Supernatural Hunters [LIBERTEEN]

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    Game Masters: Alexa

    Accepting New Characters: Yes

    Posting Expectations: Quality over Quantity, Details, Little to no "Fluff" content

    Rating: Age Difference, Dubious Consent, Euphemisms: Explicit, Hardcore Kink, Hurt/Comfort, Chick on Chick, Jail Bait, BDSM

    Genre: Urban Fantasy

    Atmosphere/Mood: Serious, Dramatic, Ominous, Bittersweet, Mysterious, Terrorizing, Romantic

    Plot Flow: Linear

    Timeline: Modern

    Basic Plot: A group of young teenagers, all female, have been specially trained by S.E.I., Supernatural Entity Investigation, in order to hunt down the monsters of Devereaux City. This includes hunting down supernatural beings such as vampires, witches, demons, and fairies who aren't exactly your fairy godmother. They've been training for many years now, having the most advanced technology and unique skills to deal with such monsters. Assignments have been proven to be successful over the many years, but what happens when the leader of their group suddenly goes missing one night? These girls must now give it their all to not give in to the supernatural beauties lurking around every corner in order to find the one responsible for their leader's sudden disappearance. Will they survive or will they give in to their sweet, selfish desires?

    Signups/OOC is here if this sounds like something you'd be interested in! (:
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  2. Ak, the link is broken!
  3. Yes, but it really wouldn't matter anyway. You're an adult and the ad specifically states it is liberteen. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  4. Hello! it's good you know that you can't roleplay erotica with adults on this site, so thanks for upholding that policy; it's for your safety as well as the adult's :)

    However we also only allow Libertine/Liberteen advertising within the age-locked forums. Roleplay Advertising is a public forum, which means members from both age groups can see it; not only is this frustrating for adults who may be interested but can't join it, it opens the temptation to try and circumvent the rules, which is illegal and earns the sneaky party/ies an insta-ban :(

    Therefore I have moved this roleplay ad to one x one libertine signups and requests, if you wanted a group roleplay, please PM me and I'll move it there!
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