Supernatural Diaries (OOC & CS)

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  1. There we have it! A crossover of Supernatural and Vampire Diaries! To make it easier for everyone, the main setting will be in Mystic Falls and we will have all Supernatural and Vampire Diaries creatures. The canon characters from each series can be played and is highly expected to stay in character at all times. The posting expectations are being able to post from at least once a day to once a week. I am very lenient on that because I am very busy with college myself.

    Now, for writing level expectations, besides everyone having to at least be adept, I expect at least two paragraphs (each five sentences minimum) of varied sentence structure and a lot of detail. Remember, quality over quantity, so I don't care if it takes you "forever" to put up a post. As long as you follow the posting expectations, we're all good. Another thing; Please give others the time to reply. If they don't post within the posting expectations, and without notification beforehand, you have the choice of continuing or waiting longer. There is no set plot, although I'd like to have a basis for every sub-plot that would be implemented into the roleplay.

    Please remember; Follow Iwaku rules! Some basic ones are no one-liners and no meta-gaming. Also, no god-modding, and please, for the love and sake of everyone, use proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. I hate it when the wrong contractions are used and when words are all a jumble because there's no commas between words where they need to be.

    If you know for a fact that you will not be able to meet these expectations due to current roleplay style, do not join. It will be much easier for everyone and for yourself!


    Age: (20-40 years.)



    Occupation: (Character's Job. If no job, put N/A.)

    Appearance: (Detailed description of at least a paragraph, please. No images.)

    Personality: (Optional; If going to type it in later, please put down TBA the first time.)

    History: (Required to be at least a paragraph. How did your character get to where they are now?)

    More: (If nothing, put down N/A.)