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    Game Masters: Alexa

    Accepting New Characters: Yes

    Posting Expectations: Quality over Quantity, Details, Little to no "Fluff" content

    Rating: Age Difference, Dubious Consent, Euphemisms: Explicit, Hardcore Kink, Hurt/Comfort, Chick on Chick, Jail Bait, BDSM

    Genre: Urban Fantasy

    Atmosphere/Mood: Serious, Dramatic, Ominous, Bittersweet, Mysterious, Terrorizing, Romantic

    Plot Flow: Linear

    Timeline: Modern

    Basic Plot: A group of young teenagers, all female, have been specially trained by S.E.I., Supernatural Entity Investigation, in order to hunt down the monsters of Devereaux City. This includes hunting down supernatural beings such as vampires, witches, demons, and fairies who aren't exactly your fairy godmother. They've been training for many years now, having the most advanced technology and unique skills to deal with such monsters. Assignments have been proven to be successful over the many years, but what happens when the leader of their group suddenly goes missing one night? These girls must now give it their all to not give in to the supernatural beauties lurking around every corner in order to find the one responsible for their leader's sudden disappearance. Will they survive or will they give in to their sweet, selfish desires?


    1.) I expect you to have the adept posting expectations.

    2.) I expect you to have the ability to play NPCs and contribute to the story without derailing the focus of the game.

    3.) Grammar and spelling mistakes should be little to none. An easy way to prevent this from coming down is to proofread.

    4.) No one-liners or semi-paragraphs. A full paragraph is five sentences. At least one paragraph is expected.

    5.) Do not meta-play, auto-hit, god-mod, or auto-kill. Permission needs to be approved beforehand by me and your target.

    6.) Third person, past tense. No present tense or first person. An example would be: She sniffed, unable to grasp the fact that she just lied to her friend for a self-centered purpose- to secretly continue seeing the boy that she knew was her friend's boyfriend.

    7.) Be willing to play different gender roles. Despite the main cast being all female, there will be males too.

    8.) Be courteous and respectful to your members.

    9.) At least one post a week is expected. Let us know beforehand if you cannot fulfill this expectation for one week or another.

    10.) Have fun!


    Name: (First and last name.)

    Age: (15+)

    Gender: (Make a female before you make any male characters.)

    Occupation: (Their position in S.E.I. and occupation outside of S.E.I., such as a high school student or café barista.)

    Affiliation: (They're all part of S.E.I. so put that down, as well as any other affiliates such as Devereaux Senior High School or a part-time job outside of S.E.I. that they do. Be specific on the place's name if you write down where they work.)

    Special Skills: (Skills they have obtained whilst training at S.E.I.)

    Appearance: (Insert a link to the image. DO NOT insert edit image and absolutely NO anime images or semi-realism. Realistic is expected, preferably one where you can clearly see what your character looks like such as portraits, colored photography, etc.)

    History: (A brief outlook on their life is expected but more detail is preferred (i.e. major events that changed them into who they are now). If they're still of high school age, explain how they came to be supernatural hunters within S.E.I. Explain their motivation for doing so and be sure to state their motivation clearly and whether they did/didn't drop out of high school in order to stand by S.E.I. on a part-time/full-time basis.)

    Writing Sample: (At least a paragraph please. Preferably of the character you've made.)

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