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Hello there, hopefully you're here because you saw the title and were interested instead of accidentally clicking here and wondering what the hell is happening. Look I'll be honest I'm not good at the intro stuff for these kinds of threads, just move on if you haven't already.


(Hooray for scenic picture to not make this just boring text!)

Couple things and rules:

1. Please have good grammar. I'm alright with several mistakes (since I make them as well) but it just gets annoying and confusing.
2. Just MxF pairings please!
3. I'd prefer to be generally submissive (yes I'm a male submissive).
4. If you have ideas please just say them. It'll help move the plot along I promise.
5. If you're bored, tell me and I'll try to ramp up the RP or we can end it if you completely lost interest.

6. Be a nice person in conversation. I'll do my best to keep you updated if I'm about to be away for a while.

OK so the RP stuff. I'm really craving supernatural/fantasy stuff right now so if you have any ideas let me know! Generally I like to be a human or a hunter for supernatural ones.

Plot Pairings:
Human x Demon
Butler x Mistress
Watchman x Bandit
Insane person x doctor/normal person
Guard x Royalty
Hunter x Fugitive
Assassin x Target
Assassin x Assassin
Vampire x Hunter
Human x Supernatural Being (Neko, vamp, etc.)
Human x Succubus
Human x Monster Girl (It's a guilty pleasure)

But yeah like I said I'm pretty good with anything in the supernatural/fantasy world, if you have an idea PM me! Talk to you soon hopefully!
Not open for further replies.