Supernatural Hunters RP? Need one or two people! :D

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  1. Would anyone be interested in doing a private RP with me? I was thinking it could either be a one on one or even a three person RP. I’ve been DYING to do something Supernatural like, expect we play as our own characters rather than Dean and Sam. Don’t fret though! If you haven’t seen Supernatural, please read on and I’ll explain everything to you. ^^

    I was thinking that if it were just two people playing, one could be a girl and the other a guy that had met up somehow and decided to hunt together. As for the three person one, two people could possibly be related and the third is a friend who lost their family some years ago to a demon, and the two others decided to let them move in with them, for safety. They were hunters years ago, but stopped for awhile, until they got a new lead on the demon who killed the other persons family. From there they set out to find the demon, but end up doing other missions along the way.

    So, our characters would basically travel around the US in car, and hunt creatures when they hear about them. They can stop and rest at places of course, but they’re mostly on the move.

    I’d like to play the girl though and would like at least one boy?

    --If you haven’t seen Supernatural, please read on. If you haven’t, you can skip till the dotted line.--

    ((You DON’T need to have seen the show to partake in this RP, just please read on and hopefully things make sense. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask! ^^))

    So, if you haven’t seen Supernatural, let me explain some things to you. There are all sorts of supernatural beings out there, but not everyone knows they exist. Hunters are people who know of the supernatural and basically make it their lives to go out and rid the world of evil. Hunters usually travel around by car, and snoop out odd deaths they hear about in the papers or the internet. For example, if they hear about a string of wolf related attacks that have been happening in one remote area, they usually go and check it out, because it could be a werewolf or some other creature. Most hunters have their own real reasons for hunting, whether it be it runs in the family or they lost friends or family to something supernatural.

    There are TONS of different creatures out there and below I will link you to a page that has just about all of the ones that have shown up in the series, but feel free to add in creatures that you want. Anything goes really.

    Now, when it comes to killing, there’s different ways to kill certain creatures. I will also link you to a page that has the different weapons used and what they do.

    I’m only going to discuss demons, because they’re brought up the most and have more of a... Different background than what some people portray demons as. Other creatures, such as vampires, werewolfs and that are pretty run of the mill.

    Demons can use telepathy, telekinesis, and half super strength and enhanced endurance. They can also use their minds to injury people as well as control them through their minds. Demons can also bring back people from the dead or even heal them, but only if a deal is made. (Will get to deals in a moment.)

    Demons never really appear in their true form. They walk among people almost undetected, because they possess people and pretty much make them their own little puppets. They can possess the dead or the living, it doesn’t matter. Say you stabbed a person well a demon was possessing them. The demon wouldn’t be hurt, but you would be hurting the human he is possessing. As long as the demon is in the body, it still appears to be alive. However, if the demon decides to leave the body for whatever reason, if enough damage is done, it could kill the human instantly. (They can also make their eyes go black when they want to be known.)

    Demons can make deals with people, practically granting them any wish they want. This comes with a price however. Basically, you sell your soul for whatever you want. Deals are sealed with a kiss. Usually demons set a strict ten year limit. Meaning, when your ten years are up, hellhounds come for you and take you to hell. From their, your souls is tormented and abused until you yourself become a demon.

    Okay! Now onto what kills them! :D

    -Preventing possession and riding demons from bodies-

    Exorcism: When a demon is exorcised via ritual, its sent back to hell in a plume of black smoke. If they human it was possessing hadn’t received life threatening injuries well possessed, they’re fine.

    Preventive Charms: These are just charms that look like below that people can wear to prevent being possessed.

    Preventive Tattoo: The tattoo is the same symbol as the charm and works the same, it’s just easier to keep track of. XD

    -Hindering Demons-(The following does not kill them, simply buys you time.)

    Holy Water: When demons touch holy water their skin burns.

    Salt: Demons cannot cross a salt line. So, if a person were to make a large circle around them from salt, they couldn’t be touched. That being said, some hunters pack salt into bullets and shot demons that way. It causes extreme pain.

    Iron: Works the same way as salt basically. They can’t touch it or they will endure extreme pain.

    Devils Trap: A symbol that is marked on a ceiling or the floor. The demon can step into the circle, but cannot step out. If the circle is broken somehow, they can leave. Picture below.

    -Killing Demons-

    The Colt: The colt is a special gun that can kill just about anything as long as you use the original bullets. The Colts whereabouts are unknown which is something our characters will be locating at some point.

    Special Knife: Its a special knife that has the ability to kill a demon the minute they are stabbed.

    Burning their remains: If one is lucky enough to find where the original body of the demon was buried before they became a demon, they can burn its bones which kills the demons.

    On another note, spirits work just about the same way when it comes to killing. The can officially die if one burns their bones. Iron and salt also affect them the same way as well.

    Anyways. I know that was super long, but I want this to be perfect and I wanted to explain everything so if you haven’t seen Supernatural, you wouldn’t be totally confused. Below is a link to the weapons used as well as a list of creatures.



  2. -throws hands in the air- OH MY GOD!!! LETS DO IT!!!! XD Have you watched up to season 7 yet?
  3. I have seen all the episodes, I am in :)