 pounds. His skin is unnaturally pale due to days spent out of sunlight, and he has crystal blue eyes. He constantly wears a serious expression. He has thin, straight eyebrows and coal black hair (Reaching his shoulder blades) washed and slicked back.
    Social Skills: Being the president of an electronics company, he's wealthy and has a fair reputation.
    Magic Focus: Disablement. His magic can cut off enemy attacks or spells, to a limit.
    Rituals: Pathfinder- Drake can find a specific location. This takes about two to five minutes, has a range of 100 feet and won't work if he's hopelessly lost. Glib Tongue- Drake can speak more fluidly and convincingly. Used for persuasion.
    Minor Spells- Thrust: Drake fires a small beam of energy that strikes an enemy hard enough to knock them back. This can be used to stop an attack, distract an enemy, etc. Causes no physical damage aside from light pain. Flash- Drake snaps his fingers, causing a sudden, bright light. Used to distract opponents. Pain- Drake can cause pain in an opponent with mental thought. Does no physical damage. Slash- Drake swipes his fingers through the air, leaving a wound in the opponent. Doesn't do serious or fatal damage.
    Medium Spells: Absorb Spell- Drake can absorb a spell, which he can use to add strength to his own. Can only absorb minor spells and a few moderate spells. Turn Spell- Drake can reflect a spell back at the caster. Only works for minor spells and a few moderate spells. Drain Life- Drake can drain an enemies life force and add it to his own. This only works to a minor effect, meaning he can't seriously harm or help anything with it.
    Major Spell: Wrath- A frightening spell. If Drake hasn't absorbed any spells, then the target's body ceases to move for ten seconds. If he's absorbed one, then the time increases to a minute. If he's absorbed two, it can break a bone in the target's body. If he's absorbed three, it severs a body part. Any more than three means more body parts can be severed or broken.
    Character Bio: Born in England, Drake Edwards was raised by a wealthy family. He lived an excellent life until age ten, when his powers started to show after accidentally knocking a ball out of another student's hand. As his powers grew, it became harder for him to control them and he became an outcast. It got to the point when he was seventeen, he accidentally broke someone's arm in a disagreement, causing him to pass out. At age twenty, he began studying magic and taught himself to control his powers. He assumed presidency of Sunshine Electronics and kept his powers in secret. However, in his lonesome, he chooses to hunt beasts for the greater good. Despite this, he lacks a real sense of direction in his life.
  11. Correction, swap Slash and Reflect Spell around.
  12. You appear to have forgotten his utility spells, but other than that he's accepted!
  13. Ah. My bad.
    Shine- Creates a small light for seeing in the dark.
    Battle Memories- Drake can remember combat tactics or spells used by his enemies, and can deal with them as such.
    Startle- Drake can instill minor fear in someone.
    Confuse- Drake can confuse someone, leaving them wondering what's going on.
    Influence- Drake can influence something minor in someone- Suddenly decrease or increase body temperature, make their knees buckle suddenly, send a chill down their spine, etc.
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  14. Name: Eirina Auteur
    Age: Unknown, even her appearance is ambiguous at best
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Is this even something that applies to her, I wonder?
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Personality: Eirina is quiet ordinarily, but has an obsession with books and stories that borders on unhealthy. A seemingly deliberately enigmatic individual, she speaks usually of clich├ęs and plot devices, even when referring to real life, but manages to do so in a way that, if there were hypothetically a fourth wall of the world, she would not break it very often. She is calm and cheery, but will quickly become ruthless at the sight of non-conformity... sometimes. It's incredibly difficult to comprehend her motives, but a girl this cute can't be a bad person, right...?

    Eirina can be rather passive-aggressive about her "story", and is very much a sore loser towards anyone who would stop her from getting her way, deliberately or accidentally. She is possibly the mother of all sore losers, as using her magic to either force them "back on track" or simply outright kill them are the two most common ways she deals with it, albeit it seems to be exceptionally difficult to disrupt her "narrative".

    Dress Sense: Eirina tends to wear white, usually exactly the same extremely fancy dress. In fact, there is no reason to believe she ever wears anything else.

    Likes: Plot twists, character development, epic mystery, books, sweets
    Dislikes: Rebellious characters, poor writing, ineloquent individuals, bitter things, bad actors
    Skills: Eirina is a skilled writer with a huge vocabulary. Go figure. In addition, she seems to be fluent in every single language anyone speaks to her in.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Social Bonus: Eirina seems to have everything she ever needs whenever she wants it, but according to the world unaware of magic, she does not exist, nor has she ever existed.

    Magic Focus: Narrative
    Utility Spells:
    Eirina can use clairvoyance in the form of writing about a real person, and quickly finds the writing chronicling the actual events happening to that person from their perspective.
    Genre Shift
    Eirina can shift the general tone of a space, making any events that occur in it more likely to be positive or negative. They still have no control over what happens within that space though, so it's very unreliable.
    Subject Shift
    Eirina can shift the focus of current events onto another subject, which can influence how events play out by changing the "centerpiece" of what is currently occurring. For instance, by shifting the subject from "a gunman" to "a car", the car may move and coincidentally block a shot that is fired.
    Focus Removal
    Eirina can move an item "in between the lines", allowing her to carry it without physically doing so. This does have limits, as the items still exist, and one person can still only carry so much. However, items under Focus Removal do not slow them down as they have no weight and take up no space, and so anything that can be considered "carriable" can be removed from focus. She primarily uses this to carry around enough books to make the British Library blush.

    This allows Eirina to make a canonical addition to any narrative, provided that she changes nothing within it and it is consistent with the existing contents of that narrative.
    Eirina targets a narrative she has a copy of to hand, be it fiction or non-fiction, and sets it as their "Legend" for other spells. It doesn't matter how accurate to the real world it is; as long as it is a narrative, it can be targeted.
    Minor Spells:
    Characterise: Attribute
    Eirina targets a character in her Legend and gains an "attribute" of their choice from said character. This attribute can be a quality (such as attractiveness or virtue), a number (such as running speed or maximum strength).
    Characterise: Skill
    Eirina targets a character in her Legend and gains a "skill" of their choice from said character. This skill can be knowledge or an inherent ability. There is no reason that it cannot be a secondary capability that the character possesses or embodies either.
    Characterise: Item
    Eirina targets a character in her Legend and gains an "item" of her choice from said character. Said item needs to indisputably belong to that character, and if it is a real item, then she will create an identical copy of it instead. If there is any ambiguity as to its effect, that effect will take the same form it does in the Legend it is taken from.
    Medium Spells:
    Worldbuild: Locale
    Eirina can summon into being a location from the narrative into the real world, functioning as it does in the Legend and treating the caster as whatever character they were drawing on when summoning it.
    Worldbuild: Ruleset
    Eirina can invoke rules laid out in the Legend and apply them to the real world. If there is a conflict between the laws of the real world and the rules of the Legend, the Legend takes precedence.
    Eirina can create a phenomenon or object using the rules outlined in the Legend, which can then by summoned by Characterise: Item.
    Major Spells:
    Eirina can invoke any event from her Legend in the most appropriate context immediately and without fail, potentially even retroactively.

    Character Bio:
    Eirina claims that she "lives outside the story", whatever that's supposed to mean. She is definitely a major piece in the grand scheme of things, but all of the major factions barely have a scrap of information on her, and she doesn't seem to have any allies per se. Her location at any given time is erratic at best, but usually just outright untraceable. It is difficult to tell when exactly Eirina was born either, as there are subtle hints at her existence throughout the history of the magic world, sometimes thousands of years back, but nothing concrete. This has led some to believe that "Eirina Auteur" is an inherited title, rather than a name.
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  15. That's certainly a unique magic type! We just need two more people...
  16. I can hardly wait.
  17. I'll work on my cs now.
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  18. I'll try my damndest to get one up tomorrow
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  19. Name: Percival (His friends call him Percy) Emmerich

    Age: 19

    Gender: M

    Nationality: Caucasian

    Sexuality: Hetero

    Personality: A strong willed Loyal man who values friendships over personal wealth.

    Dress Sense: Dark colors however he prefers his arms revealed since he's proud of his physical physique.

    Likes: good food, good drink, friends, women, having fun, learning new spells and himself

    Dislikes: The church, the cults, those who misuse magic, those who arnt chivalrous and anything covering his arms.

    Skills: Hunting/tracking skills, A bow, and a blade

    Appearance: Percival is a tall man built like an Oak. He really doesn't look like a magician and truth be told he just learnt he was one recently. He looks like a soldier, short brown hair, green eyes, light skin, muscular build and square jaw.

    Social Bonus: Percival knows the land due to his childhood, being raised in the mountains. He was raised by his father who prefers living off the land, so he knows the terrain and how to live off the land. He has ties with other hunters and knows people in the mountains and forrwsts which let's him get discounts in different towns.

    Magic Focus: Energy Attack

    Utility Spells: Spells with little or no combat use (e.g a light spell) pick up to five
    1. Flare - a small flame can be produced. Used for creating fires and lighting torches.
    2. Beast sense - gives the user the senses of a wolf for a short period of time. Used to see, smell and hear like a wolf.
    3. Entangle - binds the target in a vine that shoots up from the ground.
    4. Levitation - levitate small items.
    5. Charm - charms the person or beast the wizard is looking at.

    Rituals: Used outside of combat for some gain Pick 2.

    1. Druids rest - Gives a healing ability granted over the course of several hours. While the wizard is meditating energy is drawn from the earth and recovers the wizards health.
    2. Birds eye view - the wizard gains a view of the area by syncing with a winged creature. This spell takes time and patience having first need to charm the animal then syncing with them.

    Minor Spells: Your basic spells that you use the most (e.g a beam attack) Pick up to four.

    1. Fire ball - creates and fires a small fire ball from his hand.
    2. Gust of wind - a small but strong gust of wind knocking the opponent to the ground.
    3. Swift - grants the mage a speed boost for a short time.
    4. Strengthen - strengthens the mages physical attributes for a short time.

    Medium Spells: More powerful attacks for tougher foes (e.g chain lightning) Pick up to three.

    1. Fire wall - creates a barrier of flames between the mage and his opponent.
    2. Northern Winds - a strong icy wind blows in knocking down opponents.
    3. Flame Twister - a twister made of flames is summoned and under the mages control.

    Major Spells: Your ultimate attack/trump card, pick one.

    1. Fire Dragons - dragons made of flame and Air are summoned and due the mages bidding.

    Character Bio: Percival was born the son of a mountain man so he was raised to be a hunter. He never knew his mother but his father told him stories. He would say she was the most beatiful woman in excistance, how her hair shone in the sunlight, her eyes glimmered like jewels and she loved everyone. His mother died sometime after Percival was 3 his father never told him why.

    Many years later Percival was a strong, firmly built man his father taught him of the ways of a hunter. His father also taught him how to use a blade his reasoning was that these were dangerous times. Percival was a great hunter known in several mountain towns and trading posts having established trades and friendships amongst the people. People would often rely on Percival since they knew he was always willing to help anyone in need.

    One day while hunting with his father Percival was attacked by a wolf. His father tried to assist but was held at bay by the pack. As the beast was about to take down Percival he stopped, they all did. Percival felt strange, he watched as the beasts did as he commanded. He finally told them to leave and never return. His father told him everything that day, that he was the son of a powerful mage. Percival's mother was known far and wide for her magic and how she would use it to benifit everyone. He then told his son that his mother was taken and murdered by the church simply for being a mage.

    Percival thanked his father and during the dark of night left his home in search of revenge for his mother. He swore he would become a great mage and destroy the church once and for all. Percival found some peaceful druids that showed him the ways of sorcery. He trained with them for a little more than a year and now that he's ready he finally starts his journey.
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  20. Its good!... But... Remember this is a modern RP... So there aren't really kingdoms... If you want he could come from a rural area?
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