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  1. Okay, post characters here and figure out anything you want to do, I'll be back in a couple of days.

    Chimera Victims: When someone is killed by a chimera their soul is devoured and converted into energy, after which several things can be done.

    The body can be left to become another chimera which will kill innocents to create a new mirror realm.

    It can be taken to the church and converted into a single use anti chimera bomb.

    Or taken to the Mage association to have the last remnants of it's soul replaced to create a homunculus with some basic remnants of it's old life.

    Final, the body's remaining life force can be absorbed by a mage for power, which warps their body and soul.
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  2. Name: "My name is Bridget Campbell, but you can call me Vi(pronounced 'Vee')."

    Age: "I am 24 years old."

    Gender: "I'm a woman. I can prove it, if you'd like."

    Nationality: "Scottish, but I was born in America and have only a slight accent."

    Sexuality: "If you're lucky, maybe you'll find out for yourself."

    Personality: "You could say I'm a bit of a flirt. I can be loud, vulgar, and I drink a bit too much, but I just like to have fun and do what I want. I don't like being told what to do, and for your sake, you'd be wise not to bother me when I'm working."

    Dress Sense: "I've always been a fan of a good flannel with jeans. I've got a tanktop underneath, and I'll take the flannel off when it gets hot."

    Likes: "I like cars, alcohol, men, women, and food. In that order. I also like tattoos, both on me and others."

    Dislikes: "I don't like people who are arrogant, self-righteous, or think they can tell me what to do." She takes a moment. "Or kiwis. I don't like kiwis."

    Skills: "I'm a very good engineer, and with the right tools and enough time, I can build, repair, or destroy just about anything."


    (Credit to Paul Hyun Woo Kwon)

    Social Bonus: "Oh, I'm very social. I've made quite a few connections through work and going out to bars. I've got friends all over, and a few owe me some favors."

    Magic Focus: "My magic generally revolves around construction, destruction, or repair."

    Utility Spells: "Um, let's see...

    There's X-Ray, which let's me see through things. Useful for looking behind walls or into machines to find broken
    Change is a neat one. It swaps any item for a different, yet similar, item. Like, swapping one wrench for another,
    or changing my current outfit into a different one.
    And I've got Attraction. It makes things attracted to me, making them a bit more agreeable."


    "There's Diagnosis, where I meditate with something for a while, and I understand what it's made of, how it
    works, and anything that's wrong with it.
    And Sentience, which lets me sit and take over a machine as if I were the machine."

    Minor Spells: "I've got a few minor spells in my arsenal:

    First, we've got Scrap Weapon. It's just how it sounds. I take a piece of scrap and turn it into an actual weapon.
    Like, turning a piece of rebar into a sword, or a rock into a sort of brass knuckles.
    Then, there's Scrap Armor. Same idea as the last, but I turn the scrap into a piece of armor.
    Also, one called Enhance. It, well, enhances things. It'll make things stronger, whether it's a weapon, some
    armor, or my own muscles.
    Finally, I have Mend. This one allows me to heal small wounds. Nothing too big, though. So, I can't un-break
    bones or reattach limbs. But scratches, scrapes, bruises, are all fine."

    Medium Spells: "My stronger spells include:

    Repair, which lets me quickly repair multiple small items or one larger thing. Like, I can repair my armor and weapons, or fix a broken-down engine.
    Restraint, which I can use to, well, restrain enemies. So, I could have the ground come up and grab their legs, or
    I could have a wall wrap around them.
    And Degrade, which breaks down anything from walls to machines to, yes, people."

    Major Spells: "Now, my big spell is my favorite.

    It's called, wait for it, Scrap Golem. Inventive, I know. Again, pretty self-explanatory. I can use things around me
    to make autonomous machines. I can make one large one, or a few smaller ones, depending on the size and
    what I have at my disposal."

    Character Bio: "So, you wanna know about my past? Alright. Well, I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. My da came over from Scotland with his parents when he was very little. They came over for work when it was still the 'Motor Capital of the World'. My grandda worked in a factory until he died. Same with my da, except he's still workin'. Just like him, I started learning at a very young age. I caught on quickly and once or twice heard the word 'gift' thrown around.

    My ma is a delivery driver, which is how she met my father. She made a delivery to his factory, and they immediately knew it was love. Or somethin like that. But, with them working all the time, I was left to take care of myself most of the time. Getting ready for school, eating, getting ready for bed, it was all me. I also spent a lot of time in the streets, 'cause I had nothing better to do. Out there, I learned how to drink, how to party, and most importantly, how to fight.

    Instead of working in a factory, I ended up being a mechanic. Mostly working on cars for gang members, but occasionally I was called in to repair machines at my da's factory. I first noticed my powers when repairing things suddenly became a lot easier. Rust would suddenly disappear, cracks would get mended seemingly on their own, and engines that were thought to be dead just came back to life. I would go to junkyards and test my powers out, and eventually learned what I could do and how to control it."
  3. Important facts Magic girl said

    Ameko Tsukami (open)

    Name: Ameko Tsukami
    "Ah-meh-coh Tsu-Kah-mee. Please Say it correctly."

    Age: 16
    "The nun's say I should start early."

    Gender: Female
    "It would be most indecent to prove it though."

    Nationality: Japanese
    "I don't know if I was born there though."

    Sexuality: Straight
    "Would it be a sin to fall in love now?"

    Personality: She is a very simple girl who appears not to be very reactive to many things. In truth, she is very emotional but is not very good at showing it. She also appears to come off as sarcastic due to her having trouble effectively showing how she feels. She is not completely incapable of showing her emotion, it is just that they come off very subtle . If she is happy she will smile a little. If she is sad, she won't cry but she might keep looking down. If she is mad, she might ignore you or keep looking at you. Her voice is very calm and she is rarely outspoken and is easily spoken over in times of high emotion. She is very positive in most things though and believes that the Kami is always watching over people. Though the world is a sinful place, it is her job to help it repent and bring it into Kami's favor. She another thing that defines her is curiosity. She finds people and there motivations interesting, especially when they go against Kami's will. Be it a fight or as a normal girl, it is not uncommon for her to just stop and question something she does not understand.
    "The nuns say I have a really good fortitude but they never listen..."

    Dress Sense: She commonly wears non revealing clothes and loves long skirts, short sleeve shirts, and always has a cross somewhere on her person. Also She loves to cosplay as a ninja in her free time or when hunting down mages.
    "I was told it is sinful to reveal yourself to anyone but your special person."

    Likes: Bug catching. Parkour. The church. Children. A clear sky. The crescent moon. Interesting people. Removing sin from the world. Anime. Ninjas.

    Dislikes: Sinful people. Mages. Rain. Those without belief or hope. The cults
    "Mages not chosen by Kami are the greatest Sinners."

    Skills: Daggers. Parkour. Throwing weapons.
    "These make me a ninja."

    "When doing parkour, one must shout parkour or else it doesn't count as parkour... Wait, what do you mean I need to pick a real quote. I am so confused... parkour"

    Social Bonus: "I am not good at speaking to others, but that is ok because ninjas don't need words."

    Magic Focus: Insect Mimicry
    "My magic is base off bugs"

    Utility Spells:
    -Composite Eyes: Turns her eyes into Composite eyes, granting her a boost in motion tracking and boost to field of vision, even in darkness. (While it does not grant night vision, the user can detect movement in the dark)
    "The better to see you with."

    -Antennae: Grants her boost in smell, tracking.
    "The better to smell you with."

    -Camouflage: Grants her the ability to blend in with her surroundings if she stays still for a short period of time.
    "The most ninja ability in my Kit."

    -4 Eyes: Grant 2 small black eyes which can see magic and expand the range of color visible.
    "It's no wonder moths fly in the moon light. Have you ever seen Ultra Violet?"

    -Pond Skater: Grants the user the ability to skate on the waters surface without sinking.
    "Ninja art water walking."

    Rituals: Used outside of combat for some gain Pick 2.
    -Cocoon: Wrap one's self in silk and enter a weaken state. While in this state, the user can rapidly heal wound and restore energy while removing fatigue.
    "I always fear turning into a butterfly after using this..."

    -Hive Mind: The user Meditates and gains access to communicate with insects. They can then learn from the things the insect as seen.
    "Bugs tell the funniest jokes. Wanna hear one?
    What do you call a fly with no wings?

    A walk!"

    Minor Spells: Your basic spells that you use the most (e.g a beam attack) Pick up to four.
    -Mantis Claws: The user spawns magical Claws similar to those of a praying mantis.
    -Beatle Shell: The user spawns an hard shell over a part of their body to block an attack.
    -Ant Strength: The user gains enhance strength.
    -Silkworm String: The user fires a stick string to bind down foes.
    "Bugs are like living weapons"

    Medium Spells: More powerful attacks for tougher foes (e.g chain lightning) Pick up to three.
    -Flea Leap: A powerful leap or lunge that allows the user to jump up to 60 meters.
    -Mantis Ambush: instantly Grants the user Camouflage(without the no motion requirement) for a up to 3 seconds up to 5 times within a 30 second window.
    -Ant lion pit trap: Strike the ground and create a sandpit trap that pulls its victims to its center.
    "You wont get away."

    Major Spells: Your ultimate attack/trump card, pick one.
    -Assassin Bug Rostrum: The user spawns a rostrum on their arms and a poison sack on their back filled with paralyzing venom. The User can try and spray the venom at a range to slow down opponents or they can impale the opponent and directly inject the venom for an enhanced effect.
    "Don't worry... it only hurts a lot."

    Character Bio:
    Kidnapped at birth, Ameko has spend her entire life under guidance from the church. She was taught how magic is a sin and only the lord and his chosen ones were only allowed to have it. In order to further enforce this idea, she has been sheltered from most of the outside world. It wasn't until high school that she was allowed to leave the church and learn about the interesting world around her. Also she learned what it meant to be a chosen one. Her secret mission was to hunt down sinful mages who were not chosen by god so that the church could purify them. However this also bred her obsession with ninjas which she think are the coolest things ever, next to thy lord that is. While the church question this interest, they let it slide as long as it didn't effect her mission. In fact it has only improved it as she has used these ninja "techniques" to better stalk and hunt down those who would disrespect the lord.
    "I was chosen by Kami and I wont let my Kami down."

    Church NPCs (open)

    Church Hierarchy
    Pope: unknown
    Bishops (Called Patriarch):

    Cardinal Valentine
    Magic: Life Magic

    -Greater Blessing: Heals the wounds of the target and enhances that physical and magic power of the target base on the amount healed.
    -Angelic Summoning: Summons lesser angels representing the 7 arch angels Jegudiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael,Uriel, Raphael, and Barachiel
    -Gods Blessing: After being killed, the user will revive. No known method exist to permanently put down users with this ability besides old age.

    Father Kevin
    Magic: Hunting Magic

    -Holy Hunter: the user becomes a more adapt marksmen when targeting magic beings and there magic becomes more powerful when hitting creatures of true sin/evil/demonic/unholy attributes.
    -Holy Companion: summons a wolf who is also under the effect of Holy Hunter. Said wolf is not a being but an collection of the users magic. Should the wolf be dispelled, all magic returns to the user and the wolf respawns at the hunters side. The wolf can mutate it's body after successfully eating or absorbing foreign magic. These effects are dispelled if the wolf is dispelled. The wolf also releases a magic field wish collect on all beings around it. The more of this magic that collects on the being, the harder it is for them to move. These effects are dispelled if the wolf is dispelled.
    -Holy Rifle: the user carries an giant cross which is used as a magic rifle. The rifle collects magic from around it, turns it into holy energy and can discharge it in 3 ways. Energy beams of varying sizes. Lock on homing magic arrows, magic field disruptor explosive energy balls which do little damage overall but hits a large area and slows down anyone in the area.

    These are non-holy soldiers and mages of the church. While they may not be inside the Hierarchy of the Church, they are found and respected up and down the order. The authority of a Palidan is equal to the member he or her serves.

    List of paladins

    Ameko Tsukami - Sister Katherine (who works for Father Kevin)

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  4. Name: Eirina Auteur
    Age: Unknown, even her appearance is ambiguous at best
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Is this even something that applies to her, I wonder?
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Personality: Eirina is quiet ordinarily, but has an obsession with books and stories that borders on unhealthy. A seemingly deliberately enigmatic individual, she speaks usually of clich├ęs and plot devices, even when referring to real life, but manages to do so in a way that, if there were hypothetically a fourth wall of the world, she would not break it very often. She is calm and cheery, but will quickly become ruthless at the sight of non-conformity... sometimes. It's incredibly difficult to comprehend her motives, but a girl this cute can't be a bad person, right...?

    Eirina can be rather passive-aggressive about her "story", and is very much a sore loser towards anyone who would stop her from getting her way, deliberately or accidentally. She is possibly the mother of all sore losers, as using her magic to either force them "back on track" or simply outright kill them are the two most common ways she deals with it, albeit it seems to be exceptionally difficult to disrupt her "narrative".

    Dress Sense: Eirina tends to wear white, usually exactly the same extremely fancy dress. In fact, there is no reason to believe she ever wears anything else.

    Likes: Plot twists, character development, epic mystery, books, sweets
    Dislikes: Rebellious characters, poor writing, ineloquent individuals, bitter things, bad actors
    Skills: Eirina is a skilled writer with a huge vocabulary. Go figure. In addition, she seems to be fluent in every single language anyone speaks to her in.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Social Bonus: Eirina seems to have everything she ever needs whenever she wants it, but according to the world unaware of magic, she does not exist, nor has she ever existed.

    Magic Focus: Narrative
    Utility Spells:
    Eirina can use clairvoyance in the form of writing about a real person, and quickly finds the writing chronicling the actual events happening to that person from their perspective.
    Genre Shift
    Eirina can shift the general tone of a space, making any events that occur in it more likely to be positive or negative. They still have no control over what happens within that space though, so it's very unreliable.
    Subject Shift
    Eirina can shift the focus of current events onto another subject, which can influence how events play out by changing the "centerpiece" of what is currently occurring. For instance, by shifting the subject from "a gunman" to "a car", the car may move and coincidentally block a shot that is fired.
    Focus Removal
    Eirina can move an item "in between the lines", allowing her to carry it without physically doing so. This does have limits, as the items still exist, and one person can still only carry so much. However, items under Focus Removal do not slow them down as they have no weight and take up no space, and so anything that can be considered "carriable" can be removed from focus. She primarily uses this to carry around enough books to make the British Library blush.

    This allows Eirina to make a canonical addition to any narrative, provided that she changes nothing within it and it is consistent with the existing contents of that narrative.
    Eirina targets a narrative she has a copy of to hand, be it fiction or non-fiction, and sets it as their "Legend" for other spells. It doesn't matter how accurate to the real world it is; as long as it is a narrative, it can be targeted.
    Minor Spells:
    Characterise: Attribute
    Eirina targets a character in her Legend and gains an "attribute" of their choice from said character. This attribute can be a quality (such as attractiveness or virtue), a number (such as running speed or maximum strength).
    Characterise: Skill
    Eirina targets a character in her Legend and gains a "skill" of their choice from said character. This skill can be knowledge or an inherent ability. There is no reason that it cannot be a secondary capability that the character possesses or embodies either.
    Characterise: Item
    Eirina targets a character in her Legend and gains an "item" of her choice from said character. Said item needs to indisputably belong to that character, and if it is a real item, then she will create an identical copy of it instead. If there is any ambiguity as to its effect, that effect will take the same form it does in the Legend it is taken from.
    Medium Spells:
    Worldbuild: Locale
    Eirina can summon into being a location from the narrative into the real world, functioning as it does in the Legend and treating the caster as whatever character they were drawing on when summoning it.
    Worldbuild: Ruleset
    Eirina can invoke rules laid out in the Legend and apply them to the real world. If there is a conflict between the laws of the real world and the rules of the Legend, the Legend takes precedence.
    Eirina can create a phenomenon or object using the rules outlined in the Legend, which can then by summoned by Characterise: Item.
    Major Spells:
    Eirina can invoke any event from her Legend in the most appropriate context immediately and without fail, potentially even retroactively.

    Character Bio:
    Eirina claims that she "lives outside the story", whatever that's supposed to mean. She is definitely a major piece in the grand scheme of things, but all of the major factions barely have a scrap of information on her, and she doesn't seem to have any allies per se. Her location at any given time is erratic at best, but usually just outright untraceable. It is difficult to tell when exactly Eirina was born either, as there are subtle hints at her existence throughout the history of the magic world, sometimes thousands of years back, but nothing concrete. This has led some to believe that "Eirina Auteur" is an inherited title, rather than a name.


    Name: "Black"
    Age: 17-19
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Accent suggests England
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Black is a cold individual. He demonstrates as little emotion as possible, snarks a lot, and has no qualms about killing. Due to his constant exposure to death, he believes that the world is a brutal place barely worth living in, but continues to do so as there are no alternatives. He himself is not worried about dying, and lives believing that "just living is enough".

    Remnants of his old self quite clearly remain though, as he is still the kind of person who can be absorbed in a TV show or book, appreciate music and good food, and make small talk. He can be excited when challenged, proud when succeeding, disappointed when failing. He is still happy when chatting about meaningless things, solemn when passing through a cemetery, and embarrassed when flirted with. Somewhere, far below the conscious level, Black longs for a life without killing.

    Dress Sense: Black prefers dark, practical clothing. He doesn't care what as long as he can move properly and blend in.

    Likes: Silence, children, rain, listening to people talk
    Dislikes: Killing, hiding, crowds, commitments
    Skills: Black is very skilled with bladed tools and weapons, especially knives. He is more than capable of living by himself and getting by on next to nothing.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Social Bonus: He's actively on the run from the Church, who really, really want him either dead or back under control. But that's not a bonus. He does have a bit of a reputation, but nothing more than "a very dangerous assassin", and knows his way around the underworld of both magic and mundane society.

    Magic Focus: Mana manipulation
    Utility Spells:
    Leyline Sight
    Black is capable of seeing mana, which means he can identify magic and its function quite easily. It also allows him to see what he has dubbed "leylines", the fundamental strings controlling the metaphorical puppet that is a spell, disruption of which can cause a spell to fall apart entirely. However, more complex spells have more leylines, and so are harder to destroy.
    Open Void
    Black's body passively negates the presence of foreign mana. This doesn't mean spells will break on contact with him; rather, they will still affected him as normal. This is because a fireball, for instance, is summoned, and that summoning is the "magic" he normally negates. Spells that would, for example, charm him, however, have no such carrier, and are therefore unable to affect him.
    Black can release his own mana via "bleeding" it through a point. He can do so through tools, and he usually does so with a blade, as it is more precise than his fingertips. In doing so, he is capable of disrupting leylines.
    Flash Raise
    Black can actively amplify his body's capabilities to become faster, stronger, and more durable, and vastly decreases his reaction time. However, the more he does this, the less mana he has to allocate to other abilities, making it harder to use Emission. Flash Raise doesn't apply a set boost, so he can choose how much mana to invest in it.
    Black can convert back and forth between mana and life force. Converting mana into life force means he can heal himself almost instantly, and converting life force into mana gives him more energy to work with at the cost of harming himself. However, both recover over time, so even expending a lot of both has no long-term effects.
    Dead Zone
    Black can establish a large area which mana will be naturally repelled from, making it impossible to recover energy within it. Non-mages will subconsciously avoid and ignore this area, or, if inside it when it is established, will be compelled to leave.
    Minor Spells: N/A
    Medium Spells: N/A
    Major Spells: N/A

    Character Bio:
    Black's first memories are flashes of lying on an operating table, screaming.
    He was eventually woken up, knowing nothing. He was assigned a name: "Black". He was one of two, with the other named White, and were in the custody of a group named "the Church". The pair were told that they were different, changed from what they had been, but neither Black nor White remembered ever being anything else. They were the fruits of decades of research, prototypes for a new species: artificial mages.

    But nonetheless, Black and White were both treated with scorn as unequals. People would tell the pair one thing, and everyone else another. Black began to wonder whether or not he had ever been told anything true at all. But that was impossible. They were special. Important. Necessary for unlimited progress. Holders of infinite potential. And he began to doubt.

    Eventually, Black grew paranoid and tired, and escaped. White refused to come, and so Black left alone, slaughtering the mages who tried to stop him without the blindest bit of exertion. In that moment, Black realised something. He and White were not artificial mages at all. They were tailor-made, perfect killers.

    Black is what is known as an "anti-mage", and has spent the past four years in hiding, killing all who found him and moving on. He is not, strictly speaking, a mage, but he can manipulate mana to a degree. His memories and personality were wiped by the Church in order to make him a more effective killer. It worked. Currently, he is trying to fend off the Church, the Cult, and the Masquerade simultaneously, and is looking to free White.
  5. @Unyielding, shipping aside, would Ameko and Black know or at least know of each other? They're both from the Church, but I'm not sure if Ameko would be high enough in the ranks to know he even exists. What's her authority/reputation like?
  6. It's very hard to find places with no bugs.
    I dont know about clearance, but given your bio. I would say she would not only know about black but also admire him. She would have found a way to meet him and tried to befriend him.

    Given there similarities, I think they should be childhood friends who just had different opinions of the church. The reason they never fought was because she was not there when he rebelled. This would make our future interactions awesome because she would try to reframe from fighting you in order to convince you to return and at the same time you might try and get her to rebel because you know the church is bad. After all, even Ameko questions some things about the church.
  7. You're, uh, not wrong.

    Knowing Black, someone from the Church trying to befriend him probably wouldn't work unless it was prerebellion, since he would most likely be a combination of hateful towards and terrified of anyone from it simply based on someone's allegiance to it alone.

    The childhood friend angle could work, albeit he wouldn't remember. Probably the best way to get what you're thinking of it to get them to know each other from before he turned against the Church, which means it might not be out of the question that she's one of the mages specifically assigned to come after him. Which would certainly be a cruel mercy of some sort for both of them.
  8. I am sorry but now I am confused, you are 17 now so I was thinking you became a mage at like age 10 or something. However yes I meant that we became friends pre rebellion and while you were a mage because you becoming a mage is what would make you interesting slash admiralbe.

    Just think she was born to do this and you where chosen to do this. She would think that you where brave and where like a real chosen one. St the same time, I would think different. She would not be especially chosen to catch you (at first) because the fear that you might convert her or corrupt her beliefs. After all who would want to use God's blessing against their creator. Also she would hid the fact that she saw you. However as the story goes on, they would find out and eventually send her do to her being the only person to survive an encounter and fight on par with you
  9. Yeah, the procedure did take place at 10-12 years old. Not sure if you can still count that as "childhood friend", but it seems like we had the same sort of idea.

    I'm getting a lot of insight into her character here. That sounds like a good idea, though. I can imagine Black dreading the day that he has to confront her for fear of losing one of the few friends he ever had, and yet at the same time, she's simultaneously one of the most likely people to ever listen to anything he has to say and would be his best lead to saving White. Not to mention, if they're friends, he would probably try to "save" her too.

    This is going to be even more awesome than I thought.
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  10. Any of them ever been to Detroit? cx
  11. So Ameko X Black
  12. I'm sure it's Possible that Ameko has been there at one time or another
  13. One thing I'd like to know is where everything is taking place. Unless this is a bunch of individual stories, we all have to be together somewhere.
  14. Black most likely has not. Detroit is scary.
    Eirina, on the other hand, has been, is, and will be everywhere.
    It would seem so.
    And, to bring a certain librarian up again, Eirina will probably be considering Ameko as a candidate for her "protagonist" as a result.
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  15. Judging by the majority of nationalities being UK-based, I'd say somewhere in Britain is the most logical locale.
  16. Should I be scared, I don't think Ameko will have the brain power to comprehend what that means? Lol

    It probably would be a while before she catches on to how that crazy woman works lol
  17. I doubt anyone has the brain power to figure out how she works, but her motivations in this case would be quite simple. Black and White, as part of the alterations made to their bodies, share the Open Void ability, which means that they can't be written into Eirina's "narrative", and thus wreak havoc upon it simply by existing.

    This means that Ameko will probably have to decide between the Church telling her to recover Black, Eirina telling her to kill him, and Black telling her to relinquish her lifelong beliefs and come with him.
  18. Okay, I've got a bar for who knows how long!
    The RP will take place in a fictional city called Aiko, which is in Britain.
  19. *wishes our cities had cool names of this nature*
  20. .... Yes now Ameko can become the first Ninja in Britain and I can abuse the Japanese-English language barriers!
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