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  1. This is about the TV show, not just supernatural things in general, sorry to anyone who was looking for something else

    Hey there everyone, my name's Lenore, but you can call me Len… or Lenore, I guess. I honestly don't mind either way. Supernatural is my weakness and therefore I'd like to role play it. I've got a nifty little list of plots right below this, and if your a destiel shipper, YOU'RE IN LUCK, because most of these plots are totally destiel. If you're nota destiel shipper YOU'RE IN LUCK, if you take a look at the last idea, the destiel in it is completely optional and will probably end up being a side thing if you do like destiel. If you are not a destiel shipper and you like my last idea, please don't hesitate to talk to me about it because it's the only one without romance. That is my favorite plot that I have here and I really, really want to do that particular plot.

    I'd really like to play Dean, but if you rather play him then I am okay with playing Castiel for the fourth idea. Sorry, but for everything else I want to play Dean (if you want to play Cas for the 4th idea that's great, I'm only offering this so people who prefer to play Dean can have a chance to do so).

    One last tiny thing before we can get to the goods (sorry this is taking me for fivever, I just want us all to be clear on what's what here). If you like more than one idea here, that's great, we can do one, we can do them all! I wouldn't post any of them if I wasn't willing to do so. Also, I want to hear your ideas! Don't be afraid to let me know any changes or additions you'd like to make.

    Now, to the ideas:

    1) this one isn't really a plot, but more of a general idea. Said idea is (temporarily) body swapping

    2) if you've read riseofthefallenone's (aka Jen) fanfics, either Out of the Deep or Angle's wild then I'd be interested in rping something like that with y'all

    3) reverse verse, where Castiel is a priest and dean & Sam are angels (loosely based around riseofthefallenone and pappcave's fic... That I can't remember the name of but the title had faith in it I think and it was great)

    4) My OC is from a different dimension, a dimension where Supernatural is just a TV show and monsters/magic isn't real. What she doesn't know is that she isn't originally from that dimension. She is actually the child of a Demon and Angel from a different dimension and was simply planted into her current one. She is a rare creature known as a Demangel (real original, I know, but I liked it because it kind of sounds like a damned angel, which is kind of what a half angel half demon is. I have a whole bunch if info on demangels that I cooked up that I can tell you about). The angels from the Winchesters dimension notice a large source of power where there shouldn't be one and they go to find the Demangel, but what they don't know is that she watches a show called Supernatural and is determined to join team free will. This is a platonic role play, and well have to double, me playing Dean and my OC. You can either play Sam and cas (this is if you want to make it destiel or if you just don't want to play an OC) or you can play Sam and your OC that would be a sibling to my OC and be another Demangel.

    I have a couple of guidelines if you're going to role play with me. I don't feel as if it's anything really strict or annoying, I'm just trying to have a good RP experience like I'm sure all of you guys are.

    -be at least 13. I know some great writers at this age, but any age below that and things can get a little uncomfortable.

    -post at least 2 meaty paragraphs per character you play, the only time I will be okay with less is if there is a bunch of dialogue.

    -if you're interested in doing something more than pg-13 then we can trade emails, that's fine with me, but for this you have to be 16+, no exceptions

    -post at least once a week. I won't bug you until a week and a half has gone by and I ask you to do the same if I don't post for whatever reason

    Side note: I love fluff, if you can't tell, so if were doing a romance (and we are unless were doing 7) I don't want it to be dark or super angsty, some angst is definitely welcome, but I don't want to be absolutely drowned in heart break and agony, okay?

    Alrighty then my destiel shippers (or not destiel shippers), that seems to be everything, so feel free to reply to this or message me!
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  2. God damn I came here thinking by Supernatural you meant as in magical and paranormal not as in the TV show and i was massively confused. Someone needs to change the name of that show.
  3. Oh, sorry about that, I'll make sure to edit it so it says that it's about the tv show on top
  4. hehe. Actually, would you recommend Supernatural to someone who loves magical things? I was looking for a new TV show to watch anyway.
  5. Definitely, it's filled with all sorts of different creatures and magic and stuff. I don't know how much you know about it, but the two main characters aren't magical, really, but hunt said magical things that kill people.
  6. I know this about it:
    1. It is called supernatural
    2. It uses real actors
    3. It is on TV quite a lot.
    4. I'm going to see if I can watch the first couple of episodes on the internet and judge from there given a large amount of magical creatures is an appealing concept.
  7. I hope you like it!
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