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Basically, welcome to magic anon hell. Yeeee. //If you didn't understand that, please proceed as usual! You also have my permission to stab me with a writing utensil if necessary?
Alright, so I've had something flitting about in my head for a few days and would like to pitch it at anyone interested! I'm not at all eloquent, though, haha, so bear with me. ;u;

So it's similar to your run of the mill experiment roleplay in that a bunch of individuals are suddenly thrust into a strange scenario and place without their consent, changes may be made to their mental/physical state because someone feels like it, and they aren't escaping any time in the foreseeable future. However, there are a few very important differences:

- They're literally all supernatural creatures. All of them. *
* You'd have complete ownership of the species your character belongs to and the fun things pertaining to that. You can read about this here:
All genders and sexualities will be permitted!

Once "claimed" by one person making their character that species, a specific species is no longer up for the taking by others. This is because that person is allowed to determine the characteristics and traits of that species - it's so that the owner of that species has full control over its traits and nobody has to contend with that owner.
* If you guys have talked to each other about creating characters of the same species, that's alright.

Subsets of a species that is technically the same are fine. So an incubus and one of the seven deadly sins, under the umbrella of demon, can both be present in the roleplay.

In the roleplay's canon, humans are not fully aware of what goes around them, so misconceptions are abundant in lore. This is good for you because it means that you can literally do whatever you want with a species! Adhere to what you find in research or make your own decisions. Do angels have varying plumage? Do their wings feel anything when pulled or otherwise touched, and do those sensations vary or is every action uniformly comfortable/uncomfortable for the angel? Is there a hierarchy in your species, and if so does it have signals it uses for dominance or submission [;)))]? Would those signals be readily understood by other species - or would they seem a little peculiar?

You can also determine typical interspecific relationships with permission from another player. For instance, if they're playing, like, a vampire and you're a werewolf, you can delineate whether or not there'd be any immediate nasty feelings between the two if both of you are okay with it. This is fine.
I haven't yet determined the species of my character, but you have my permission to mess around with them and their species as much as you'd like once I do.

Characters can be humanoid only. However, it is perfectly fine to humanize an inhuman creature! For example, if you feel a phoenix would be cool, just apply some of those traits to a human body and you're good to go. As long as it doesn't hit anthropomorphic, the general rule is that it's okay. Nekos and such are fine.

It's your choice whether or not you want to keep any mutations in physical form that may occur over the course of the roleplay. As opposed to the traditional injection via syringe, such things are likely the result of a visitation by the sadistic thingy that runs things, who probably decided that a character was more fun with a modification than without.

You can have my notes on certain species if you're feeling a little unsteady about creation. I have a bunch. *v*"

- Since I've noticed that experiment roleplays don't tend to thrive, possibly due to the inability of characters to remain in certain places at certain times and the difficulty of organization in general, this will not be something where they run amok outside of experiments but will be segregated in regards to them. Instead, they're forced into two separate "teams" - and most contact will be within a being's team. They may also possibly be trained or conditioned to despise members of the other, in the inevitable case that they do interact. Half believes they're the protagonists and the others are antagonists, but the other half believes the exact same darn thing. Also a good opportunity for forbidden romance, because who doesn't like that occasionally?

- As opposed to individual experimentation where singular entities are just randomly tossed in the frying pan of pain and suffering, everyone is subjected to the same malady at the same time. That thing will be announced to all beings at the beginning of the day and continue on 'till its end. For an example, "SURPRISE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE". The team with the last surviving member wins, and if it's not late enough in the day to constitute sleep either the winning team chooses what to do or, like, if there was a draw it'd be similar to "WHOOPS YOU ALL JUST ACCIDENTALLY DRANK PUNCH ILLOGICALLY INFUSED WITH APHRODISIACS AT A PARTY, GO WILD UNTIL BEDTIME" or "HEY, PLAY NICE. EVERYONE IS NOW SHACKLED TO A MEMBER OF A DIFFERENT TEAM." Also, there could potentially be random shit that has nothing to do with teams. I don't intend to be particularly controlling pertaining to this, so suggestions from players would be considered. c:'

- Instead of a government-sanctioned or semi-private procedure with a bunch of scientists curiously or sadistically conducting research on supernatural creatures, there'd probably be one or two people responsible for this? If it's just one, they'd be something with near-godlike powers choosing playthings at random and opening pocket universes and stuff to put them in so that they can have a little fun. The announcements before a day's proceedings would be from this entity and occasionally they would pester the beings stuck in this horrible, wonderful thing.

I don't intend on imposing player slots at this time, but if they were present the limit would be at around 8. (Should the limit be whatever number of players we have at start time and the number of characters be divisible by 3, I will split everyone into teams of 3.)
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Hmmm.... You have my attention and interest. ^^
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Thank you both for your interest! :O I honestly didn't expect things to take off in any way, ahaha. If any of you have questions of some sort, let me know and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

L Yagami

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As clarification: I am waiting for the interest of maybe two more people (one minimum) and will create threads for the roleplay soon after that. c:"

Species will obviously vary, and characters can come from all walks of life - the acquisition method of the "being that runs things" dictates that these beings aren't just getting picked off from the streets. It's not too important to the workings of things and is probably super confusing, so I won't go into detail.
However, the canonical reason that two individuals from one species cannot come together is that it would reduce "the fun." Basically, if two people from the same species were to hang around each other, it would constitute an easy alliance, and that is not something that being would be going for. They want these people out of their comfort zone and forced to make or break relationships within the team and out of it. If two people from two different teams are on good terms and feel ambivalent about hurting the other team because of it, this being feels it's more interesting when that bond is forged when the boundary of species is broken. No crutches like sharing species traits and experiences are allowed, because that's no fun.
//It's also a possibility that they feel bitter about a previous wrong done to them by their own species and are indirectly projecting their feelings as a result. Not much is hammered out here, haha.