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  1. Hello all I had a couple ideas for some 1x1 RPs and decided to throw this up! Here's some stuff about me!

    • I kill off my own characters quite a lot. If the kind of RP we're doing is going to have multiple characters I'm probably going to kill off one of mine. I'm mean like that.
    • I suck at adding fluff to my own posts. I don't really care if anyone else does it but I personally suck at it.
    • My posts can sometimes be really long and sometimes just a paragraph. I'll try to keep a standard but sometimes I just can't come up with more to write.
    • I can write as both genders, though since I'm male I'm going to be better at writing from a male perspective.
    • I'm alright with a romance between our characters in the RP but I'd prefer it to be MxF with me on the male end.
    • Haven't done smut and not really interested in it. If anything does happen between characters I'd prefer fade-to-black.
    • Sometimes I make really dumb grammar errors, but most of the time I notice them before I post.

    Anyway onto ideas! Here's a couple ideas I have to start off with:

    Supernatural ideas:
    Note: I really like being the hunter in most perspectives, but I'm still good with being the supernatural.

    Hunter kidnapped by a supernatural.
    Hunter group vs. Supernatural group feud in city.
    Recently turned supernatural who's finding out about the new world they're introduced to.
    Hunter training another hunter

    Fantasy/Adventure Ideas:

    Game of Thrones-esque courtly intrigue.
    Bodyguard assisting a royalty member to escape from an enemy assassin.
    Two assassins trying to murder the same target.

    Sci-fi Ideas:

    Two survivors of a crash land on an alien planet.
    A crew or two survivors are slowly running out of oxygen on a ship.

    Fandom Stuff:
    Note: I prefer original characters that are put into the worlds.

    Dead Space
    Doctor Who
    Mass Effect
    Game of Thrones
    (I'll come up with more probably...)

    That's all I got so far. Go ahead and post or PM me if interested! If you have any other ideas you're interested in just tell me!
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  2. Hellooooo,

    I love all your supernatural ideas. My favorites are the hunter groups vs supernatural group and the one where the supernatural travels the U.S to escape the hunter.

    Hope to rp with you!
  3. @Pray4me Awesome I'll send you a PM!
  4. Added a couple more ideas. Also if you had an idea yourself I'm completely open for that!
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