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  1. For years now supernaturals have been misjudged and used as stories to be told to scare others as a joke.
    Of course there were good ones too such as angels and fairies and nymphs. They like the stories humans told about them. But whether you were good or bad, you wouldn't want to be seen by a human.
    So how do they stay hidden besides the cliche shapeshift stories?
    The have their own little hideout deep within the Earth. Any and every supernatural creature can be found there.
    They keep it well hidden, well....most of the time.


    It was a Friday and school has finally ended.
    That evening Kennedy made plans to hang out with her brother over the weekend since she hardly got to see him much anymore.
    The young girl walk out the school building and instead of heading home she went in the opposite direction, to walk off to Mark's place.
  2. (AGH SO SORRY!)

    Mark open the door of his home and walk out and closes the door behinde him,he needed to pick up his Little sister as she was coming over and well better go get her,The school was near and wont be that long of a walk,he would take a deep breath of fresh air and would begine his walk down the street Towards the school.

    As he walk he would be looking foward,as he would see a Figure in the distance,Black hair...Yep,he smield and raise his arm up and wave at his sister to let her know he was here,as he would lower his arm and would begin aproching her.

    Once near he had a smiel and would lean down and Hug Ken as he would say "How is my Little sister"he ays with a chuckle as he would hold her shulders and look at her with a smiel as he leans down.
  3. In the distance, Kennedy saw her older brother raise his hand to catch her eye.
    She sped up her walk and went to him just he was walking towards her.
    "I'm good, how's my big brother?" she asked as she poked him in the rib.
  4. He strains a Little and would Chuckle,as he would sudently Pick her up and Raise her Up high,he chuckle and would gently put her down after a Hug,as he would say "Im good Ken...Now come on the Pizza might be geting cold"he said with a smiel as he would place his hand on her back and would smiel down at her as he would start walking with her back to his home,he was happy to have his Little sis be here and spend soe time togheather.
  5. Kennedy laughed before starting to walk off with Mark.
    "What kind of pizza would that be?" she asked as she raised an eyebrow. Kennedy would usually prefer just cheese, of course she would eat any other as well.
    She wondered what he had planned for the weekend. Kennedy wanted to make it last since she doesn't see him as much as she used.
  6. Mark walk with her as he would answer "Exra Crunchy Pizza with peperoni...Kinda new to the menu"he said as he continue his walk,as after some time he would reach the front of his house,he strech and would unlock the front door with the keys,as he would walk inside and hold the door open for Ken as he would say "Make yourself at home....Your Room is Upstairs to the left ok?...I will get the pizza ready"he said as he would remove his Coat and would hang it near the door way.

    He then headed towards the Kitche and would go towards the Oven as he left the Pizza in there so it dosent loose its hotness,as he would open it and take the pizza out as he would wonder somthing and ask from the Kitchen "How large you whant the slice?"
  7. Kennedy walked into his house and followed him in the kitchen once she heard him ask a question.
    "The size doesn't matter, just as long as it isn't too big," Kennedy answered. She sat on top of the counter as she watched her brother take the pizza out the oven and cut it up.
  8. He would slice a pice for her,was not to big but wa enough to maybe fill her for now,as he would place it on a Flat plate and would put it beside her,as he would say Enjoy....oh and dont talk with your mouth full...You know what happend last month"he said with a chuckle as he would cut a Pice for himself and would place it on a Nother plate,he closes the Pizza box and would slide it to the side befor takinf a bite of his Pizza,as a *CRUNCH* can be heard from the extra Crunchy Pizza "Hmm..Taste good"he said swallowing
  9. Kennedy laughed at the memory Mark brought up. "I know I know... I won't talk with my mouth full," she said before taking a bite out of her pizza.
    "Hm not bad," she stated after she swallowed her first bite.
    She quietly ate her pizza before jumping off the counter where she was sitting.
  10. He look at her and smield as he would take a Nother Bite from his Pizza "How is Mom?...have not seen her in a wille"he said as he would get the Pizza box and place it in the oven for later,he take a Nother bite of his Pizza and would Finish it,he would Open tthe Fridge and would ask "whant somthing to drink?"
  11. "Mom is good. Still the same," Kennedy answered.
    She walked around to peek in the refrigerator once Mark opened it. "What do you got?" she asked as she tried to see past Mark.
  12. He look over his shulder and would Move a Little so she could see and would say as he points at what he has "we have coka-cola...pepsi...some Orange juice...milk and we could add chocolat on it"He said as he would wait,as he dose he would hear a bark from a Dog as it seems,he lift his head and look around as it sounded like it came inside the house,he dint have a Dog?
  13. Kennedy was just about to ask for some Pepsi when she heard the dog bark.
    "You got a dog or something?" she asked confused. Wouldn't he have told her if he did? Kennedy took out some Pepsi from the fridge before looking back at Mark to wait for his answer.
  14. Mark look confused as he dint have a dig,he look at her and said "I...dont have a Dog....Maybe is the TV or somthing"he said as he would close the Fridge and would walk towards the Living room,only to see everything was off,he scrach the top of his head as were did that bark came from,as he would say from the Living room "no everything is off here...maybe i left a window open and its the dogs outside"
  15. Kennedy looked confused after hearing he didn't have a dog.
    Mark then suggested that maybe a window was open, that would have made a lot more sense. Kennedy looked around but didn't the window open.
    "It's not any windows down here, maybe an upstairs window is open."
  16. "well...lets forget it,they are just dogs"he said as he would peek in the Kitchen and would gesture her to come to the Living room,he would turn on the TV and would sit down on the couch and would say "Tomorrow we are going to a park that they are Opening and was wondering if ya whanted to come"
  17. Kennedy followed Mark into the living and sat besides him.
    "A park? Yeah, I'll go with," she answered with a smile. She didn't really care where they would go as long as she got to hang out with her brother.
  18. He look at her with a chuckle and would smiel Huging her closer to him and would kiss the Top of her head and would say "That is my little sis"he said as he would have her close and would change the chanale of the TV,as he dose he would hear snarling like from a canine,he amidiatly looks back and sees nothing,the snarliing still can be heard "The hell is that Noise?"
  19. Kennedy hugged her brother back and laughed.
    She turned towards the TV as he was changing the channel. She then heard the growling and looked around.
  20. The snarling stop and he could hear foots steps,he would stand up and would say "stay here ok"he said as he would start exploring the house for the source of the Noice as the foot steps would stop and nothing but pure silece was there,he would head back to the living room and would sit back down on the couch as he would say "Its jut outside"he said as he would look was nothing,he would pay back attention to the TV holding his Little sister close
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